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Welcome to Temptation Sophie Dempsey Is Content Living A Quiet Life Filming Wedding Videos Until An Assignment Brings Her To Temptation, Ohio From The Moment She Drive Into Town, She Gets A Bad Feeling Sophie Is From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks And Everything In Temptation Is A Little Too Right And When She Has A Run In With The Town S Unnervingly Sexy Mayor, Phineas Tucker, Making A Little Movie Turns Out To Be Than A Little DangerousYield To Oncoming DesireAll Sophie Wants To Do Is Film The Video And Head Home All Phin Wants To Do Is Play Pool With The Police Chief And Keep Things Peaceful They Both Get Than They Bargained For When Sophie S Video Causes An Uproar And The Proper Citizens Of Temptation Set Out To Shut Them DownWelcome To TemptationAs Events Spiral Out Of Control, Sophie And Phin Find Themselves Caught In A Web Of Gossip, Blackmail, Adultery, Murder, And Really Excellent Sex All Hell Breaks Loose In Temptation As Sophie And Phin Fall Deeper And Deeper In Troubleand In Love

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    So to begin I have to say that I fell into the same trap as many others did in that I read Bet Me first, my first ever Crusie book actually and adored it I practically sprinted to the library and got every Crusie book they had and schlepped the entire armful out to the car with barely contained glee Glee I tell you.My

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    5 Stars My kind of crazy Welcome to Temptation, home of the flesh colored, phallus bullet shaped water tower, where morals and reputation are everything until the Dempsey sisters come crashing into town Meet Sophie Dempsey, film maker, nervous Nelly, surrogate mother to her sister and brother, and sexually unfulfilled Mee

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    I really really liked this book I have two regrets about this book though, 1 it was written by the same author as the last book that I read, Faking It I bought them at the same time but I should have read them in reverse order They are not a series persay, but they had several common characters The timeline of this book was about 2 years

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    Welcome to Temptation was SO MUCH FUN Romance is one of my guilty pleasures to read Predominantly a thriller fan at heart, I still admittedly LOVE a good romance novel This one was just great Totally over the top and corny, but such good escapism Sophie and her sister Amy travel to the small town of Temptation to film a movie for a hollywood star C

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    As in this painting, the temptations of the small Midwestern town conveniently named Temptation were not apparent to me That s ok one thing I appreciate about Crusie is how she creates characters who are attractive to and romantic with one another specifically, as individuals, rather than being idealized in generically sexy ways I was willing to buy that thi

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    I m one of the four people in the world who hate this book Here s why.Admittedly, there s a lot to like about this book The Julie and the Bear story, the dog, the dialogue, some of the time, and some other stuff, I guess, but I get so hung up on the stuff I hate about this book I can t seem to remember any other good stuff Let s break down my issues, shall we 1 Phinea

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    Just from the title you can probably guess this is what I call a smut novel Honestly, I would really rate it as a 4.5 It is a true guilty pleasure, at least for me Embarrassing to say, I ve read it three times, each time straight through I m not a huge fan of these types of books but Jennifer Crusie did it right with this one The quirky characters are engaging, the steamy scene

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    5 Stars Thanks Tammy This is the second book you ve recommended to me and it was as great as the last FANFREAKINTASTIC The chemistry, the suspense, the fun and the not at all what you expected ending is what makes this book a total keeper But I have to warn youit ll drag you in before you know it and every chore you had planned to do will be thrown by the waysideEnjoy

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    Another great book by this talented author I am loving the way JC writes lots of witty one liners, quick comebacks and subtlety You d think most books were good on the subtle aspects of things the author wants you to pick up on, but no JC writes subtlety so well that I NOTICED And I love that I loved Bet Me, and I loved this.I m a bit of a sucker for small town romance, it s always so sweet and at

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    I was on a reading cruise for Crusie s books, but after this one, I think I ll change author for a long time.The narrative thread of this book is a porn movie No kidding I mean, can you go any less romantic than this Minus 2 Stars.The love story between the two protagonist is a physical story where they say F word me to each other most of the time, which leads to many cheap scenes I could have lived better

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