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Rebeccah and the Highwayman If you love swashbuckling, strong heroes, horses and hijinks then you will love this book old Blue eyes is effortlessly cool and the historical detail is wonderful A great book From the first pages of this story, the reader learns that Kate Milledge makes her living as Blue Eyed Nick, a dashing rogue who robs from the wealthy who travel England s darkened heaths late at night One evening, she stops the carriage of Rebeccah Dutton and is immediately smitten by the gentlewoman Their meeting stirs unusual feelings in young Rebeccah, who keeps them a secret from her traveling companions her mother, sister, and their maid.As the story progresses, neither woman can forget the other Rebeccah is sure she s falling for a less than desirable man whom her breeding would never allow her to marry, while Kate s infatuation makes her realize that the relationship she s in currently with her landlady isn t what she wants out of life A series of events conspire to bring Kate and Rebeccah together again, and infatuation turns to love.Kate is a great character, full of zest and heart Despite her occupation, she doesn t keep much of the money she steals, instead giving it to family members whom she alone supports Larger hauls are divvied up among prisoners at a debtor s prison She knows her lifestyle will one day force her to hang for her crimes, but her brand of highway robbery is in marked contrast to others who kill or rape their victims Kate takes their valuables only, and even comes to the defense of those targeted by baser criminals.The story is quick paced, a fast read that would translate well into an epic period piece on the big screen The historical details are rich, bringing the story to life before the reader s eyes I found myself easily engrossed in the plot, turning pages quickly in my haste to find out how Kate escapes the noose and whether or not Rebeccah gets her highwayman in the end The intimate moments between the characters are sweet, and even the lustful trysts Kate is involved in fade to black, allowing the reader s imagination to kick in.If you love unconventional historical romances spiced with suspense and adventure, this book is a fun read that will have you looking forward to from this talented author. It S , The Time Of Good Queen Anne Mistress Rebeccah Dutton Never Dreamed That Several Encounters With The Notorious Highwayman Blue Eyed Nick On The Deserted Heaths Around London Would Turn Her Respectable World Upside Down When She Discovers The Highwayman Is Actually A Woman Named Kate, Her Curiosity About The Dashing Thief Turns To Fascination Kate Has To Deal With A Thieftaker Snapping At Her Heels And Secrets From Her Past Before Rebeccah Can Become Better Acquainted With This Intriguing Highwaywoman Will Kate Avoid The Shadow Of Tyburn Long Enough For Rebeccah To Explore This Twist Of Fate Enjoyable fun read SlashReaders I decided to try something a little different You know I haven t yet read a fem slash book, that I think is really fantastic by the end They aren t bad but I know there has to be some out there, I guess I m just not overly good at picking them.Anyway bit one, the title says Highwayman but throughout the book highwaywoman is used Thus the title should be Highwaywoman or yeahThe best words to describe this book are cute , sweet , and stereotypical The one commendable thing is that the author doesn t waste time with sex.However this book definitely fits a very well know the pattern Outlaw meets pretty girl boy, blah blah blah they fall in love , Outlaw gets discovered captured, Pretty girl boy saves outlaw and then Outlaw who has been growing tired of his her evil ways goes straight.If the other had been able to throw twists into that generic plot line it would ve been better The other thing that bugged me was the characters were too perfect They needed some flaws.Okay that s it from the peanut gallery. Nice period piece.The scene is London, 1706 Rebeccah, daughter from a well off family, at 23 well on her way to being an old maid, meets highwayman Blue Eyed Nick when he violently stops the carriage she and her family are in and robs them Fate has them meet again, Rebeccah is fascinated by the highwayman, something that doesn t stop when she finds out that Nick is actually a woman named Kate.This book gives a nice view into life in the early 1700s, though I cannot really say whether it is a realistic portrayal That period never much interested me It feels like it though the author does seem to have a fascination with chamber pots, which doesn t go here or there, just something that I noticed.The characters are interesting, the setting is fascinating and definitely different The plot is believable and picks up in pace when Kate is captured and sentenced for her thieving ways I like that she is not portrayed as Robin Hood, while she does take from the rich she uses the money to support herself and her family She is always in danger and always around some form of violence That of course clashes harshly with Rebeccah s protected life, but the attraction between the two is believable.So if you re looking for a few hours of fun escapist reading that really takes you to a different world you I d say you can t go wrong with this one. For those of us who discovered lesbian fiction by reading online fanfic, Barbara Davies pairing of a tall dark haired and blue eyed butch with a femmy but feisty green eyed blonde will instantly bring to mind Xena fiction, but the relationship ends there Though in most if not all of her stories Davies remains attached to the generic XWP pairing, with its complementary physical and personality traits, in every other respect her characters are fully individuated to suit the logic of her chosen narrative and setting RtheH is a good example of the skill with which she incorporates period 18th century English detail and linguistic nuance without undermining the naturalness and clarity of her own narrative voice Some people mistake prolixity for authenticity There is no clutter in Davies prose she writes a tender and well paced historical romance, and trusts us to read between the lines when she supplies the appropriate signposts She belongs with a mere handful of now published writers who have managed to use the XWP template without abusing it. Well written and fun to read Romance was a bit rushed, but it felt genuine and fun Overall it s a light read with some grit and fun. This book is about as fun as a book can get The only flaw I found was also a solution for a lack I find in all books, sso I can t really call it a flaw.Kate is a highwayman or should I say person of highway She is infamous under the name Blue eyed Nick and is celebrated for her daring adventures Rebeccah and her mother and sister, traveling back to London after visiting family, are well aware of Nick s legend so they know what to expect when he waylays them But Rebeccah did not expect riveting blue eyes and kindness, both of which haunt her long after the incident For her part, kate, who knows the allure of love forr a woman, finds herself remembering spirited green eyes In the meantime Rebeccah s sister has set the hounds on Nick , that is, she has hired a man to hunt the highwayman down and arrest him A couple encounters with Kate and Rebeccah is becoming aware that she is in love and when Nick is proven to be Kate, she must make sense of love for a woman Can Rebeccah keep Kate out of the clutches of the hangman, and if so, is there a way they can find to live together as lovers in a society that will not tolerate the love that dare not speak its name I found Kate terribly sexy and appealing, the female swashbuckler of my dreeams Davies, the author, pulls off an entirely believable heroine in Kate Rebeccah for her part is just enough of a nonconformist to make choices another woman of her time might balk at The story is exciting, titillating, and full of authentic historical material A lovely cameo by Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough, is a real treat.The flaw I alluded to is that the plot hurtles to a crisis then must retreat into mundane concerns, but that, whiel a bit hard on the pace of the book, answers a few dozen questions for the reader about what happens next and how do they work out the problems, so I was content.I read constantly, usually for reviewss, and I can tell you this novel was far from a chore, rather a delight.Find of Nan Hawthorne s historical fiction reviews at That s All She read. Sometimes, exactly what you want is a historical romance complete with unlikely last minute rescues, kidnappings, the occasional swoon, and an unrealistically honorable highwaywoman exchanging fraught glances with a stubbornly noncomformist gentlelady When that is the mood you re in, this is quite a good book for it.

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Librarian note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Barbara Davies was born in Birmingham, England, twenty minutes after her twin sister She grew up in the Midlands, managed to scrape a BA from York University, worked in computing in Surrey, then moved to Gloucestershire where she s now a writer and a book reviewer for Starburst magazine Barbara published her f

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