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Die Falle I Know You Killed My SisterI Wrote This Novel For YouTwelve Years Ago, Linda S Sister Anna Was Murdered Her Killer Was Never Caught, But Linda Saw Him Now, All These Years On, She S Just Seen Him Again On TVHe Has Since Become A Well Known Reporter, And Linda A Famous Novelist And Infamous Recluse Knows No One Will Believe Her If She Accuses Him, So She Does The Only Thing She Can Think Of She Writes A Thriller About A Woman Who Is Murdered, Her Killer Never Caught When The Book Is Published, She Agrees To Give Just One Media Interview At Home To The One Person Who Knows About The Case Than She DoesHe Knows What Happened That Night And She Wrote A Book About It But, When The Doorbell Rings, Neither Of Them Can Be Sure How The Story Will End The premise of this book is an original one Linda Conrads is a thirty eight year old famous author, who lives as a recluse under a pseudonym Twelve years ago, her older sister, Anna, was murdered and Linda caught a glimpse of the killer when she discovered her sisters body Now, Linda lives a safe and controlled life She lives with her dog, visited only by staff her assistant Charlotte, the gardener and her publisher, Norbert Then, suddenly, she sees a news reporter on television and believes she recognises him as Anna s murderer The problem of course is, who would believe her So, Linda decides to write a new novel a thriller, called, Blood Sisters, which will tell Anna s story Then, she will invite the news reporter, Victor Lenzen for an interview As a recluse, any interview with her is like gold dust and she is sure she can arrange this Then she can lure Victor Lenzen to her house and collect valuable DNA samples or get him to confess Of course, like all such plans, this is not at all simple The book is interspersed with chapters from the novel as the author tells the story through, Blood Sisters, and from the point of view of Linda Although I thought the initial idea interesting, I found the actual telling of the book quite cold and unemotional Of course, this book was translated and it may have been the translation that was at fault, but I never really felt enough for the characters to become really involved Still, there are lots of twists and turns in the plot and I found the idea of the novel interesting enough to want to read by this author. Find all my reviews on my blog Read 07 01 16Pub Date 07 05 164 STARS In this twisted debut thriller, a reclusive author sets the perfect trap for her sister s murderer but is he really the killer For 11 years, the bestselling author Linda Conrads has mystified fans by never setting foot outside her home Haunted by the unsolved murder of her younger sister who she discovered in a pool of blood and the face of the man she saw fleeing the scene, Linda s hermit existence helps her cope with debilitating anxiety But the sanctity of her oasis is shattered when she sees her sister s murderer on television Hobbled by years of isolation, Linda resolves to use the plot of her next novel to lay an irresistible trap for the man As the plan is set in motion and the past comes rushing back, Linda s memories and her very sanity are called into question Is this man a heartless killer or merely a helpless victim This was a most unusual and deliciously unique read I didn t know until after I had requested this from NetGalley that it was a translation, which made me a little anxious as I sometimes struggle with reading these I ve seen multiple reviews where this has been a problem, or at least a factor in their reading experience, and I think these are justified, although it didn t affect me as much as originally thought.This was not a book that I flew through this was of a slow, building suspense than a rip roaring thriller, but if you are patient it pays off in the end My friend Linda hit many points perfectly in her review you can find it here regarding the pros and cons of this being a translation, the pacing, and the strengths and weaknesses of the plot I do believe my favorite aspect of this story though was Linda s slow, steady descent into madness Wouldn t it drive you crazy if you knew who murdered your sister and they got away with it Her sanity is questioned at every turn, and that is what caused me to give this book a higher rating I m going to keep this review short as to not spoil the plot, but if you like a pleasant challenge, I d recommend this book This was a story that I felt satisfied once finished, as though I had completed some feat that otherwise would have left me wondering had I not given it the chance I m interested in from the author as she clearly is talented and can weave together a deliciously creepy novel I received my copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review Many thanks to Grand Central Pub for providing my copy THE TRAP is the debut psychological thriller novel by German author, Melanie Raabe, translated from German and set in Munich Linda Conrads pseudonym for Linda Michaelis is a thirty eight year old successful author, who writes a novel every year She is ill, afflicted by nightmares and hasn t left the house in eleven years She lives as a recluse near Munich with her dog, and is only visited by her staff, her assistant Charlotte, the gardener and her publisher, Norbert Twelve years ago, she discovered the body of her murdered younger sister, Anna, and caught a sight of the killer cold eyes No one was convicted of the crime the killer is still out there I saw her murderer runaway I saw the murderer s face The murderer was a man The murderer turned his face towards me, then he ran away I don t know why he ran away I don t know why he didn t attack me I only know that my sister is dead and I m not Linda suffered from depression, and panic attacks after the death of her sister She felt like she could stay in bed forever She had seen a therapist following Anna s death She needed to know WHY Then, one day, Linda sees the man, the MONSTER , a journalist on television and believes she recognizes him as Anna s murderer Victor Lenzen, and Linda is at a loss as to what she should do After much thought, Linda decides to write a new book a crime novel as bait for the murderer and therapy for her The book was called Blood Sisters , which is the story of Anna, Britta with protagonist Linda Sophie This book is to serve as the trap She then grants a rare interview to Victor Lanzen, at her house hoping to collect DNA samples as well as getting him to confess But will the trap work A trap is a device to catch or kill A good trap should be two things foolproof and simple Put him under stress, wear him down, break him The reader follows the story leading up to the murder through the characters in Linda s book, alternating between present day and interviews with Victor What was the motive The reader starts to question the sanity of Linda did she kill her own sister and make up the story about this man I found myself all over the map with this one, trying to figure out if she was crazy or not The author gets inside the character s heads exactly what I like psychological suspense than a thriller The author is writing from Linda s perspective as the first person narrator Many thanks to author, Melanie Raabe, Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC. The Trap by Melanie Raabe is a 2017 Grand Central publication The psychological thriller has really seen a boon the past couple of years, with many debut authors finding immediate success writing books that were inevitably marketed for fans of Gone Girl or Girl on the Train But, by the end of 2016 I was ready to move on to other things, not wanting to burn myself out on one of my favorite genres.But, when this book popped up on my radar, I couldn t resist it This book was originally published in the German language and has been translated to English, by Imogen Taylor, who did an amazing job Linda is a reclusive author, who has not been outside of her home for years after finding her sister, Anna, murdered Linda arrived at her sister s apartment just in time to see the murderer leaving the scene She escaped with her life, but soon became the primary suspect Now, years later, Linda believes she has seen her sister s killer on television and begins to plot an elaborate scheme to prove his guilt Once I must express my irritation with the marketing ploy that unfairly compares books, by baiting readers with the for fans of thing Half the time, the suggestion is way off the mark, and it boxes the author and the book into a corner, as well as setting up unrealistic expectations for readers, which does harm than good I know, you ve heard this lecture before, but every time this happens, it makes me mad all over again This book is a victim of that type of marketing, in my opinion, because frankly this book is no Gone Girl , but it is a solid, clever psychological thriller and should be viewed by its own merits, and approached with an open mind, and without preconceived notions The suspense was intense at times, the plot twists were well timed, and although the pacing was a little unbalanced on occasion, the story never lost momentum The story within a story idea is not altogether original, but it s been a while since I ve seen it used It works in some places, but falls flat in others The story is wildly imaginative and I would warn you to toss all pretense of plausibility out the window, and just enjoy the cat and mouse game because it was truly quite enjoyable and entertaining I am glad I took a chance on this one It s not on the same playing field with the books it has been compared with, but it s a nice little gem that was enjoyable enough and I think any fan of psychological thrillers can appreciate it 3.5 stars

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