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Asking for Trouble Unmarried, Thirty Year Old Sophy Metcalfe Told A Little White Lie To Soothe Her Nagging Mother The White Lies Name Was Dominic, The Ideal Boyfriend Charming, Successful, The Kind Of Prospective Son In Law That Would Make Any Mother Proud But Now That Sophy S Thin And Beautiful Sister, Belinda, Is Getting Married, Dominic Is Going To Have To Make An Appearance In The Flesh Which Should Be A Pretty Neat Trick Since The Genuine Article Vanished From Sophy S Life After A Single, Singularly Unmemorable Evening So She Resorts To A Very Drastic Measure Aka Josh Carmichael, The Escort She Hires At The Very Last Minute, Sight UnseenBut The Trouble With White Lies Is That They Tend To Multiply The Trouble With Rugged, Too Sexy, And Independent Josh Is Well, That Sophy S Actually Beginning To Like Him Even If They Make It Through The Wedding Day From Hell Together With Its New Intrigues, Old Flames, And All Too Familiar Faces There S The Night That Follows And, Of Course, The Morning After And That Could End Up Being The Biggest Trouble Of All A Hip, Witty, And Freshly Fantastic Delight, Asking For Trouble Is The Most Hilarious And Knowing Novel To Make The Scene Since Bridget Jones First Set Pen To Paper To Record Her Most Intimate Innermost Thoughts

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    Reasons why The Wedding Date is better than Asking for Trouble This sceneUnfortunately, this is another case of Movie Is Better Than Book In this case, I know The Wedding Date is not pe

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    My dear friend Heather lent me this book and told me that I had to read it The novel Asking for Trouble is what the movie The Wedding Date was based on The movie was completely disappointing because the book

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    Alright written, would be fine if not for all the rampant internalized misogyny, boy delirium and weight obsession I couldn t like or relate to the main character, no matter how hard I tried, because she was

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    3 Wedding Date StarsNot like the movieAT ALL. I loved the movie so much I have watched it times than I care to say without looking like a crazy person so when I had a few hours to kill I thought I would grab

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    So sometimes a girl graduates from her great books school and says to herself, I want to read trash I want to read mush I want to read the kind of book that I can speed through without missing anything and I wa

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    It was okay After watching The Wedding Date , I had hgh expectations for this novel and was really looking forward to reading it Sadly, it wasn t up to standards The only reason I m giving this two stars and not

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    If you ask me, it s all these skinny models that make girls anorexic, she went on, to Auntie Barbara I can t think why they don t use real girls with a few curves

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    Presenting Sophy.If you re in the mood for some british chick lit, then this book is for you Have you read Bridget Jones Did you like it If so, you re accostumed to female characters who are slightly neurotic, who

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    Sophie has one of THOSE mothers.The kind that want the best for you As long as you want what they want And as long they can brag about you to the competition And the competition is fierce Especially when your young

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    I learned about this book after watching The Wedding Date The movie is very and I do mean very loosely based upon this book So if you ve seen the movie and don t think you want to read the book because

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