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The Reach Between Worlds Taro Lost His Right Leg Years Ago, But With A Family To Support, He Doesn T Let It Slow Him Down For Years He S Worked For A Notorious Crime Lord Named Victor Mathan Mathan Deals In Stolen Magical Artifacts And Trusts Taro To Finish His Work With As Few Questions As Possible When An Absurdly Well Paying Job Comes Up, Taro Is Quick To Volunteer Mathan Wants Him To Break A Powerful Sorceress Out Of Jail, But Her Prison Is Under The Control Of An Ancient Military Order Called The Magisterium To Get To Her, Taro Must Pose As A Magisterium Recruit The Courses Are Grueling, The Trials Drive Students Mad, And The Magic They Teach Can Be As Deadly To The Caster As It Is To The Target

About the Author: Cameron M. Hayden

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    With Book 3 coming soon, The Reach Between Worlds e book has been made just 99 for the foreseeable future I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it Other books in the series Why Dragons Hide The Stars That Form Us All the Gods BelowSee my page for details

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    I love books that catch you by surprise I ve been trying to slowly whittle away at my vast collection of books on my kindle and I ve been heartily abusing my KU inbetween and didn t expect much from this book However, it blew me away with its unsuspecting web of plots and the characters were all phenomenal I can t wait to read

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    Bad men with smiles are the most dangerous kind Michigan author Cameron M Hayden, a young handsome new lad with a long time love of fantasy and science fiction, makes his literary debut with the REACH BETWEEN TWO WORLDS and interestingly enough he has designated this novel as Book 1 of The Arclight Saga reassuring us that he is in the busi

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    I really loved this No spoilers here.Strengths Excellent villains Well rounded characters Strong dialogue and narrative voice No thees , thous , or old English Which I hate What really did it for me were the villains Vexis in particular She has a next level crazy vibe which is really difficult to pull of without devolving into a generic Joker chara

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    This was a very fun read I could definitely sense the influence of Patrick Rothfuss in Hayden s work, but the world and magic system were quite unique I look forward to reading the next installment.

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    The Reach Between WorldsI started this book on a recommendation from Nerdist and am I so glad that I did I finished in a day or so because the characters, dialogue and world building were so well done and engaging that now I am sitting here again dying to get my hands on the next volume in the story The author C.M Hayden writes well beyond his years and his passion,

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    I loved it Sucks I gotta wait for the next in the series, but what can u do

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    AmazingA great book from young Master Haden Very well put together The book has a great magic system Characters are very real and likable Can t wait for book 2

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    Actually about 4.3 stars Pretty excellent Review to come Update, review I originally bought the ebook because I d heard it described in terms similar to The Name of the Wind NotW by Patrick Rothfuss, which is a beautifully crafted fantasy novel After taking a long break from reading at about 25%, Hayden provided me with the audiobook version, which is what I m going to review.The worldbuildin

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    My original The Reach Between Worlds audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The Reach Between Worlds by C.M Hayden is the first book in the series called The Archlight Saga Taro s parents are really sick and so he must resort to unsavory dealings with a crime lord to try to make some money to afford their medicine and to support the family As a part of this, Taro and his s

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