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French Lover The book French Lover by Taslima Nasrin speaksthan just about French lovers It actually speaks the mind of a contemporary, educated and independent Indian girl desperately seeking her place in the world Her journey and bold moves on one hand make you feel very liberated but on the other, I found her unreasonable at times Even though she seemed very highly learned, some of her moves defied reasoning altogether Seeking independence is a good thing but knowing where to draw the line for one s own good is also important But overall, I would sum it up as a liberating book to read A female reader will definitely be able to relate to the thoughts of the protagonist Nila s feelings regarding household chores, financial independence, marriage and childbearing It is highly recommended for all the male readers who want to know what goes on in a woman s mind. Introduction After reading famous and controversial novel Lajja I seen this book in a rack of the library so quickly picked it up As it is expected this novel is based on woman Plot summary Nilanjana Nila is a modern Calcutta girl who has her own experience from society and family Betrayed by her lover Sushant, her family married her off with an NRI named Kishanlal Although she was not happy with this decision, but she dreams a better, happier life in France She wanted to explore France s history and culture and live her life on her own terms On the contradictory, her husband NRI Kishanlal want her to be a typical housewife and live in the flat She was not ready to accept male superiority and slowly broke up with Kishan.She further took a small job where her co worker Daniella provide her shelter who end up using Nila for her lesbian pleasure She also flies back to Calcutta after her mother s death She went back to France with a dream of French Lover and met a French man named Benoire in flight Read this book to know theabout this French lover Characters The protagonist of this book is Nilanjana, who have her own set of rule for this society and want to live life on her own terms Another major character present in the book is Kishanlal, who is NRI but his mind is still in a cage of old sayings Daniella and Benoire are the next major characters who helps to develop the story Apart from this there are many small characters which are wisely chosen by the writer Writing Style The writing flow is perfect and language used is super easy even the new reader will find it easy to understand My perception Although this is a story of all about a girl and her freedom but somehow I ve found the protagonist Nila little confusing in herself She was not happy with her husband because he is not handsome he has put a restriction on her but on the other side she happily accept anything which her French lover use to say her because she is in love with his looks and sweet talk On the other side you can say that writer has portrayed a woman who is so much disturbed by the society and her rule, betray by her love and in search of love she always conned by people. A Woman S Search For Love And Independence In A Strange City Far Away From Home French Lover Is The Story Of Nilanjana, A Young Bengali Woman From Kolkata Who Moves To Paris After Her Marriage To Kishanlal, A Restaurant Owner Kishanlal S Luxurious Apartment Seems To Nilanjana To Be A Gilded Cage, And She Feels Stifled Within Its Friendless Confines Her Marriage, Where She Functions As Little Than A Housekeeper And A Sex Object, Is Far From Fulfilling And Nilanjana Looks Desperately For A Way Out Of The Boredom And Depression That Threaten To Engulf Her Life It Is At This Point That She Meets Benoir Dupont, A Blond, Blue Eyed Handsome Frenchman, And Is Swept Off Her Feet Benoir Introduces Nilanjana To The Streets, The Cafes And The Art Galleries Of Paris In Her Passionate, Sexually Liberating Relationship With Benoir, She Finally Begins To Have An Inkling Of Her Own Desires The Relationship Ends When Nilanjana Realizes That Benoir S First Priority Is Himself And Not The Woman He Loves, And That Her Need For Him Has Ended But Her Road To Self Discovery Has Only Just Begun Bold In Concept And Powerful In Execution, French Lover Is A Fascinating Glimpse Into The Workings Of A Woman S Mind As She Struggles To Come To Terms With Her Identity In A Hostile World The book isof the author s interpretations of how men are Funny how all women are portrayed as saints and all men short on character Hope the readers discern reality from the author s world view.That apart, the book is just about ok The characterizations are not necessarily strong, and is filled with stereotypes the author s portrayal of French, for example Nor is there any evidence of literary genius Having said that, it is not boring, at least I could sit and finish it at one go. A good one An Indian woman s tryst with disillusioning relations isolation, the mental physical oppression faced by an unfortunate section of the repressed women of India s middle class, hypocrisy regressive mindsets of Indian society esp MEN, the self absorbed culture of the West Thbook has some failings though The consistent theme All men are the SAME definitely not in a positive sense The way the protagonist claims her personal freedom towards the climax is all too abrupt unconvincing. I liked the other book Lajja written by the same author Ms Nasrin better More humanistic in its theme, narration plot than feministic A WOMEN SEARCHING FOR LOVE AND INDEPENDENCE IN A STRANGE CITY as the title of the book could be so persuasive , i thought it could be a fight of women facing the difficulties and walking against the male dominating society to be a independent but sorry to say book disappointed me beyond my imagination A women goes to paris after her marriage to live with her husband She is a educated and strong minded girl as book calls her She doesn t accept the way her husband treat her, merely a maid and a sex toy She has no feelings for him and she want to be independent She wanted to earn on her own and be equal, when she couldn t take anyburden she would just leave him. She was showing some real guts and strong characters as a protagonist so far so good.spoilt er aler Trust me, i am saving your time You dont want to seriously waste ur time which i wasted so what happens next, her mother dies and she inherit load of money, instead of being the thrive on independent and strong, she would fall for some other man and just do the things which didn t wanted to do before She was now spending all the money and time on a man to impress him seriously after all this she is back to square one after all the feminist revolution act she just needed to fall for oneman and be his property all together Author had tried very hard to portray a bold , strong minded girl A girl who has a immense knowledge and thrive to stand up in the world which was immensely failed She was Shallow and completely foolish and she took 293 pages to understand that and i read 293 pages in a hope she will come to her senses. An okay book Nono less than that Okay because it made me sit patiently for reading after weeks It was nothan okay because I plainly felt the main character was delusional.Nila, a typical Calcutta woman in her 20s, arrives in France to be with her newly wed husband Kishanlaal who runs two restaurants at Paris As the story of Nila s life at Westbengal and in Pairs unveils parallely, she seemed to have wanted many things which she did not know how to gain In the end she did know but that too by blaming the men with a lot of grudge Passionate about culture, art and literature at times like the men she has been with, it starts getting on the nerves Also, all her knowledge seemed to have wasted as she could not prevent a few avoidable mistakes All in all, in the name of strong independent woman deep inside Nila was as imprisoned as a Bengali woman, projecting her naive fantasies and resentments on men However Taslima s brave attempt in narrating sexual encounters did not fail to break the stigma yet the questions on the standards of word artisary remains The truth of this novel lies in the male chauvinism under both eastern and western circumstances The plot is movingly straightforward and honest as the drama is created upon real bengali lifestyles Then again,before putting everything on men, is it to ignore that the same patterns of odds had been taken place in her lesbian relationship as well Is the biased feminism hiding underneath spicy fiction giving the young women the real message The blurb may lead one into expecting a typical south asian immigrant problems narrative,sadly the book is anything but that French lover is the story of Nilanjana Mandal, an educated, Bengali woman who marries and emigrates to Paris with a Punjabi restaurateur when rejected by her high caste college sweetheart Her husband keeps her well , with a roof on her head, food in her stomach and clothes to cover yeah, right but doesn t allow her to venture out or work After several heartaches, breaks and the likes, including a non consensual homosexual relationship with a woman she willingly moved in with confusing, isn t it , getting raped by her brother s best friend incorporated to add to the empathy factor evokes nothing ,sorry and the death of a loved one, she chances upon the French lover, tall, blue eyed and blonde Now, this gentleman is as charming and surreal as the Harlequin Mills and boon romance heroes He sees beauty in Nila s sad, sad eyes,in her exotic chocolate coloured skin, her not so perfect assets yada yada..but there s no happily ever after, thereafter Her lover is married with a six year old seriously ill daughter He introduces Nila to the wonderful world of love and pleasure but gets cheesed off when asked to commit The confusion, fights,additions to the story go on until Nila makes a decision which was long overdue The novel is peppered with some third world problems in the first world, namely the difficulties faced in immigrating, uselessness of the native degrees in foreign land, racism but that s about it In the end it offers nothing, the author has clearly relied on stereotypes, minimal research and zero creativity Conclusion Not Recommended There is only one word that comes to my mind if I have to describe French Lover VAGUE.Written by Taslima Nasrin, French Lover, is a story of a young, spirited girl s search for independence and love in a foreign land Nilanjana or Nila as she is often called in the book, is a Bengali girl from Kolkata She moves to Paris after she marries Kishan Lal, a restaurant owner However, she feels trapped and suffocated in her loveless marriage and yearns for independence Nila is nothingthan a housekeeper and sex object for her old husband Finally, when she cannot take it any she stages a petulant walk out.Friendless and broke, Nila moves in with Danielle It turns out that Danielle is a lesbian, who uses Nila as a tool just like her husband.Unable to make much of herself and her life, Nila is suddenly called back home because her mother is dying After her mother s death Nila has the option of staying back in Kolkata or return to her aimless life in Paris She chooses the latter and she meets Benoir Dupont on the flight She is immediately swept of her feet by this handsome french man as he introduces her to the various cafes, bookstores and art galleries of Paris A whole new world has been opened for Nila and she finds herself falling in love with Dupont Nila finally comes to discover her own desires in this liberating and passionate relationship.However the relationship ends when Nila realizes that Benoir s first priority is himself and not Nila Her need of him has ended because her journey to self discovery has just begun This is the summary of the novel in a nutshell The blurb leads one to expect that French Lover is fascinating glimpse into the workings of a woman s mind, her struggle to come to terms with her own identity, a woman s attempt to come to terms with a foreign culture Unfortunately, the book is nothing like it The most dominant feeling that I experienced while reading this novel was a sense of loss, a vague, confused feeling It was natural because as one reads the novel, it is evident that Nila, herself, is confused and extremely difficult to understand In one part of the book Nila is portrayed as a shy, docile young girl who is only just coming to terms with a broken love affair She judges people on the basis of their skin colour and talks in a friendly way with the whites On the other hand, Nasrin also shows her as a educated woman with a degree in Bengali Literature She is well read with a keen interest in Philosophy Nila has supposedly read Voltaire and various other American and Indian authors In spite of being well read, Narin s protagonist comes across as a very confused, narrow minded and high handed person French Lover is often termed as a feminist novel but I found it disappointing Nila comes across as rebel who is not sure what her cause is She is invariably selfish, unreflective, confused and extremely impulsive She inspires very little sympathy and absolutely no curiosity The novel also has several cross cultural insights but they too are stereotypical, shallow and repetitive French Lover isabout the author s interpretation of masculinity and the male mindset The translation is pedestrian and banal It has nothing to offer readers who are looking for serious feminist literature This was the first book I read by Taslima Nasrin and I was disappointed. Vague This is how I would like to describe the book.The character of Nila has been sketched so poorly, that you cannot exactly understand her till the end.In one part of the book she is a timid Bengali girl with chapped lips, who judges people on the basis of their color She talks in a friendly way with the whites but is hostile towards black and browns let me remind you she herself is a brown Indian girl.On the other hand Taslima shows her as a well read woman She knows even the tiniest detail about Voltaire She has read almost all the authors and philosophers from Europe, America and India.I don t understand if she is so well read, how can she be so narrow minded.Nila s character becomes so irritating with her high headedness that I m sure no man can tolerate her forthan few weeks.The author has been busy finding faults in Indian and French culture Nothing satisfies Nila.She leaves both her husband and her French lover in the end I couldn t find much reason behind it though Both seemed quite Ok After all no one is perfect, nor was Nila What was she expecting some slaves who would obey her like a dog.This was the first book I read by Taslima, and I was dissappointed.

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Taslima Nasrin Bengali is an award winning Bangladeshi writer, physician, secular humanist and human rights activist, known for her powerful writings on women oppression and unflinching criticism of religion, despite forced exile and multiple fatwas calling for her death.Early in her literary career, she wrote mainly poetry, and published half a dozen collections of poetry between

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