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Dragonsong It Was Not Threadfall That Made Menolly Unhappy It Was Her Father Who Betrayed Her Ambition To Be A Harper, Who Thwarted Her Love Of Music Menolly Had No Choice But To Run Away She Came Upon A Group Of Fire Lizards, Wild Relatives Of The Fire Breathing Dragons Her Music Swirled About Them She Taught Nine To Sing, Suddenly Menolly Was No Longer Alone

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    A book doesn t have to be Great Literature or even particularly good to appear on my formative fiction shelf, it just has to be a book with a meaning that changed me or helped me to understand myself and the world in a new way Fortunately,

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    I missed my reading window of opportunity for this one I should ve read it when I was a prepubescent girl Clearly young girls are the target audience for Dragonsong The less than thrilling story revolves around a girl musician Will she or won

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    I fell in love with the dragons of Pern and with Anne McCaffrey s writing quite a while back But I never got to read the Harper Hall trilogy because my silly old self thought it wouldn t be that good as it s about harpers and firelizards than dragons My smart

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    I ve read Dragonsong several times over the years and it continues to be one of my favourite Young Adult novels of all time Menolly is neither bad ass warrior nor shrinking violet, but rather someone whose passion for music in all its forms combines with a strong sense

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    Just reread this for the first time in years.A bit heavy on the Menolly is a girl, oh no and things don t really pick up until the fire lizards show up, but even so good stuff And still the comfort read it was 20 years ago.

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    For me, this book transcends the plane of existing merely as a book It is a dear memory wrapped so closely to my self identification for when it was introduced to me and by whom, my father.For a preteen growing up on a small island Menolly s fate was so easy to identify with and I wished f

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    The first Anne McCaffrey I ever read, and still a favorite Menolly is a great character, and her adventures are timeless and instantly engaging.

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    The Dragon books were part of the network of books that introduced me in my teen years to fantasy and sci fi and on re reading them years later it is encouraging to find them still as well written as I remember them The plots still as riveting, the world building still as thrilling and the characters still as

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    There is nothing like snuggling under the covers with one of your favorite books on a rainy day I love this book, unconditionally, so don t expect a fair review from me This is the book that led to my discovery of both sci fi and fantasy as genres, it opened up the world to me, at the time I was eleven but a decade lat

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    This book focuses on Menolly who lives in a fishing hold She is talented musically with a fine voice and is able to play many instruments However, her father does not support her in her talent and in fact tries to hamper her since she is a girl Menolly is such a lovely character that I loved the first time I read these and that

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