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Prisoner Not only is this book absolutely riddled with usage errors and typos will you disappointment the ladies , but the characters motivations are muddy, the plot is simply not believable, and the magic systems aren t very well thought through A good romance would mitigate these failings to some degree, but the two romances in this novel are thoroughly unsatisfying The rather sweet secondary couple get together after a disappointingly perfunctory courtship As to the primary couple, the author seems have confused abuse, physical and emotional, for banter A combative romance, while not necessarily desirable in real life, can be a great way to build sexual and romantic tension in a novel, but in the development of the relationship there must be some indication that there is potential for a relationship a reluctant glimmer of admiration perhaps, or a quickly suppressed flash of desire Instead von Adolwulf and Beraht never display, to each other or, importantly, to the reader, anything other than mutual and contempt and disgust The sudden reversal of emotion at the end feels rushed and unearned. 3,5 stars Kria, Salhara and Illussor are caught in an endless war where swords fight against drug induced magic while spies and politics are scheming in the background.One winter, Dieter, Beraht, Iah and Sol are brought together by fate in an unlikely but efficient and often amusing alliance which sides with Prince Matthias, Esta and Kalan triumvirate After an awkward beginning 8% is not much but still, enough to leave a strong impression , this book ended up being a very pleasant surprise when the story began to flow and I found myself caught up in their adventures and eager to know what would happen next.Yet, Prisoner is not spectacular The narrative is very sober in its descriptions no sumptuous landscapes, no excruciatingly detailed world Nor is it evocative of deep emotions no angst, no agonized introspections, no built up tension and scorching hotness.Instead, Megan Derr built coherent, creative and interesting cultures, beliefs confronting and clashing, knowledge and personalities completing each other She wrote small gestures and big actions, and kisses that made me smile fondly Prisoner had the unidimensional and uncomplicated feel, the interesting and entertaining appeal of a tale and, Tits of the Winter Princess, it was fun A Man Whom All Men FearGeneral Dieter Von Adolwulf Has Led The Scarlet Army Of Kria To Victory For The Past Decade, Holding The Infamous Field Known As The Regenbogen Against Kria S Hated Enemies The Deceptive Illussor And The Ruthless Salharans War Has Waged Between The Three Nations For Longer Than Anyone Can Remember, But No One Has Held The Regenbogen As Well As The Notorious Wolf Of Kria And His Fearsome ArmyA Man Who Fears NothingReturning Home At The End Of The Year, The Scarlet Army Is Attacked In The Dead Of Night By A Single Man Who Manages To Kill Hundreds Before He Is Finally Captured A Salharan Soldier With No Name, No Purpose But To Kill, He Refuses To Bend To The Wolf Who Takes Him Prisoner And Forces Upon Him A Despicable Krian NameA Man With Nothing To LoseWhen The Rest Of His Army Is Slaughtered By Illussor Soldiers Desperately Seeking His Prisoner, Dieter Determines To Hold Fast Both For Answers And In Revenge For The Men He Lost But Answers And Revenge Are Hard To Come By When Surrounded By Secrets And Treachery, And The Man Least Likely To Kill Him Is The Prisoner Who Most Wants Him Dead I picked this up expecting an easy going fantasy romance with the main focus on romance, but that is not the case The balance between the romance and the fantasy aspects of the story was pretty good Three separate romances played out in the background of war between three very different countries The story had plenty of political intrigue, action, romance, and humor, all of which combined to hold my full attention The world building was fairly good The three countries of Kria, Illussor, and Salhara have been warring for as long as anyone can remember, but no country holds a clear enough advantage to break the stalemate The Krians rely on the might of their armies and the skill of their soldiers, the Salharans rely on a drug that gifts magical abilities, and the Illussor on a mysterious and powerful magic of their own A few unexpected happenings occur at the start of this book to tip the balance of power The plot was quite intriguing I really liked the magic system as it had real consequences as well as the expected benefits for its users The characters were very different, but most were likable and the way the interacted with each other was fun.I was pleased by how much I enjoyed this fun fantasy romance.Rating 4 stars.Audio Note Sean Crisden did an acceptable job with the audio. Where do I start There are three parallel stories in this book, with a different love story in each one, and a prisoner of some sort There are three nations at war Krians who trust on weapons.Salharans who trust on pollution potions.Illusors who trust on natural magic.Dieter is a Krian general who captures a Salharan responsible for the death of his entire troop, and makes him a prisoner The prisoner is at the edge of dying and at that moment Dieter names him Beraht Beraht is determined to become nameless again, because being named by the enemy is shameful, but of course, Dieter doesn t want to get it back That story was maddening in its mischievous dialogues Dieter is arrogant and cynical, but that doesn t stop him from pestering Beraht all the time, who gets angrier and crazier and can t answer in a different way and quarrels in response That relationship was funny and the denied chemistry is expected to be fulfilled during the whole book Their moment didn t seem to arrive and I suffered that This story was SPICY.Sol is a spy amongst the Salharans, and takes an Illusor prisoner Iah to his country Iah is the prince of the Illusors and has been tortured by Salharans They have to travel to their country and during the way they create a bond Sol and Iah s story is like comfort food, it fulfills the gaps Dieter and Beraht can t, because they get on with the other perfectly, so their pieces fit since the beginning, and have less problems to sort out.This story was SWEET.The third story is not m m It s set in Illusor territory It s about Esta, Iah s sister, and Matthias, Iah s friend from the youth There is a prisoner of sorts, too, but in a different way This story was a little typical They are all the time bickering and quarreling, the same as Dieter and Beraht, but in a subtle manner I mean, with no physical encounters , because they are noblemen, but sometimes they behave like children when they re not stopped This story was UMAMI.I know that this issue about flavors is a little weird, but makes sense for me because each story adds a new ingredient that satisfies the need of the moment, because none of them is completed till the end It could sound as if neither of them is all together, but there is not need to worry because the book itself is not lacking in romance.I found this novel very surprising I expected something entirely different I m not really into the fantasy genre, above all if the romance is not that explicit I love fantasy romance, but in this book the love is na ve , about the anticipation and less about the act itself But the book absorbing and I devoured pages like candy, my frustration rising as well, because HOW I WANTED to Dieter and Beraht to be together at last All in all, I recommend this book to have a good time, but don t expect non stop romance because there is an actual plot here, there is war and magic, and intrigues and treasons, old hates and old enemies, and everything is mixed up and solved in some unexpected ways This was my reread of the new edition And it s still such an amazing story that sucked me in like I haven t already read it a bunch of times Kick ass world building and characters that just draw you in and keep you turning the pages.I definitely enjoyed the added scene between Dieter and Beraht at the end grins I think if the author put together a book of just short stories of them two I might actually die of a fangasm Really though, I can t recommend this highly enough ETA Currently rereading the newer edition Three countries at war No one can really remember what started it, but generation after generation, Krian, Illussor and Salharan men and women are sent to the battlefield to die for a disputed piece of land held by Kria.When General Dieter von Adolwulf, leader of the Scarlett Army of Kria, prepares his troops to leave the battlefield after a long summer campaign, escaping before winter, he never expects to have scores of his men killed in a cowardly ambush He has the assassin brought to him, and is amazed to find it s a Salharan using magic to decimate his loyal men And is even shocked to find the man is one of an elite group of twenty one men called the Seven star a pack of Salharans deadlier and cunning than any other.The Wolf cannot abide this, and orders the man in chains When threats and beatings fail to shake the man s name from him, Dieter names him Beraht, a Krian name, the ultimate insult for a Salharan, who take pride in their names and the power they convey And it s doubly insulting that the man has no name of his own yet, not having earned it The only way to redeem himself is to make Dieter retract it.When an Illussor regiment ambushes and kills all but Dieter and Beraht, the two must trust one another to remain alive and reach the Winter Palace.Along the way other characters are introduced Illusors, Krians, Salharans who weave a beautifully imagined tapestry of magic, love, jealousy, and treachery We find out what caused the war, why the Illussors tried to kill Beraht, how the two lands got their magic And why, most of all, Beraht is so focal to all thee lands.Megan Derr has created a wonderful, multi layered and deep work here What I love best is how she takes her time and builds this fascinating world filled with magic and swords and men and delicate romance Her characters come alive with detail and depth, and she weaves the tale so effortlessly back and forth among the major and supporting cast members.Dieter is a fascinating character In the beginning of the story, he is all bluster and gruff and even hate His treatment of the unnamed assassin is horrible And we despise him for much of the book Until we finally are allowed to know his backstory Then we see all, get the context, and bleed a little for him.Beraht, the nameless, grabs the heart, though Unnamed for most of his life, forced to do horrible things in the name of his country, used and abused at every turn But always a survivor The romance is unexpected here There are couplings obvious and some that evolve slowly But all are true to the tone and tenor of the story I recommend setting aside two or three uninterrupted nights when you can curl up and spend quality time with this book It demands and deserves nothing less There are layers and layers of history, characters and subplots that wrap themselves around the reader and draw you in.Great story Great book And fantastic job I can t wait to read the other books from this author.Tom Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind John Fitzgerald Kennedy Three different societies, fighting in an endless war Krians force are their swordsSalharans are feared by their drug induced magic powers image error Prisoner takes place in three different locations and is told by at least seven different people Also, let me forewarn you, unless you read this in pdf or paperback or maybe kindle , you re going to get confused with some parts The reason I say this is because when I converted mine, it took out words in italics, breaks between pov changes, stuff like that Another thing you should know, Prisoner is most definitely not a traditional romance Yes, Dieter and Beraht end up together in the end but in no way do you even get a hint of a romance between them until a few chapters toward the end of the story But that just gives this book of an appeal to me.A lot of stuff happens in Prisoner and could be a little overwhelming to some because you get detailed descriptions on three different cultures I happen to absolutely love this book, and have read it three times, for a couple of reasons.First, I love the fantasy aspect of the book fantasy junkie, that s me You have the different world vibe with a magical feeling to it, with completely different cultures and I love that This book also pushes every button I have when it comes to m m It has a little cruelty abuse, a hostage revenge situation, Stockholm syndrome, an opposites attract theme, some action, no smexing, and best of all an HEA sigh Now, I say cruelty abuse lightly because it s not as if Dieter beats Beraht at every chance, only when Beraht won t shut up and pisses Dieter off too much but the bickering between the two is kind of cute and while the abuse may last the whole story, it s sporadic, so it in no way dominates the book.What I liked most about the story, though, was the little oddities like the Salharan obsession with names They have a saying they live byNames are power Power of life Power of death Do not give a name lightly Do not take a name lightly Do not share a name lightly Do not speak a name lightlyTo me, this gives the story of uniqueness to it because of those little details I also liked the Krian obsession with swords They name their swords after the ones they love because they know they will die and when they do, they ll die with the person they love beside them.To me, it s unbelievable cute because Dieter was the most infamous person in Kria and people feared him but he didn t have a name for his sword Until one day, when he s training some Illussors and they ask him what the name of his sword is, he says bright Beraht means bright in Krian Awwwww, isn t that sweet Hehe.So, to make a long story short This is an awesome book I m hoping there s a sequel, if not of Beraht and Dieter then set in the same world which I think there is one Some people might not like it for many reasons but my suggestion is to just try it I loved it, some other people have loved it and you never know, you might love it, too P For major spoilers, go here. Oh, dear This book was a mess I ve read other works by Derr before, and enjoyed them So I m not sure what to make of this one First, the beginning twenty five percent of the book is just scenes mashed together The characters are introduced haphazardly with no real interest in getting my emotions or sympathies involved with them Nothing is really explained, and the setting is completely left out In one scene two characters are riding a horse, in the next they are suddenly in an inn, but I didn t know that until a few paragraphs in when someone mentions hearing something out in the hall When I was imagining them still on a horse, that was quite jarring The characters seem to have no real emotions themselves and their purposes are vague and shallow It was never explained why Dieter would leave alive a man who killed a hundred of his men in a cowardly way, while they slept He just left him alive And slept beside him without tying him down No sense Derr didn t give me anything to buy that with I was fed up with the book very quickly and only because I was mad about spending eight bucks on the thing kept me reading I am not sure if the writing got better or my standards were beaten down enough for me to begin to enjoy it, but I slowly began to stop rolling my eyes and huffing with every other paragraph The first improvement was the introduction of the second couple of characters, Sol and Iah They were put together much better and my sympathies were quickly locked to them They had intent and emotions Second, I think, finally, things started to make a little sense and I began to feel a little connected to Dieter and Beraht I wanted to see what would happen to them and didn t just view them as distractions from Sol and Iah s story However, there were plenty of incongruities left Such as a country that uses magic, but not once did I see them do magic And yet their loss of it could be detrimental How They never used it The two bad guys were jokes One was pretty nasty but one conflict took him out with barely a whimper The other one was supposed to be all big and bad and cowardly enough to not do his own dirty work, but he was defeated like the last one, quickly with hardly a climax Anti climatic would definitely be a keyword for this book So many things were built up and then fizzled out The final grand culmination of two characters struggles is just resolved with a quick tumble in bed No emotional resolution or aftermath, just a tepid epilogue Several instances of build up and let down occurred throughout the book Things were often just told and never bothered to be shown Sadly, the only two real female characters were portrayed as a whore and a laughed at shrew I saw many reviews touting the great world building in this novel I think they may have confused world building with creativity I will be the first to say that Derr s imagination in this was particularly clever Her creation of the people and their religions was very creative But the rest of the world was left blank I only know there are three countries, two of them get snow That s it However, her ability to keep the three cultures as, or less, consistently distinct was quite clever and well done I just really wish the story had been executed much better And, as always with a Derr book, the typos are legion This publisher either needs to get an editor or Ms Derr needs to find one for herself, because it just drags her work down in the most pointless way possible.

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