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The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How The War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals In The Days Immediately Following September Th, The Most Powerful People In The Country Were Panic Stricken The Radical Decisions About How To Combat Terrorists And Strengthen National Security Were Made In A State Of Utter Chaos And Fear, But The Key Players, Vice President Dick Cheney And His Powerful, Secretive Adviser David Addington, Used The Crisis To Further A Long Held Agenda To Enhance Presidential Powers To A Degree Never Known In US History, And Obliterate Constitutional Protections That Define The Very Essence Of The American Experiment The Dark Side Is A Dramatic, Riveting, And Definitive Narrative Account Of How The United States Made Terrible Decisions In The Pursuit Of Terrorists Around The World Decisions That Not Only Violated The Constitution To Which White House Officials Took An Oath To Uphold, But Also Hampered The Pursuit Of Al Qaeda In Gripping Detail, Acclaimed New Yorker Writer And Bestselling Author, Jane Mayer, Relates The Impact Of These Decisions US Held Prisoners, Some Of Them Completely Innocent, Were Subjected To Treatment Reminiscent Of The Spanish Inquisition Than The Twenty First Century The Dark Side Will Chronicle Real, Specific Cases, Shown In Real Time Against The Larger Tableau Of What Was Happening In Washington, Looking At The Intelligence Gained Or Not And The Price Paid In Some Instances, Torture Worked In Many , It Led To False Information, Sometimes With Devastating Results For Instance, There Is The Stunning Admission Of One Of The Detainees, Sheikh Ibn Al Libi, That The Confession He Gave Under Duress Which Provided A Key Piece Of Evidence Buttressing Congressional Support Of Going To War Against Iraq Was In Fact Fabricated, To Make The Torture StopIn All Cases, Whatever The Short Term Gains, There Were Incalculable Losses In Terms Of Moral Standing, And Our Country S Place In The World, And Its Sense Of Itself The Dark Side Chronicles One Of The Most Disturbing Chapters In American History, One That Will Serve As The Lasting Legacy Of The George W Bush Presidency

About the Author: Jane Mayer

Jane Mayer is a staff writer for The New Yorker and the author of three bestselling and critically acclaimed narrative nonfiction books She co authored Landslide The Unmaking of the President, 1984 1988, with Doyle McManus, and Strange Justice The Selling of Clarence Thomas, with Jill Abramson, which was a finalist for the National Book Award Her book The Dark Side The Inside Story of How the

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    The title comes from Dick Cheney s vow to go to the Dark Side in the battle against terrorism There is a wealth here of drill down detail about the mechanisms by which America abandoned the constitution in favor of a unitary, imperial president and really vice president who believes that l estat est moi Jane Mayer image from Elle Magazine shot by Heather HazzanI have read a fair number of books that delve into the Bush adminis

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    there s something i call generational narcissism which is basically the naive belief that one s generation is special and different and unique for no other reason than that one is part of it there are a few varieties 1 new age generational narcissism the belief that the universe that vague overused and totally unhelpful term has destined some serious astronomical, astrological, apocalyptical and or spiritual kind of paradigm shift to

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    I was well aware of the excesses of the Bush administration s war on terror, but still Mayer s book was shocking It s been eleven years since we saw the first pictures of abuse in Abu Ghraib Mayer starkly brings back the memory This detailed account of disregard for human decency, false imprisonments, and torture brought on feelings of disgust and revulsion Given some of the rhetoric in the current presidential campaign, this book is as rel

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    He who does battle with monsters needs to watch out lest he in the process becomes a monster himself Friedrich NietzscheIn reaction to Britain s brutal treatment of American prisoners of war, George Washington vowed that this new Democracy would take a higher road Thus, the U.S military doctrine was born, based upon the belief that Brutality undermines military discipline and strengthens the enemy s resolve, while displays of humanity could be use

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    Required reading for every American Jane Mayer documents how a handful of people in the Bush Administration changed the moral course of America and tarnished our global reputation in the name of keeping us safe Benjamin Franklin said that those who would sacrifice liberty for safety deserver neither liberty nor safety Well, that s pretty much where we are at Yes, there have been no attacks on U.S soil since 9 11 But that safety was not a product of tort

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    Devastating critique of Bush Cheney s deranged emotional response to 9 11 Clarifies not just the abject illegality and anti Americanism of torture, but also its ineffectiveness and dangerous consequences The book is not as tightly written as Mayer s subsequent Dark work

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    Eyeopening Glad I opted to read this as it explained a lot of what I d picked up in bits in pieces from other media over the years, but I thought to myself, No way We have too many checks and balances for a single individual to take over The author did a nice job of timelining what happened after September 11, 2001 and how key players and top officials were swept out of the way while Vice President Dick Cheney and his adviser David Addington took over The White House

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    No book has ever made me feel disgusted and outraged The fact that the highest leaders in the U.S government had condoned and authorized torture was really not news to me after seeing the photos of Abu Ghraib in 2004 and the Oscar winning documentary Taxi to the Dark Side in 2008 I had also read numerous reports about suspicions and evidence of abuse at Guantanamo and various black sites around the world But the details of abuse of power, secrecy, and coverup by many of our

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    John Adams famously described the American government as one of laws, not of men In eight years, the Bush Administration has reacted to the attacks of September 11, 2001, by turning that dictum on its head in their zeal to ensure that another attack does not occur on their watch In particular, the President s confidence that he is a good man, has led him to embrace the advice of a ruthless cabal within the United States government whose first article of faith is that there are no l

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    At the end of WW2, Europe was devastated, Germany in particular It had reaped what it had sowed German prestige was non existent after the horrors of Nazism and the prestige of the United States could not have been higher The whole world looked to the U.S for the future.Just last week, I saw a ranking of countries in world public opinion Germany was by far and away number one and the United States was well down the list Less than 75 years after being at the top, the U.S has been easily su

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