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Sirens Wave - A Rock and Roll Love Story True Or False Plain Janes Never Get The Hot Guys, And First Impressions Are Always Right A Messed Up Boy, A Girl Afraid Of Heartbreak, A Traumatic Past Glimpsed In Nightmares Everything They Want Is On The Other Side Of Fear And A Few Bad DecisionsWith Enough Pain In His Past To Fuel A Thousand Songs American Rocker Bran Isn T Looking For A Muse His Style Is To Ditch Girls, Sobriety, Sanity Even The Name On His Birth Certificate When He Meets Irritating, Uptight Ava, New Thoughts Start To Spin And, Unfortunately, They Re All Of HerTo Survive At The Australian Record Label Where She Works Ava Has Learned To Shun Boorish, Egotistical Musicians No Matter How Gorgeous They Are What A Pity For Her The Latest Hotshot Singer Swaggering Around The Studio Happens To Have A Lost Boy Frown To Die ForWhen The Wave Of Unwanted Love Hits Will They Run, Break, Or Surrender Siren S Wave Is For Those Who Like To Collect Clues And Insights As The Tale Builds And Unfolds Into An Emotionally Intense, Opposites Attract Love Story About Indie Music, Creative Inspiration, And Facing FearsCan Be Read As A STANDALONE With A HEA, But There Is An Extra Raunchy Word Sequel Available Just For Those Who Want Um Details Note Contains Strong Language, Drug Use, Slang, And Australian English Spelling This Reflects The Author S Experience Of Working In The Australian Music Industry

About the Author: J.A. Hazel

When J.A Hazel worked in the Australian music industry, her eyes goggled constantly To recover from the shock, she dreams up fairy tales for misfits, listens to angst filled music, and sings along loudly She sends heart felt apologies to anyone who has heard her.

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    The Siren s Wave hits you exactly like a wave does, and carries you into the hypocenter of life changing events It drags everyone involved into the whirlpool, where there is no way out, no chance to get your head up and catch

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    Sirens Wave was a great 5 star read.What do you get when you put bad boy rocker Bran in the same room as the feisty australian female, Ava A very interesting and great read I really like rocker reads and this was another great one, J.

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    This rock romance Sirens Wave is a soulful, enriching story like lots of wholesome food, music and witty, poetic scores quintessentially Melbourne An experience for anyone who is familiar or interested in the caf culture, music and club scenes

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    This story is an intense drama Bran is the singer song writer guitarist for the upcoming band, Silva They travel to Melbourne, Australia to record their first album which will jumpstart their music career There Bran meets Ava, an assistant to the produ

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    Siren s Wave, A Rock and Roll Love Story, J.A HazelReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance, Well, by now regular readers of my reviews will know I have a weakness for rock star film star romances, so when I was asked to read this I was a happy bunny

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    This book was an entirely different read for me mixing everything from romance, childhood scars, haunting dreams, music, madness, confusion, drug abuse and love atlast Very much focused on adults especially teens Hazel has brought out a very different story of the media

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    This was way intense than I thought it was going to be but I really enjoyed it Bran was a bit of a tool at first but my antipathy was tempered by the fact that it was apparent there was something really messed up about his life Ava, on the other hand, acted like she had some tr

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    Wow, this is one of those stories which sweep you into its depth, and does not let go even when finished This story is about a series of life changing events, which mould the characters into better people This is an emotional and gritty rollercoaster journey, and I was hooked and intrigu

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    ARC received in exchange of an honest opinion 2.5 starsFrom the blurb of this book, I was hoping for a very angsty and good read But instead, it was too confusing, specially the first half of it.A lot of characters are introduced, but they weren t given much background.The hero and heroine frustr

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    this was a first book of yours i read it was hard to follow at first its about a rock star who doesnt do love he meets a woman who might just change his mind he has demons from his past to deal with can she handle these demons read to find out thanks for giving me a chance to read this book

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