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Just Kids In Just Kids, Patti Smith S First Book Of Prose, The Legendary American Artist Offers A Never Before Seen Glimpse Of Her Remarkable Relationship With Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe In The Epochal Days Of New York City And The Chelsea Hotel In The Late Sixties And Seventies An Honest And Moving Story Of Youth And Friendship, Smith Brings The Same Unique, Lyrical Quality To Just Kids As She Has To The Rest Of Her Formidable Body Of Work From Her Influential Album Horses To Her Visual Art And Poetry

About the Author: Patti Smith

PATTI SMITH is a writer, performer, and visual artist She gained recognition in the 1970s for her revolutionary merging of poetry and rock She has released twelve albums, including Horses, which has been hailed as one of the top one hundred albums of all time by Rolling Stone Smith had her first exhibit of drawings at the Gotham Book Mart in 1973 and has been represented by the Robert Miller Ga

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    I never thought much about Patti Smith The images I saw of her never attracted me, and what I knew of her Rimbaud fixation turned me off I always had a problem with the Beat and Punk appropriation of Rimbaud as a figure of rebellion than a sophisticated poet For me poetry is a phenomenon of the page, not an outfit you wear down the street I also never got into Punk Rock Going to

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    Hi Ho, the artistic life I had very divergent feelings about Just Kids, Patti Smith s National Book Award winning memoir about her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe There were times that I felt moved by the beauty of her writing, and others in which I found her to be nothing than another spoiled, entitled kid who got where she got to, talented or not, because of connections It

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    Stayin up for days in the Chelsea Hotel Just Kids makes me feel so damn left out If only I had been able to show up at the Chelsea in the early 1970s I coulda been a contender, I could have lived for art Oh yes, I would have been very na ve just like Patti had been at first I totally get that I don t think I could have been as brave tho Art is a harsh mistress Suddenly Robert looked up and s

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    There are some moments of real poignancy here and some very deft turns of phrase, but I was also just bored stiff for most of it Clearly Smith has led a really interesting life, but she s just not a great writer The great bulk of the book was a long series of Then this happened Then that happened Then Robert did this Then I did that And while there is a lot of reflection about art, there is very littl

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    Looking For You I Was I can see why some reviews detect white washing or sugar coating in Just Kids , but I wanted desperately to believe the story Patti Smith was telling about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe.Glitter in Their EyesPatti admits to her naivete, but I don t think she was trying to hide stuff from her kids or anything.Nor do I think she closed off her emotions about her past.Ultimately

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    I admire this woman She writes a deft, deeply felt prose She has a peerless memory She remembers gestures, apparel worn thirty years ago, favorite objects, facial expressions, stretches of dialog She can reanimate for us moments of deep emotional complexity This was clearly a labor of love The character study of Robert Mapplethorpe is disturbing, shattering We watch Smith living with him as a veil is lifted from he

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    This book is remarkably easy to parody Here, I ll try I was crossing Tompkins Square Park when I ran into a young man wearing a gabardine vest He smiled at me and called me Sister It was a young George Carlin Robert hated him because he frequently had flakes of rye bread in his beard, but I loved how he could make me laugh with his impressions of Mick Jagger On this morning, though, we wept together at the news that Paul

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    fulfilling book riot s 2018 read harder challenge task 12 a celebrity memoirextry points given to me, by me, for choosing a book that i have owned for than a year super extry points for selfishly using the opportunity to interview nancy pearl for my own personal readers advisory needs, to suggest a celebrity memoir that wasn t gonna waste my time thanks, nancy pearl review to come review is now my tepid reaction to this book is

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    4.5 Stars It was the summer Coltrane died The summer of Crystal Ship Flower children raised their empty arms and China exploded the H bomb Jimi Hendrix set his guitar in flames in Monterey AM radio played Ode to Billie Joe There were riots in Newark, Milwaukee, and Detroit It was the summer of Elvira Madigan, the summer of love And in this shifting, inhospitable atmosphere, a chance encounter change the course of my life It was

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    I found this book to be quite boring, unfortunately It started off strong, but after a bit Smith s writing style began to wear on my nerves examples using the word for instead of because, as in I went to the diner, for I was hungry and I hadn t any money instead of I didn t have any money and I lay upon the mattress instead of the simpler, perfectly acceptable, I lay on, which felt somewhat pretentious Then she goes on and on and on about Rim

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