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George Bush S War On Terror Has Inspired A Forest Of Books About The New American Empire But What About Britain S Role In The World A People S History Of The British Empire Challenges The Claim That The British Empire Was A Kinder, Gentler Empire And Suggests That The Description Of Rogue State Is Fitting How Many People Today Know About Britain S Deep Involvement In The Opium Drug Trade In China, Or That Tony Blair S Hero Gladstone Devoted His Maiden Parliamentary Speech To Defending His Family S Slave Plantation In Jamaica John Newsinger Has Written A Wonderful Popular History Of Key Episodes In British Imperial History He Pays Particular Attention To The Battles Of The Colonised To Free Themselves Of Its Baleful Rule, Including Rebellion In Jamaica The Irish Famine The Opium Wars The Great Indian Rebellion The Conquest Of Egypt Palestine In Revolt Quit India And The Struggle For Independence Suez Malaya Kenya And Rhodesia And, Britain And American Imperialism The Blood Never Dried: A People's History of the British Empire

About the Author: John Newsinger

John Newsinger is a British Marxist professor of History at Bath Spa University.A book reviewer for the New Left Review, he is also author of numerous books and articles, as well as studies of science fiction and of the cinema He teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

10 thoughts on “The Blood Never Dried: A People's History of the British Empire

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    INTRODUCING THE REAL BRITISH EMPIRE John Newsingers The Blood Never Dried might be subtitled as a Peoples History of the British Empire but it is nothing of the sort What

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    On its Empire the sun never sets, and the blood never dried either This withering retort to British jingoism from the socialist and radical Ernest Jones not only provided Joh

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    My first question is how can anyone take seriously a book that fails even to get the Indian Independence Day correct Newsinger is intellectually dishonest with a penchant for ca

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    Debating Imperialism is a bit like debating the pros and cons of rape What can we say That we really miss it Arundhati Roy

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    This is a Marxist history of the British Empire, and that ideological viewpoint ought to be held in mind when dealing with this book This is not a full history of the Empire, but it e

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    A superb look at the British Empire, who existence dripped with blood Sustained by brute force, double dealing, bribery, rape and murder, it is quite shocking how barbaric the actions to

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    Arguably enlightening, and a great step back from apologist histories of the British Empire, but its not exactly extensive It picks only the most well known British atrocities, and doesn t

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    A must read for anyone with an interest in British history or the history of imperialism Compulsory reading for everyone living in Britain IMO This book is jam packed with the horrific injusti

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    Newsinger s book is definitely not an introduction to the British empire Nor is it actually a people s history, if by people s history one means using Zinn s methodology But just as Zinn s work h

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    It s not often that I read a book that sickens me to the stomach This one did So much so that I don t really want to write a full review Just to say that if you are interested in the British Empire

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