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Seduction and Humiliation (Forced, #2) Known For His Ultimate Power And Determination, Demetrio Zarakis Is Like A Tornado When He Sets His Mind On Something, Whatever Stands In The Way Is Either Removed Or Crushed What He Wants This Time Is Jinna, A Hardworking Young Woman, Who S Proved To Be The Only Unattainable Woman He S Ever Met For Him, Jinna Is An Obsession Who Turns Into An Addiction Whatever Stands Between The Ruthless Tycoon And His Goal Will Be Broken As Usual, Even If It S The Spirit And Will Of The Woman He Loves Through A Devilish Mixture Of Seduction And Humilliation, The Most Lofty Heads Can Be Loweredcan T They Warning This Story Is Not Intended To Be A Soft Romance, So It Contains Some Violence And Scenes That May Be Considered Disturbing To Some Readers

10 thoughts on “Seduction and Humiliation (Forced, #2)

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    It is glaringly obvious this writer is not a native English speaker Nothing wrong with that, but if you are selling a book, effort should be put into making it readable in the language you re writing it in, the rea

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    I liked the story very much I found it captivating and I intend to read the next book I bought the book after I ve read the first one for free The author offers the first 2 chaper first book for free so if you didn t

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    I mean, it s very clear that this author has some kind of stylistic preference for commas and full stops preceded with a space So when I see two 4 star reviews with the same stylistic tics, if you will, it seems a litt

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    I was considerably frustrated by this book The first book make the story line seem so promising and i love it despite it was short Demetrio turned jinna into an unwilling submissive by constantly threatening her with som

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    The plot of the book was really different, and the events kept me interested, the hero was heroine s boss ,he had a an obsession for her and she seemed to have no clue She thinks he s not serious and she kind of thinks he

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    This book is now on 50% sale on Smashwords I got it on half the price and I liked it a lot I don t think a psycho hero like that could be redeemed but that s fiction and the story is good.

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    Wtf is wrong with the author I understood that the author s English writing wasn t great from the other comments here so I m not going to complain about that I m well and truly PO ed because there s literally a point in the bo

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    This hero is going to be condemned by lots of people Simply if you don t like really bad antiheroes, then this is not recommended for you Anyway, I like antiheroes and look for them This book has a well done plot, you find the p

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    I liked the book for being different in the first place However, I think the cover isn t good The hero is really evil and I wish ther s some retribution in the next book

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