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Sigillenmagie in der Praxis Sigil Magic, Particularly The System Developed By The English Painter And Sorcerer Austin Osman Spare, Is One Of The Most Efficient And Economical Disciplines Of Magic For The Most Part, It Can Be Performed Without Complicated Rituals, Needs Hardly Any Paraphernalia, Is Independent Of Philosophical And Dogmatic Premises And, Due To Its Simplicity, Can Be Learned Easily And Quickly Most Important Of All, None Of The Magical Techniques We Know Of Today Is Efficient And Will Give Even Beginners The Immediate Chance To Convince Themselves Of Its Power And Their Own Abilities These Reasons Alone Support A Volume Like The Following To Show The Possibilities Of This Discipline And To Explain Its Techniques And Its Rationale The Reader The Complete Tyro And The Advanced Practitioner Alike Will Receive An Introduction Which Will Accompany Him Her In His Her Magical Practice For A Long Time

About the Author: Frater U∴D∴

Frater U D , M.A Comparative Literature , otherwise known as

10 thoughts on “Sigillenmagie in der Praxis

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    Very thorough

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    This is THE book on learning about sigils and how to use them Several different ways are presented in creating sigils and how to use them You do not need any other book on this magic form this is and has been the ultimate best on the subject.

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    Long and chatty review on my blog book explores the modern method of sigilisation derived from the works of Austin Osman Spare, which is the same that can be found in Carroll s Liber Null The word, pictorial and mantric methods are explained with the use of examples, which I found extremely helpful Seeing how the author makes and works on sigils really helped me gain confidence over mines The explanation is simple, straightforward and non

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    I really enjoyed this book It s a very practical discussion of sigil magic, with relatively little theoretical background I got the sense that the author finds endless discussion of how it works to be a bit on the intellectual wankery side of things It was nice to read a magic book that didn t constantly instruct me on morals omg I can probably figure out that cursing isn t nice , and one that talked about the real process of doing magic then its theo

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    Frater UD is one of the premier Ceremonial Magicians in Europe He is a master of Ceremonial and he is also a Chaos Magician Many who are unfamiliar with him might be familiar with a concept he invented called Ice Magick.Sigils or pictographic symbol of what we desire to obtain was first developed by Austin Osman Spare He was an artist and he was educated by a witch at an early age Being a bit of a rebel he tended to be a free thinker who definitely did not bel

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    I mostly enjoyed the authors approach to working with and creating your own sigils Although this book is written with a non dogmatic approach and some have criticized its lack of emphasis on magical morals those with a solid foundation in ethics should have no problem adapting the systems laid out here into whatever techniques of magic they are familiar with already I did not particularly find his sections on entering a trance state to be useful to myself, in fact th

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    Probably the most helpful book I ve read on sigil magic If you re interested in sigils or the work of Austin Osman Spare, this book is for you Thanks to this book, planetary cameas finally make sense Likewise, I enjoy the way Frater U.D writes about the occult because he generally takes the psychological reading of the occult sciences in his explanations, which makes the whole thing much easier to understand and accept.

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    Very good book on sigil magic This books has a very good explanation of Sigil Magic and it s use I found this book to be very informative on the subject Anyone interested in Sigil Magic, should read this book.

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    The 1 5 Star Review is the total of what I have to say about this book, specifically.Caveat This review is historical archival in nature Date read is speculative.This book is one of many books I have read about the occult paganism witchcraft This was the readily available faith in my household as a child Additionally, I worked for a company in this field, 2015 2016, and had to read an ocean of this stuff to do my job.Like televangelists, and snake oil salesman, these publishers pr

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    A must read for serious magicians Short yet covers several common sigil related techniques I see some people recommend it for beginners however I disagree I would recommend at least an intermmediate level of knowledge prior to reading Beginner level readers may become bewildered with the author s concise sometimes overly so and even pedagogical approach to the topics The book assumes a level of knowledge about occult topics that I believe could leave some newbies feeling frustrated and overall

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