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Hjemme Borte Football is a simple game Twenty two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win Gary LinekerIt s the 16th of June 2018 and another Football World Cup is upon us that s soccer for my American friends In fact the tournament started two days ago with the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia I have to confess that I m not a great football fan, and my knowledge of the game is limited I don t even know all of the players names of my team Germany But every four years I crawl from under my rock, and watch some games.While I m writing this, another game, the first one for today, between France Le Bleau and Australia The Socceroos just started In fact, I finished the book with the whistle for the kick off of this game, and I hope I can finish my review before the game ends The last World Cup was held exactly four years ago, between June 12 and July 13, in Brazil And that s what the two authors wrote about The original title in Norwegian of this book is Hjemme Borte, which could be translated as Home and Away and did, as I see, when I look at the English edition This, of course, is the first football metaphor but it s also an apt description of the book and the situation of the authors The Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausg rd stays at home with his family wife and four children in the little village called Glemmingebro in Southern Sweden one hour by car to Malm while his friend, the Swedish author Fredrik Ekelund, travels to Rio de Janeiro zu experience the event first hand and on location The two of them exchange daily letters that s what they call it, but those are actually E Mails and tell one another about how they experienced the games and comment on teams and players But they also, and that is the great strength of the book, convey about their lives outside of the football event You don t have to be an expert in football to appreciate the book It is clear from the outset that those letters will eventually become a book However, the content was not planned, I think, in the same way that you cannot predict how the football games will end and who will become world champion that year You can not plan something like that One of them writes something and plays the ball to the other The other one picks up the ball, completes the writing, agrees, contradicts, expands, comments, or writes something entirely different Some threads end up nowhere but that didn t bother me Digressions as a working principle.Just now the first half of the game has ended and the score is still 0 0 The French are nominally the favorites in this game, but what I ve seen from the Australians with one eye I look at a small window on my screen, and with the other on my text I like quite well Now I can spend 15 minutes takes how long the half time break is focusing entirely on my text here.Both of them are brilliant narrators The 640 pages German edition went by like a breeze I didn t read anything by Ekelund before, but Knausg rd, mainly through his Min Kamp series seems almost like an old acquaintance Stylistically I liked Knausg rd s writing than the one of Ekelund On the other hand the themes of Ekelund seem interesting He speaks Portuguese perfectly and knows the country very well through numerous visits and has many friends there What he says about Brazil in general and about Rio de Janeiro in particular is fascinating This pulsating metropolis between Copacabana and favelas is almost tangible and it contrasts the rural life of Sweden that Knausg rs describes In fact, it is a book of contrasts 1 0 France A penalty kick, which was given only after the video evidence was used I do not like this new regulation I think it takes something away from a game s spontaneity and emotions Again, it is technology people rely on I prefer mistakes rather than sterility.Knausg rd writes about himself I m a Protestant right down to my bones I am someone who denies things, says no to things, and even though I like to read about the bustling, steaming, extroverted, and lively activities in which there is a wealth of humanity, it is not a world in which I could live Ekelund has a completely different view I m of a samba type, I want the big wave that makes the whole body swing, the Dionysian, I prefer that to the quiet rocking of the Bossanova Consequently, Knausg rd is a fan of Argentine and Italian football, while Ekelund naturally prefers the jogo bonito, the beautiful game, of Brazil Between these two poles the whole book is rocking back and forth.Australia evens the score 1 1 Who would have thought This time it was a hand penalty So far no goal out of the game Now France has 30 minutes left to avert a little embarrassment.Like I said, the digressions made the book for me At one point Ekelund speaks of little doors that open behind which sometimes quite different things come to light than originally thought, and sometimes there are doors behind and on and on The themes touched upon are far too many to be listed here Of course literature is one of them They start talking about feminism in Sweden, and political correctness then somehow switch perspective and end up with Bola o s 2666 and the murder of hundreds of women in Mexico s Ciudad Juarez They start with Stefan Zweig and his World of Yesterday which was written in Brazil shortly before Zweig s suicide the suicide note is printed in the book and end up with current nationalism in Sweden and other European countries that was in 2014 and I wonder if and how Knausg rd s attitude has changed since then At one time Ekelund compares Knausg rd s first installment of Min Kamp with Marcel Proust s In Search of Lost Time and wonders how Knausg rd managed to write in such detail without drowning the story.France scores again 2 1 And another controversial decision A Wembley goal, so to speak, only this time the ball really was behind the line At least that s what the magic eye says another superfluous gadget in my eyes Now it s only 9 minutes left for the Socceroos to turn this into a draw.I originally planned to read this long book all through the current tournament four weeks , but once I started I couldn t stop And perhaps that s good, because now that most of the 2014 games came to live again through this book including, of course the Mineira o , the Semifinal between Brazil and Germany which ended 1 7 , I m in the mood to actually watch some football games As it happens both authors are no fans of the German team and they never miss an opportunity to mention that Well, a week from now it s going to be Germany vs Sweden It s the day after Midsommar and I think I know what Karl Ove Knausg rd and Fredrik Ekelund are going to do that day Sorry, guys This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Det her er noget n r den kedeligste bog, jeg har l st det seneste r Og det siger ikke s lidt Det er ikke fordi d herrer ikke kan skrive, og jeg plejer at kunne lide Knausg rds fabulerende navlepilleri, men bum , der ramte jeg muren Hvis du synes sm banale refleksioner over VM i 2014 er pivfr kt og hashtagget notallmen er spot on og super relevant, s er dette bogen skrevet med netop dig som m lgruppe Hvis ikke, og du alligevel l ser den, s sig til, hvis vi skal splejse til en pakke tudekiks til Ekelund og Knausg rd, for sj ldent har hvide, midaldrende m nd da pebet s meget over at v re let misforst ede. I was lucky enough to receive a proof from the guys at Vintage, and I feel privileged to have done so I would have bought this book and gobbled it up anyway the good thing was I was able to do that sooner, and can now write this review telling you why it gets 5 stars.1 It s Knausgaard, and for me, this guy and his writing can t go wrong Why do I love his writing so much Because it s pure It s just, about, well, life His life, my life, all our lives His writing makes me happy that I am living, and able to think and feel.2 Ekelund s letters are also very good I didn t know anything about this man prior to this, but reading through his correspondence with Karl Ove, I know about him, about what he enjoys, about how he views the world He s the type of guy I d like to have a drink with.3 FOOTBALL Love it Always have Always will It s in my blood and has been for generations When I found out Knausgaard one of my favourite writers was releasing a book about Football I thought I was dreaming It surprised me how much of the World Cup I d actually forgotten, so reading this was a total joy I felt like I was living the tournament again.4 5 Format structure, idea It s a very good book The idea is brilliant, I think it worked better that Knausgaard didn t travel to Brazil The letters email I presume are normally a day apart, so they take turns Sometimes the other is busy so we get 2 on the run But don t be put off non football fans this book is about much than football Like all of Knausgaard s work, it s about living Both writers delve into their pasts, talking about things that have troubled them, in their childhoods and recently And they also talk about their kids About parenthood It s a really touching read.Blessed to have read this Blessed to have discovered Knausgaard during my lifetime I recommend you all to read his works, and I will certainly look out for of Ekelund Thanks again Vintage. Jeg havde egentlig stillet mig tilfreds med at l se 13 ud af 14 romaner i Knausg rds forfatterskab Den sidste handler nemlig om VM i fodbold, og det interesserer mig ikke Da den pludselig var p tilbud til en 50 er, m tte jeg alligevel k be den.Knausg rd er berygtet for at kunne skrive tykke b ger Hans debut var p over 700 sider, hans hovedv rk er i seks bind p mere end 3400 sider, og denne bog, som m siges at v re en parentes i forfatterskabet, er p n sten 600 sider Den er skrevet sammen med forfatterkollegaen Fredrik Ekelund som en brevveksling under VM i fodbold 2014 det vil sige p godt en m neds tid Lange b ger er for mig p ingen m de et kvalitetskriterium Jeg holder mest af korte, skarpe b ger, og det er dem jeg l ser flest af, men indimellem kan de lange rumme en ny dimension i kraft af l ngden Denne bog er en af de f , der vinder ved at v re lang Den virkede klodset og usammenh ngende i begyndelsen, men efter godt 100 sider f r de to forfattere skrevet sig ind p noget virkelig godt Den handler forbavsende lidt om fodbold, men langt mere om hverdag, politik, litteratur og livserfaring Intensiteten er ret lav, og det er ok, men jeg oplever ikke, at der fra forfatternes side bliver langt s meget energi i den Det g r den til en parentes i forfatterskabet, og dermed ogs i min l sning Ok bog Fascinerende, men ikke forf rende. If I were a football fan I m quite sure this would have been a back of the net five stars As I m not, however, it s still a pretty solid 4 Knausgaard, as always, is endlessly fascinating. Perhaps the only book you ll read this year in which the authors attempt to find a soccer equivalent to Virginia Woolf s prose. want voetbal is toch niet anders dan opium voor het volk Het is de verdoving, de vlucht, de fictie Maar is ook het tegenovergestelde Voetbal maakt contact mogelijk, je kunt er met jan en alleman over praten Ook met buren en medepassagiers het is dat wat ons bindt, het is een referentiekader Aan het woord is Karl Ove Knausgard, Noor, wereldbekend als schrijver van de Mijn strijd boeken, woonachtig in Zweden Hij schrijft bovenstaande in 2014 in zijn derde brief aan Fredrik Ekelund, Zweed, schrijver, vertaler en tolk en een stuk minder wereldberoemd in ieder geval in Nederland dan Knausgard Het is Ekelund die in zijn eerste brief direct de toon zet als hij begint met een herinnering uit 1983 toen hij in Parijs aan zijn afstudeerscriptie over Georges Navel werkte Overdag bezocht ik het Coll ge de France, waar ik naar Michel Foucault en Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie luisterede, of ik sloop de cole Normal binnen om naar Jacques Derrida te luisteren Op 19 november ontmoet hij Juan, een Mexicaan, die hem via de gedichten van Octavia Paz Spaans leert en waarmee de Latijns Amerikaanse deur voor Ekelund op een kier gezet wordt Op het moment dat Ekelund de brief schrijft is hij er zo n twintig keer geweest, en staat hij op het punt om naar Rio de Janeiro af te reizen om daar verslag te doen van, onder andere, het WK voetbal.Tijdens het WK schrijven Knausgard en Ekelund elkaar dagelijks een brief over de wedstrijden die ze zien, over wat zij er van vinden en over wat hen verder nog bezighoudt Knausgard heeft een sterke voorkeur voor Itali en Argentini , Ekelund houdt van het sambavoetbal van Brazili Knausgard houdt van Itali omdat het alles representeert wat hij niet is cynisch, calculerend, sluw, waarmee elke vorm van eerlijkheid, bloed, zweet en tranen onschadelijk wordt gemaakt Beiden houden niet van het Duitse voetbal, maar bewonderen het wel Ekelund legt het waarom als volgt uit Ik juich nooit als ze winnen of scoren, maar ik heb een enorme bewondering voor de ploeg, een rationele en ietwat berustende bewondering Ze zullen nooit tot in het diepst van mijn hart doordringen Het is een beetje zoals mijn bewondering voor schrijvers als Italo Calvino, Borges, Flaubert of Cort zar Fantastische constructeurs , maar ze raken me nooit diep Niet zoals Proust, Thomas Mann, Balzac, Bola o, Simenon of Ivar Lo Die betovering voel ik niet bij de Duitsers Knausgard mist tijdens het begin van het WK delen van wedstrijden omdat hij van vermoeidheid in slaap valt, waardoor hij er niet goed over van gedachten kan wisselen met Ekelund die wel alles ziet Dat wordt later volop goedgemaakt omdat er steeds minder wedstrijden worden gespeeld en er dus meer tijd over is om met elkaar te praten over de universaliteit van de middenklasse, over muziek, over apen, en literatuur natuurlijk, zoals het opgroeien met de gedichten van Transtr mer, maar ook over wat talent is, hoe dodelijk gerationaliseerde emoties zijn en niet de emoties zelf , hoe Google ervoor zorgde dat de Braziliaanse onderklasse letterlijk op de kaart werd gezet, over religie en waarom een voetbal op tv kijkende paus, geen paus meer is en over het leven Het leven van de huisman Knausgard en de feestende, voetballende, volop genietende Ekelund in Brazili.Het is meer dan een genot om de briefwisseling tussen deze twee uitstekende schrijvers te lezen, omdat het stilisten zijn, omdat ze interessante idee n hebben en van ongebreideld van voetbal houden Enigszins triest concluderen ze daarom halverwege dat dit in ieder geval voorlopig wel eens het laatste voetbalfeest in een fatsoenlijk voetballand zal zijn, want het volgende WK zal plaatsvinden in Rusland onder de stalen blik van die gangster in het Kremlin en daarna volgt Qatar Waarschijnlijk hebben ze gelijk, maar als ze beloven om dan, net als nu, elkaar dagelijks te schrijven dan hebben we in ieder geval d t om naar uit te kijken in 2018 en 2022.Gerecenseerd voor Hebban.nl Is there anything better than Murakami and running Yes, Knausgaard and football This time he has a foil in effervescent Swede Fredrik Ekelund, a perfect contrast to the ascetic Norwegian The book is a series of letters or emails likely between the two writers exchanged during the World Cup summer of 2014 Ekelund is by himself in Brazil, Knausgaard is with his family in Sweden Both share their thoughts, news, stories, and of course insights into matches as the tournament progresses First of all if was a real treat to read relatively serious football analysis from two thoughtful writers Perhaps it s obvious but I found it fun that their personalities were so stereotypically reflected in the style of football they supported the dour, disciplined, deeply analytical Knausgaard preferring defensive, tactically astute, win at all costs teams like Italy and Argentina while the out going Ekelund opting for the flamboyant talents of Brazil Beyond personality, reading their commentary got me thinking that the team one supports can also reflect one s stage of life When I was young I often preferred underdogs perhaps I could see a bit of myself in their quest the older I get the I lean towards dynasties, as I now appreciate how difficult it is to sustain greatness year after year I wonder if this line of thought could be carried over to stages of parenthood To a parent with young kids like Knausgaard life is all about hard work, sacrifice, self discipline and organization Perhaps viewing the world through this lens colours other aspects of one s life, like the type of team one would like to see succeed A parent with older children like Ekelund has already put in the hard work, and is therefore care free, relaxed, and perhaps after the years of routine and responsibility, is now open to new stimulation, which makes unpredictable entertaining teams a treat to enjoy If this theory holds true, it will be interesting to see if Knausgaard s team preference evolves as his life changes Otherwise, there s quite a bit of late night philosophizing from Knausgaard and late night carousing from Ekelund At times I felt the writing lacked editing was unsure if this was intentional to maintain the authenticity of the voices, or a sign of the rushed nature of the project i.e to capitalize on Knausgaard s recent celebrity. Two World Class Writers Reveal Themselves To Be The Ultimate Soccer Fans In These Collected LettersKarl Ove Knausgaard Is Sitting At Home In Sk Ne With His Wife, Four Small Children, And Dog He Is Watching Soccer On TV And Falls Asleep In Front Of The Set He Likes Draws, Cigarettes, Coffee, And ArgentinaFredrik Ekelund Is Away, In Brazil, Where He Plays Soccer On The Beach And Watches Matches With Others Ekelund Loves Games That End Up And Teams That Play Beautiful Soccer He Likes Caipirinhas And Brazil Home And Away Is An Unusual Soccer Book, In Which The Two Authors Use Soccer And The World Cup In Brazil As The Arena For Reflections On Life And Death, Art And Politics, Class And Literature What Does It Mean To Be At Home In A Globalized World This Exchange Of Letters Opens Up New Vistas And Gives Us Stories From The Lives Of Two Creative Writers We Get Under Their Skin And Gain Insight Into Their Relationships With Modern Times And Soccer S Place In Their Lives, The Significance The Game Has For People In General, And The Question Was This The Best Soccer Championship Ever I m a fan of Knausgaard but have never spent time with soccer aka football.The sports writing held my interest although I half skimmed some of it Wow, these dudes can write I m glad I got to know Frederik.If you re a Karl Ove fan, he has some amazing parts in here On par with My Struggle for sure.I m really glad I read this but would only recommend it to people who are already KOK fans.

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Nominated to the 2004 Nordic Council s Literature Prize awarded the 2004 Norwegian Critics Prize.Karl Ove Knausg rd b 1968 made his literary debut in 1998 with the widely acclaimed novel Out of the World, which was a great critical and commercial success and won him, as the first debut novel ever, The Norwegian Critics Prize He then went on to write six autobiographical novels, titled

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