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Sugar Daddy Lisa Kleypas Has Enthralled Millions Of Readers With Her Powerfully Seductive Novels Now She Delivers A Story Featuring Her Most Unforgettable Characters YetSHE S FROM THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKSLiberty Jones Has Dreams And Determination That Will Take Her Far Away From Welcome, Texas If She Can Keep Her Wild Heart From Ruling Her Mind Hardy Cates Sees Liberty As Completely Off Limits His Own Ambitions Are Bigger Than Welcome, And Liberty Jones Is A Complication He Doesn T Need But Something Magical And Potent Draws Them To Each Other, In A Dangerous Attraction That Is Stronger Than Both Of Them HE S THE ONE MAN SHE CAN T HAVEWhen Hardy Leaves Town To Pursue His Plans, Liberty Finds Herself Alone With A Young Sister To Raise Soon Liberty Finds Herself Under The Spell Of A Billionaire Tycoon A Sugar Daddy, One Might Say But The Relationship Goes Deeper Than People Think, And Liberty Begins To Discover Secrets About Her Own Family S Past WILL THEY FIND THEIR HEARTS DESIRES OR WILL HEARTBREAK TEAR THEM APART Two Men One Woman A Choice That Can Make Her Or Break Her A Woman You Ll Root For Every Step Of The Way A Love Story You Ll Never Forget

About the Author: Lisa Kleypas

LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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    4.25 stars This was once again, a book I would have never picked up had my favorite book pusher not recommend it to me Thanks, Rachel When she heard I had never read Lisa Kleypas, she demanded I read this one as soon as possible I picked up the audio shortly after and was so happy I did I fell in love with the writing and with Liberty Jones story Liberty Jones is a teenage

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    Re read 2 17 19 Ten years after my first original read 5 stars Contemporary RomanceThis still remains one of my absolute, all time favorite books I especially love the last third of the story from page 274 418 , which I ve read countless times The romance between Liberty and Gage never fails to make me swoon and cry I really hope Lisa Kleypas writes Carrington s book one

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    With already 446 reviews of this book, I m sure everything s already been said..but I ll add in my 2 cents I ve had this book on the TBR pile for years and I don t know why I love LK s historicals she s one of the few historical authors I read , so I don t know what kept me from trying this one Maybe I didn t have faith that Kleypas could weave her magic with a contemporary as we

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible The irony of it split my heart open, setting loose bitter regret than I could bear Be aware that my review is a little bit spoiler ish nothing major thoughAbout my ratingWhen you read my review you will ask yourself why I rated this book so high Well, even though

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    Sugar Daddy was one of those books that I dreaded reading, in all honesty Let me tell you why.1 I do not like chick lit or women s fiction I like a story that has a defined beginning and a defined end, that has landmarks, and ends on a happy note To my understanding, chick lit and women s fiction does not need to meet these expectations.2 I was dismayed that one of my most beloved authors was leaving

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    The first time I read this book, I wasn t too enad by it First of all, the hero and heroine didn t meet until halfway through the book Second, I thought another guy was going to be the hero and I was rooting for him Turns out, he wasn t the hero The latter turned out to be a blessing in disguise since this guy became the hero in the second book, which is my favorite in the series So it s not surprising that

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    This is my first book by Lisa Kleypas I stumbled upon it a few days ago and when I realized a lot of my GR friends loved it I decided to give it a go When Sugar Daddy starts out we meet a young Liberty Jones She is living with her mom, trying to find her spot in world, dreaming about her future and falling in love like any other teenager She doesn t have much but she surrounds herself with people that matter knowi

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    Buddy Read with the lovely people at the Unapologetic Romance Readers in April 2016.Last night I would have given Sugar Daddy stars This morning, refreshed and having thought about it, I ll settle for 2 Gage stars.Seriously Why was Hardy in this book to begin with He was barely there for Liberty during her childhood And he couldn t help scratch her itch And don t give that I won t be able to leave if I have yo

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    This was a re read loved it the first time around.Liberty Jones, living in a trailer, with her Mom, with no prospects She meets Hardy Gates, an older guy, living in the trailer park also They become friends but he wants OUT of Welcome and he knows if he gets involved with her, that won t happen.He leaves town and Liberty has to grow up fast Her Mom has another child, Carrington, who Liberty loves, as if she were her own It take

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    Me encant conocer a Liberty La ador A medida que ella me contaba su historia, sent que iba caminando a su lado y creciendo con ella Sent su dolor y su frustraci n hasta el punto de querer abrazarla y contenerla La admir por la valent a de asumir responsabilidades que no se correspond an con su edad, y el coraje de luchar frente a cualquier adversidad sin perder la esperanza Fui deseando que pudiera cumplir todos sus sue os y sus anhel

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