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Rock Alphabet Two Offbeat Characters Meet To Uncover Their Lost Past And Their Need For Each Other In This Dreamy And Poetic Story About Memory, Love, And Loss In The Backdrop Of The Mysterious And Evocative Cederberg Mountains, This Tale Meticulously Weaves Together A Young Man S Attempt To Discover His And His Brother S Enigmatic Wilderness Origins And An Orphan Girl S Efforts To Comprehend The Trauma Of Her Occult Past As They Plumb The Depths Of Their Personal Histories, The People And Places In Their Lives Intertwine, Recreating The Complex Strata Of Modern South African Culture And The Joys And Tragedies Of Its History Enjoyable book although the most interesting character, the enigmatic older brother who cannot adapt back into society after he and his younger brother are discovered living in the wild in Africa, is underdeveloped Perhaps that is intentional, but it means the book isn t about what I thought it was going to be about, based on the jacket blurb It does not explore these boys experience Instead the book is actually about the younger brother, who chooses clean sheets over living wild with his brother, and is aware of this betrayal, and the relationshop he develops with a girl who was orphaned at a young age and was brougt up by the sister of the woman who found the feral boys They were not aware of each other as children an dpiece together their overlapping pasts. The discovery of two feral children in the Sederberg is linked to other mysteries These are subtly developed in this engrossing, finely wrought novel The writing is beautiful, all delicacy and nuance Descriptions of both landscape and interiors quiver with atmosphere I loved the way the author names and sometimes lists the colours of things, as if the colours themselves are precious treasure.At its most poignant level, it s a story of loss The younger of the children has taken to the comforts of so called civilization, but he cannot shut out the voice of his older brother, perpetually calling to him a call he is afraid to answer The question remains which of the brothers has abandoned the other Other characters too are haunted by uncertainty and unanswered questions The book is an ideal length for the spare story it tells, perfectly hitting that elusive mark between too much and too little. I enjoyed this, but I enjoyed Shark s Egg even.

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