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Plum Island The Hair Raising Suspense Of The General S Daughter The Wry Wit Of The Gold Coastthis Is Vintage Nelson DeMille At The Peak Of His Originality And The Height Of His PowersWounded In The Line Of Duty, NYPD Homicide Cop John Corey Is Convalescing In Rural Eastern Long Island When An Attractive Young Couple He Knows Is Found Shot To Death On The Family Patio The Victims Were Biologists At Plum Island, A Research Site Rud To Be An Incubator For Germ WarfareSuddenly, A Local Double Murder Takes On Shattering Global Implications And Thrusts Corey And Two Extraordinary Women Into A Dangerous Search For The Secret Of PLUM ISLAND

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    Keep in mind that I read this book a little over a decade and a half ago, yet the story is as vivid today as it was then Damn That is the genius that is Nelson Demille.The book starts with a convalescing John Corey, formerly of the NYPD, who wants nothing than to drink beer while relaxing at his Uncle s Long Island beach house When two prominent scientists who worked at a secret research facility on

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    With any review I do, I ask myself a single question How much do you care whether or not people read this book This time, the answer is not so simple I honestly have no idea whether or not people are interested in Nelson DeMille Dude has a following He doesn t need my help Also, he s not terrible, so I don t feel the need to be satirical with my review He s somewhere between Greg Iles and Howard Stern Bas

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    I will forever remember this book as the one I painstakingly read in tiny font, all 574 pages of it, and found that it could have been shortened to less than half of the pages without reducing any substance or plot whatsoever What a waste of time.I was expecting some big story or conspiracy to unfold, as that s what I was lead to believe by reading the back cover Dead scientists who used to work in an animal

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    I probably wouldn t have picked up this book if it weren t for a group I was in suggesting it I have never read anything by this author, and to be honest I never really heard of him before this.I really enjoyed this book It started off a little slowly, and the main character John Corey was such a sarcastic SOB that he was great I liked his style and his humor although I m not sure I was really supposed to like hi

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    My dad works on Plum Islandthe real one I was dying to read this book because it s about my home on Long Island and because I know quite a bit about PLum Island, so I wanted to see what Demille would do with the story Indulge my rant, if you willPlum Island is a biosafety level 3 lab off the coast of the north fork of LI that studies animal deseases like Foot Mouth, Mad Cow, etc., and does everything they can to keep

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    Meet John Corey He s a wise cracking, know it all detective recovering at his deceased relative s house in the Long Island area.Wouldn t you know it there he is minding his own business when all of a sudden you get the idea.Well crafted murder mystery DeMille gets the subculture of Long Island OVERALL GRADE A minus to A.

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    I sat here for a good while considering what to rate this book I came very close to giving it 5 stars and am still thinking it over I reserve the right to come back and up the rating if I decide to, LOL.This is an excellent book in a genre that I don t usually find my favorite It s well written with a likeable yet infuriating protagonist Not too unlike Harry Dresden if that s a reference you re familiar with He does hit one

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    With this novel I ve got beef Let s begin 1 It s twice as long as it needs to be 700 pages is an absurd length for a standard suspense detective novel And there s nothing special about this novel from a narrative standpoint to warrant this kind of length There s an initial mystery some intriguing facts the plot thickens TWIST plot comes together bad guy revealed final encounter resolution I ve read dozens upon dozens of books wi

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    First book in the series, and I really liked it When I found out that DeMille wrote The General s Daughter, I did a little research on his John Corey series It seems that he hadn t wanted to write a series, but there were too many of his readers who wanted another John Corey book He d been afraid of his female readers what they d think of John as a character He s cocky, tactless, crude, and a real ass, but I adored him I loved how

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    John Corey is convalescing at his Uncle Harry s Victorian home in the North Fork of Long Island, NY The Suffolk County Chief, Sylvester Maxwell Max has asked John to be a consultant in a double homicide John learns it is friends of his, Tom and Judy Gordon A delightful couple who worked at the infamous Plum Island Research Facility for the Department of Agriculture studying animal diseases, viruses and flu s Immediately, there are sever

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About the Author: Nelson DeMille

Nelson Richard DeMille was born in New York City on August 23, 1943 to Huron and Antonia Panzera DeMille, then moved with his parents to Long Island He graduated from Elmont Memorial High School, where he played football and ran track.DeMille spent three years at Hofstra University, then joined the Army where he attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the United