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Tisha: The Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaska Wilderness Alaska Was As Remote As The Moon, As Roistering And Lawless As The Gold Rush And A Pretty Young Schoolteacher From Colorado Like Anne Hobbs Was Even Rarer Than Nuggets So Appealing Are The People Here, Even The Villainous Ones So Dramatic Is The Landscape In Which They Act Out Their Adventure So Pure Is The Moral Conflict That Forms The Story S Backbone, And So Honest Is Its Sentimentality That I Managed To Suspend All My Disbelief As I Read It And It Was With Pleasure That I Raced Through This Good Old Fashioned Yarn, Hissing The Villains, Holding My Breath At Each Succeeding Catastrophe, And Above All Adoring Plain Old Anne Hobbs As She Calls Herself, The Pretty Slip Of A Nineteen Year Old Who In Had The Courage Not Only To Brave The Alaska Wilderness As A Teacher In The Tiny Gold Mining Community Called Chicken, But Also To Face Down The Community S Violent Disapproval When She Dared To Treat The Local Indians As Human Being

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    Tisha is a Very nice read,I also recommend Tisha s House and the FortyMile Country by lisa Johnson.I am Anne Purdy s grandson and have spent many summers up in chicken with my granmother,before her passing,in the late 80 s Tisha s House and the Fortymile country,which was written by my wife lisa,Takes you o

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    One of my top shelf favorite books of all time and a true story which takes place in Alaska in the late 1920 s I re read this book every few years and never grow tired of it It has all the elements to keep the reader hooked adventure, living with hardship through a frigid Alaska winter, dogsled races, a student who p

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    2.75 starsYears ago I read Benedict Freedman s Mrs Mike I loved the simple story of a marriage between a young woman and a Canadian Mountie A clean romance, it went on my keeper shelf and I have read it several times since In the meantime, the title of this book kept coming up on my recommended shelf here on Goodreads so I dec

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    I read this while on vacation and was having a hard time putting it down, when I was supposed to be going to Disney World There is so much adventure and bravery and it s a TRUE story The woman is so brave and wonderful in the way she treats the Native American children I m 1 2 Eskimo and live in Alaska and though I ve mostly been treate

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    Adventure writing at its best A brave young woman travels to a small Alaskan outpost in the early 1900s to serve as a teacher to nine young students Tisha is how the Indian children pronounced the word teacher, thus the title of the book I found Tisha whose real name was Ann to be admirable on many levels brave, vivacious, and intelligent Her big

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    This story seemed as though it was going nowhere at every turn, and then new ground was broken and it was exciting again An amazing true story that takes you into the wilderness of Alaska in 1920s, this book helps one understand race relationships on the frontier.

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    Reads like historical fiction by a debut author For example, in a novel, we would learn why Vaughn automatically despises the Indians so much But irl Anne never found or figured it out, so we can only guess But at the same time we do learn interesting historical perspectives, culture, technology for example the role of pay dirt in gold mining.Not my usual fare, ofte

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    One of my favorite books to recommend to library patrons, it obtained a higher percentage of likes than most Biographies set in Alaska were a particularly popular library genre in our rural county.Realizing that I didn t have the energy to thrive long term in a classroom, the thought of teaching in isolated communities still held appeal Hitch hike to some end of the road vill

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    Not great writing, but fascinating documentation of time, place, attitudes particularly racism against indigenous peoples of the north I d hoped to learn about life in the Indian camp, but that wasn t Hobbs story Typical of the time, I suppose, that when our protagonist decides she wants to adopt two half breeds it doesn t occur to her to seek permission from their people And enlighte

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    The long winter nights and frigid temperatures of the arctic would overwhelm me But I always like to read about other people s experiences Here we have a girl raised in the lower 48 who goes north to teach in a small Alaskan village Specht has brought this experience to life.I ve read the book several times and always enjoyed it In some ways, it s reminiscent of Mrs Mike, but I like this book be

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