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Night Fires in the Distance (Night Fires in the Distance, #1) I wanted so much to sink into this prairie landscape The slow burn of the romantic plot is interrupted by the harsh reality of homesteading And while that in and of itself is smart pacing, some of the interactions between characters seemed rushed or hard to swallow. Quite the surprise how good this book is I ended up picking it up by chance because it was a new release added to KU Program, and I m really glad I did.This book reminded me a lot of Firefly by Whitney Hamilton And just like that book, this book is also very, very bleak And by bleak it go with the dictionary meaning of the word The story is staged in a barren landscape and the general feeling of just about everything is depressing as hell.And if you want to know if this has a happy ending just click on the spoiler tag ahead, it s not a huge spoiler though, just a yes or no to that question if that s important to you before you start reading a book view spoiler Yep, it does have a happy ending Kinda Sorta As happy as it can get considering how miserable everything really is in this book hide spoiler I love historical lesbian fictions This book certainly met this expectation and the author did a good job of doing research The plot was interesting and well planned The characters were well developed and interesting During the numerous perils that occurred, you just wanted to cheer on them to success.The one thing that caused me to give this book a lower score was the numerous editing errors The last third of the book there seemed to be spelling, word usage, and grammatical mistakes These mistakes caused a break in the flow of the story.Because of the interesting, detail oriented story, I rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars. One of the better lesfic books that I have come across lately Backdrop and characters are so realistically crafted that I felt for them I searched for lesfic works by the author and realized this is the only one. Finding love very unexpectedly I would I like to have a love seen between Laura and Cecelia and to know what happened after they finally left together. Laura and William have traveled from England to the prairie, making a home and trying to build a life in the as yet unclaimed Indian Territory With no neighbors closer than the ramshackle town half a day away, no transport but the ox puled cart, and nothing but backbreaking work, their lives are harsh by any standard The relentless stresses and strains of surviving begin to show in the cracks that form between them, and Will s increasing anger at a life with no respite.When a new settler, James, arrives it is clear that the young man knows nothing about the life he has chosen He hopes for help and advice from William, but it is Laura who reaches out in kindness to help the young man build his sod house and get set up James had no idea that life would be this harsh, and even less idea what it would take to survive his first winter But he has reasons of his own for hiding from the world, and soon his growing friendship with Laura keeps him tied to the spot.As James and Laura s attraction grows William s jealousy flares and his bullying and brutish nature comes to the fore As secrets are revealed and emotions deepen Laura and James have to find a way to endure their situation.This is a page turning historical romance that grabs your emotional attention and doesn t let go Laura is a woman who is literally working her fingers to the bone to try and keep her family together Clearly from a slightly refined background in England she is nevertheless doing everything she can to make life as good as she can for her husband and surviving children James has come from a wealthy background, running from cruelty and heartbreak into a world that he will be lucky to survive Both are struggling to make life bearable both physically and emotionally, and their bond is both instant and the basis of a tragedy waiting to happen.The setting, the harshness and the natural disaster that brings the climax to the story are of biblical proportions, revealing a harrowing life not shown in the movies and TV shows The energy sapping slog just to endure is almost overwhelming and becomes the only thing left as literally everything is stripped away.Totally engrossing Well written, deeply touching, well drawn characters, and an evocative landscape that dominates the whole This is my first Sarah Goodwin and will definitely not be my last My only complaint is the feeling that there must be I want to know what happens next and am hoping she will give us a sequel to tie up all those loose ends. Lovely read from KU book hooked me in quickly and kept me reading late into the night. It s been quite a while since I have read such an emotionally engaging story, and I don t mean of the hearts and flowers variety The word has been used by other reviewers but it just fits It s bleak There are so many moments where you wonder why any of the MCs even bother to get up in the morning, and on one level it just killed me but on another level I couldn t help but admire their courage I said it in one of my status updates this is not A Little House on the Prairie at least not the TV version This is an account of how shitty the lives of the people on the frontier was.So Is there a little black and white painting going on Yes.Do I believe in one true love after the MCs exchanged probably 500 words No Dunno Don t care.I d say it s a lovely book if it was but it isn t It s still fucking good.And to all my m m friends viewing this with a side eye Seriously But, yes, no girl parts.I think the next one might have to be put under a spoiler wrap but at one point you just want to know because you really don t want to read another woman s story who dies tragically in the end at least I m sick of it Sick I m telling you But okay here is the spoiler view spoiler They are as happy for now as they are going to be ever after Who knows what happens next hide spoiler 4.5 starsI had no idea what to expect from this and I was pleasantly surprised Two pioneer women, one running from her husband and the other trapped in an abusive marriage, are trying to make it work on the prairie This is set at some point in the 1800s, pre Civil War as there s still slavery, and the characters have the attitudes of white settlers that you d expect to encounter in those times, which is not always favorable to native peoples or other people of color This is not revisionist, PC friendly history, so be aware of that if that ll make you uncomfortable reading this Life on the prairie was dire in those days and this doesn t soft glove the details Laura s husband is a massive douchebag and treats his wife and children like the property they were considered to be Cecilia tries her best under unfavorable circumstances and she while doesn t back down from the challenges in front of her, she s not always brave at the crucial moments and makes mistakes that are believable for someone new to prairie life and farming in the Wild West Given the times and that female sexuality was completely ignored in those days unless you were prostitute , I had no problems believing that these two women wouldn t have had the opportunities or means to question their sexuality I don t see this as gay for you at all, and the way they come together over their shared struggles and loneliness made it believable There s no sex, for those who care their relationship is quite chaste here The details and research that went into this are amazing, and the characters are all starkly drawn and vivid The dual POVs are a nice way to see what each one is experiencing, and for the first half of the book, you get two or three chapters in a row with Laura, then switch to Cecelia for the same number of chapters When the second half of the book comes and their POVs switch off every chapter it becomes clear that there isn t enough of a distinction in their voices to remember who has the POV in each chapter.There are some typos in the first half, but they get much numerous in the second half Punctuation is the biggest culprit, but there are also missing words and misused words thought instead of though for instance This book could really use the benefit of a good editor Still, the writing and prose is strong enough that I was mostly able to overlook this, but I m knocking off half a star for the poor editing. Laura And Her Husband William Deene Have Come A Long Way, From England To Ohio To Indian Territory With Their Farm Failing And Laura Expecting Her Fourth Child, Their Relationship Begins To Disintegrate And With Another Cruel Winter Coming On, Will S Mistrustful And Violent Nature Becomes ApparentLaura Finds Relief In The Arms Of Their New Neighbour, A Young Man Of Wealthy Providence Setting Up As A Lone Homesteader James Clappe Attracted To Clappe S Youth, Kindness And Naivet , Laura Struggles To Maintain Her Stoic Tolerance Of The Hard Prairie Life She Has Endured For So LongClappe Is Not All He Seems However Beneath Worn Clothes And Layers Of Dirt, Is A Young Socialite Fleeing Her Husband, Brought To The Prairie By Fear And Grief The Last Thing On Earth She Expects, Is To Fall For A Lonely Prairie Wife Almost Double Her Age But It Could Be The Thing That Saves Her

About the Author: Sarah Goodwin

Self publishing writer from Benington in the home counties Educated at Bath Spa University and survived twice.Writes in a variety of genres including romance, gay and lesbian, horror, supernatural, humor and young adult.

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