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If I Wake If I Wake by Nikki Moyes is a really powerful and confronting book that speaks directly to the issues of bullying, peer pressure and suicide among kids and teens It s a journey through Lucy s world of despair that is punctuated by moments of joy and hope along the way Her times of escape are a respite for both Lucy and the reader As someone who still grieves one of my own senior high students who took her own life just five months ago, I found this really compelling reading I wept and, at times, sobbed I felt angry and defensive, feeling very protective of Lucy and her alternate realities Lucy isn t flawless in fact, she s portrayed quite realistically While she s not perfect, she certainly doesn t deserve the cards she gets dealt by either her peers or her family If I Wake made me want to reach into the world of the book and change things to give Lucy some hope for her future To be honest, I wanted to be able to mete justice on some of the characters This worked very effectively in keeping me hooked right to the end of the book However, that s not how life works If I Wake demonstrates that the responsibility lies with those who make life so desperately hard for others, and that their behaviour cannot be excused, regardless of whatever might be going on in their own lives Eventually, in something of a coup for the author, I was led to experience some compassion for the personal circumstances of some but only some of the characters who gave Lucy such a difficult life This is really a testament to the power of Moyes writing I recommend If I Wake for every teen, every parent, and every teacher I d love to see it on every school s reading list Six stars out of five for If I Wake Don t tell me I can t do that I was never good at counting. I loved and I hated this book.I HATED this book because for about 90%, I was fighting mad, depressed, and shocked at the cruelty that is consistently inflicted upon Lucy I know this book is about bullying and suicide, but I can t believe so much bad can happen to a person I don t want to believe it I want to stay in my happy little cushion of life and pretend this doesn t happen The reality is that there are people who experience this behavior on a daily basis, and there are those who are tired of the fight.I often wanted to throw my kindle or reach through the pages of the book and throttle Lucy s mother and the teachers counselor at her school So many people saw her suffering and DID NOTHING How heartbreaking Even one intervention, at any point, by any number of people could have made a difference No one did.I was not prepared for the amount of history and the time travel that Lucy escapes to in her mind It s beautiful and terrifying, haunting and sacrificial, and when you reach the last couple of chapters, its hard not to cry with the emotional roller coaster you ve been on Pearl Harbor becomes one of the most significant of her travels I have to admit, I felt this particular visit was rushed I would have liked time for the characters to interact before the bombs dropped I suppose, for momentum, it could have slowed the story down, but for as crucial as that scene was I selfishly wanted.I LOVED this book for the simple truth it conveys life is beautiful and its worth sticking around to experience Sometimes, even if we are lost and broken, we can be used to impact someone else s life in a meaningful way The novel comes full circle by the end, and stick with it, because the last few chapters are worth it.Life is worth it Love is worth it If there s anything I learned from this story, never give up hope There is help out there to catch you if you fall and talk you down from the ledge Don t be afraid to trust, even when you don t have a reason Not everyone will hurt and hate you If you look for the light and happiness, eventually you can find it. Will Is Sixteen Year Old Lucy S Best Friend Their Lives Intersect In Dreams, Where Destiny Pulls Them Together Through Different Times In History Even Though Their Meetings Are Real To Lucy Than The Present, Lucy Is Uncertain If Will Exists Outside Her Mind Lucy S Mum Thinks There Is Something Wrong When Lucy Sleeps For Days At A Time She Is So Caught Up With Finding A Cure She Doesn T See The Real Problem Lucy Is Bullied At School And Is Thinking Of Ending Her Life When The Bullying Goes Too Far And Lucy Ends Up In A Coma, Only Will Can Reach Her But How Do You Live When The Only Person Who Can Save You Doesn T Exist I read this book twice I thought it quite brilliant I loved how the author interwove dreams, time travel, and possibly reincarnation to give meaning to life The book has many layers, one of the signs of a good book, for me The main character, Lucy, is dealing with numerous life situations, none of which are good bullying, a far from ideal home situation, and thoughts of suicide But her dreams or recollections of past lives, or possibly just guardian angels showing her different life situations guide her through her present life by showing her both the past and the future In each life she encounters someone named Will Although, she feels she is there to save him, he always imparts some specific wisdom to her to guide her in her present life We are not even sure if what she is experiencing is real, however, one of Will s pearls of wisdom is, If I can make one person s life better by my being in it, than my life has been real and worthwhile The book has a powerful message and I would highly recommend it.P.S Loved the formatting This is a well written, passionate book about love, mental illness and the best and worst of human behaviour on a sensitive young mind.Essentially the story of a high school girl, Lucy, the book charts her meetings with her best friend Will at different periods of history birth of humankind, medieval England, etc All the while Lucy is lying in a coma after attempting suicide and we like Lucy s family and the medical establishment in the real world are never quite sure what tricks Lucy s mind is playing on her.There s great realism for me in the school scenes Lucy suffers some brutal bullying from her schoolmates and it s pretty obvious that Ms Moyes has her finger right on the pulse when it comes to describing Lucy s existence and why she feels as she does Her homelife is equally well drawn and throughout the novel the author is in control of the language and story You feel like you re in the company of a good writer with something to say, which is refreshing you feel like the author feels the book is important and so you must.This is a good book to anyone, Young Adult or otherwise, who is interested in the travails of a sensitive mind in the modern world, and the weaving in of the historical elements makes it interesting too for anyone who likes a bit of history, as I do.For those wondering if Lucy wakes, if Will exists or how the whole thing ties together grab a copy now and satisfy your curiosity. I ve had a couple of people express concern that this book will be similar to If I Stay It s actually very different from Gayle Forman s book If I Wake is similar in theme to Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher without glorifying suicide , or for a better depiction of depression, My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga without the unrealistic, love saving you from depression If I Wake also has a magical realism slant to the story, similar to Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver or Dreamslip by Brian Caswell.My book has a theme of bullying, depression, and suicide, but first and foremost, it is about the story I hope you enjoy it A Wake Up Call Lucy, aka Lucy Janette Phillips, or LJ pivots from the memory she retains of turning eleven, inviting her classmates to a birthday party no one attends, and ridiculed about it Over the years, school is a living hell The only relief forthcoming is when Lucy sleeps for days at a time and dreams In each of her dreams she reconnects with Will as destiny aligns their paths throughout different times in history Henceforth, up until the age of seventeen, the constant barrage of being taunted, bullied, and ostracized takes its toll on Lucy s self esteem Such despair is unmitigated by a weak and ineffective mother who hasn t the vaguest idea of the daily trauma Lucy undergoes at school As Lucy s reality grows bleaker, she contemplates taking her own life The author effectively allows Lucy to speak her mind from the moment the reader first encounters her in a comatose state on a hospital bed And, so, the words are plain spoken without frills or fanfare to get in her way Every bit of dialogue or introspective thought conveys her pain and suffering The mind does strange things when confronted with sights it doesn t want to process, sometimes leading to actions that would be deemed inappropriate at any other time A sense of relief settles over me after my decision Every time I am shoved or tripped or have belongings stolen throughout the school day, I remain calm There is an end to this One day, this push will be the last Throughout the story, I wanted to know how Lucy ended up in a coma, and fretted over whether or not she would awaken It is the reader s quest to find out The author s infusion of authentic and intricate details pertaining to historic events in each time travel, dream sequence made me feel like I was there with Lucy This book is a wake up call A call to arms in self preservation, put forth so succinctly by the author Stand up for yourself and others Don t let bullies succeed, but also know when it is best to run away and fight another day Be brave When you re going through hell, keep going Don t stop Don t give up You have to be strong and extremely brave and then one day you will look back on that pain and it will be a memory It will hurt like hell and feel like it will never end, but it does Eventually. I know it might not seem like it from the way I rate and review books, but I don t actually go into any book thinking I m going to dislike it The synopsis and premise are usually what ll spur me to pick up a book, and that was the case here I was intrigued by the dream friend aspect of the story, and hoped that it would provide an interesting backdrop for exploring the themes of bullying and suicide Unfortunately, it did not I found the book to be problematic and potentially dangerous.I wish there had been critical reviews of this book on Goodreads so I would ve known what I was getting myself into Aside from some low ratings, there were at the time of my reading of the book no critical reviews After posting some of my initial thoughts in my Goodreads status updates and receiving ad hominem attacks ironic, considering one of the messages of this book is about being kind because you don t know what another person is going through in their life , I wondered if perhaps I wasn t the only one who d been harassed for not liking this In any case, I ve tried to write the sort of review that I wish I had seen before I decided to pick up this book I might ve saved myself some grief.Going in, I felt the premise had some merit, so I was almost immediately frustrated by the poor quality of the writing If a book is just bad all around, with a stupid plot and lousy characters from the beginning, I won t care so much But when there s a glimmer of something, some spark of potential, it s really sad when it doesn t work out Even worse is when that spark gets obliterated by bad creative choices and the urge to send a preachy message.I had problems right away, but I was willing to overlook them and see where the story would take me From the start, I was confused The book is written almost entirely in the present tense, even though it incorporates recent flashbacks, ancient flashbacks, and even a flash forward At times, the narrative jumps between these times quite rapidly, making it difficult to tell where and when the main character is Adding to my confusion is the fact that Lucy the narrator starts out the story referring to herself in the third person I guess the author wanted to start the story with an air of mystery, but all it did was confuse me, and since the third person perspective wasn t repeated again, it came off as little than a cheap trick.I didn t understand what was going on in the story with Lucy and Will, and I m still not entirely sure Lucy may have been some sort of hologram She went back into the past to interact with Will, staying until she died at which point, her body there would vanish and she d wake up back in her own time I can work with that Will, on the other hand, made no sense For a while, I thought he was reincarnating over and over and yet, that theory went out the window in the later part of the book See, Will shows up in all these different time periods His name is usually a variation on Will and he looks similar enough in all of his incarnations that Lucy always recognizes him view spoiler But as we get to the end of the book in a sudden switch to dystopian sci fi at almost 3 4 of the way through , we re introduced to Willis who s the grandson of Will who s the great grandson of Bill And Lucy actually meets Bill in real time when he s an old man So the Will who saves her from finally killing herself can t be the same one she was with in all those other time periods because he exists in the same time period as one of them Confused yet And, yes, she s saved from killing herself by a boy And then everything in her life magically gets better Just like in real life, right hide spoiler There comes a point where it all becomes too much Where we get too tired to fight any So we give up That s when the real work begins To find hope where there seems to be absolutely none at all Grey Anatomy Life for Lucy is nothing than a nightmare At the beginning of the story, she invites her friends to her birthday party Not a single person shows up and that s when she comes to know that she is not accepted Only when she sleeps and dreams, she feels alive In her dreams, she encounters with a boy named Will, who takes her to the different part of the history She grows up with him With his presence in her dreams Constant bullying and trauma, take their tolls and what happens with her for the next phases has a shattering effect Sometimes, you don t even know what is true and which one is dream This is what an engagement with a book does to you The protagonist s despair pulls you close into the story and the narrator s convincing and appreciative writing style, pushes you deep into it, until you yourself become Lucy.Her story is intricate, sensitive and full of dreams, time travels We get to see the young minds psychological behavior from a profound perspective A good book always makes you live thousands of lives, for me, If I Wake was just that There were many things to learn from this book but most of all was to have faith The message is conveys it truly worthwhile And no matter what, there are at least some traces of hope, waiting for people who look for it Nikki Moyes has done a fantastic project here spreading her ideas.A book worth reading and sharing. Although there is no beauty in despair, this book has beauty in sharing the despair of Lucy with the reader I ached for Lucy, I yearned for her to find Will in whatever year she landed I felt regret for her when she reawakened in her own time A time of bullies, hatred, and cruelty Lucy walked that fine line of believing that life was no longer worth living and wanting to live a life worth living My heart broke every time someone was cruel and vicious to her This book made me feel And feel deeply, yet through it all, there was this glimmer of hope this higher purpose calling out to her in every episode of her sleeping while living in a different time The characters were so well written that I could envision the animosity that Lucy lived with on a daily basis I could remember that girl that didn t quite fit in school and was given a mean nickname I once again remembered the sympathy I felt and the helplessness of the situation There are some very tough subjects broached in this book and they are handled with sensitivity and realism The realism was tangible This book is for any age group The story is worth hearing and remembering the message that there is always a ray of hope Sometimes it is a very slight and narrow ray of hope, but it is there, just try to hold on.

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