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Made to Be Broken 4.5 STARSThe second installment in the Nadia Stafford series was phenomenal Better than the first book, which was good but didn t move fast enough This book was like a shot of adrenaline From the intelligent writing, fast paced scenes and amazingly tight plot, I was thoroughly impressed Nadia is trying to solve the disappearance of a young, single mother that works at her lodge The town doesn t care, the police don t give a rat s ass and the girl s own mother seems to be in a position to reap the benefits of losing her only child and granddaughter But Nadia knows something s up so she starts her own investigation to figure out what happened Slowly things start to look shady with the possibility of foul play On a side note, Nadia hasn t seen or spoken to Jack in many months Although reluctant to admit it even to herself, she s hurt and angry But circumstances bring them together onceand the tension between them is at an all time high If you know this series you ll remember that the relationship between Jack and Nadia is complicated On the surface they re friends that help each other out professionally, but below all that is a mysterious connection that s hard to label Does Nadia want Jack Put aside her denial and you ve got her answer Problem is, Jack is hard to read and even harder to break Some readers say there is a love triangle here Nadia, Quinn and Jack But reallyNO If you ve carefully read this series so far there s really no contest, and the relationship between all three characters doesn t even fall into the traditional definition of a triangle Anyways, I digress The chase for justice is a taut and twisty road here So many scenes were incredibly suspenseful and well written I was on the edge of my seat, full of anticipation There s something about KA s writing that really gets to me It s in the execution, the delivery and the sheer intelligence coming off the pages I finished this and quickly requested the third and final book from my library despite being on vacation I loved it and as with the first book, things are left very to be continued The romance wasn t really present here since this is suspense thriller, but the sexual tension and emotion is there Highly recommend this author and this series. You wouldn t think a book about a hitwoman could be a comfort read, but I am finding Made to be Broken, book 2 in the Nadia Stafford series, to be deeply satisfying and comforting for two reasons 1 The absolute expertise of the heroine Nadia.2 The deep sense of understanding between Nadia and Jack, her hit man mentor It is such an enjoyable world to be in for these two reasons Of course it s also great fun to see these two use their hit man know how solve the crime.Basic setup Nadia who strives to be an ethical hit woman, as far as one can owns a lodge in the wilds of Canada Nadia employs and generally helps out this sullen teen mother, Sammi, but then Sammi disappears with her baby Everybody in town, even the cops, think Sammi s this stupid slutty girl who ran off, but Nadia is sure something is wrong.There s this one stretch I really enjoyed first, Nadia is searching the forest for the bodies of Sammi and the baby in an area where she fears they could be She makes this grid system with string, and uses different sizes of sticks to examine the forest floor It s this whole expert thing only a hit woman ex cop would be good at I just love details like this though this series.She has to leave and resume her search the next night, but mysterious mentor Jack is at the lodge recuperating from a broken ankle She doesn t want to involve him, so she s keeping the search super secret She makes this excuse about doing work on the other side of the property And Jack s like, You re looking for her body Because he s figured out her exact train of thought about the clues, because they are both wily expert hit people.At one point they go out disguise shopping together, and she has this whole schoolteacher persona she buys stuff for, and Jack makes a chin scar and whitens his hair It s all quite delightful You know how some heroines are partly Gilligans Like, they screw up a lot to create tension sassy backtalk, bumblingness, temper, whatever Can be annoying Nadia is the ultimate anti Gilligan I am so into that This is different from a lot of books I read that build relationships off mixes of sexual attraction, humor, respect and abiding friendship Armstrong is building one off deep understanding, and a strange sort of commonality They are both solitary beings with secret lives, doing the wrong thing for their own reasons They get each other on a gut level It s oddly satisfying.The one place they don t get what each other thinks is around the romance, which is strange terrain for both of them OMG, when these two finally get together, this book or the next, it is going to blow my mind a little bit In a good way.The next in this series is slated to come out in about a year, late 2013 Can t wait I haven t actually READ Kelley Armstrong, which is stupid considering she has one of the best werewolf books out there so I hear Next on my list, except they re charging 9.99 for a PAPERBACK THAT S 3 YEARS OLD ON THE KINDLE Soyeah Maybe I ll get that book LATER.THIS BOOK is really interesting, I accidentally picked this one up, the second in the series, and it was easy to find out what was happening There is a LOT of killing in this book, I mean, they re hitmen, but I really liked it Maybe because there were no vampires and werewolves and it was a change of pace I can t feel GREAT about a main heroine who kills people so easily, but it s a testament to the author that I don t turn off completely, she humanizes and rationalizes the world rather well I can t say it s my fave setting, but I enjoyed the writing and would def tune into the next and back up to 1 in the future BITTEN, LOWER YOUR KINDLE COST PLEASE I WANT TO READ YOU Made to Be Broken is a taut read by Kelley Armstrong It s book two in her series about a female contract killer and is a far cry from her Underworld paranormal urban fantasy series These books are a combination of murder, mystery, action, and suspense that grab you from the first page and carry you along as you delve into, not just the mystery, but the psyche of the lead characters and their decision making processes As a fan of her Underworld books, when I picked up Exit Strategy , the first Nadia Stafford book, I was taken aback by how different it was from what I was expecting But Armstrong s sharp writing and keen character building kept me turning page after page I just couldn t put the sucker down With Made to Be Broken , I knew what I would be getting into and was curious as to whether the author could keep me reading about a character whose morals and motivations are so different than the norm In this book, Nadia becomes involved with the disappearance of a local unwed, teen mother and her baby Other than one friend, nobody in the small town expresses real concern about her disappearance after all, she s the Canadian version of trailer trash But for Nadia, this disappearance brings back memories of a tragedy in her childhood and she ll have to face the demons that still haunt her while struggling to come to terms with what her life is now and what her future will look like I was riveted to the scenes of Nadia s equivalent of soul searching So far, all her kills have been bad people But to be a contract killer and protect her other , normal lifewill that have to change Can she justify killing on demand And if not, where exactly does she draw the line All this is wrapped up in the mystery of the teen mom and baby Nadia s also dealing with two men, both of whom she has feelings forbut different feelings Both men can accept Nadia for what she is, both now know about her two separate lives, and both want something from her But figuring out what they want and what she herself wants is part of this story, so I ll just leave it there.I wasn t in the least disappointed with book two of Nadia s story In fact, I m greedy now for book three If tense, pseudo psychological murder mysteries interest you, I highly recommend Kelley Armstrong s Nadia Stafford series. I read this fairly straight through last night, so I was pretty into it Kind of impatient with the ship, but that might be a flaw in the reader, not the book Very thankful that I m reading them when they re all already out.Re read June 2016 view spoiler I remembered Nadia Quinn being muchof a thing in this one Happy to be wrong hide spoiler 4.5 StarsI love the character, Nadia Stafford Yes, she s a disgraced ex cop She s a part time hit man and full time lodge owner She has a moral code she only kills bad guys like the Mafia thugs her employer wants dead She s been toying with Evelyn s suggestion that become a vigilante assassin especially after pulling the trigger on Quinn s latest job She can do a long shot Her feelings for Quinn haven t changed since Exit Strategy She hasn t talked to the monosyllabic Jack in months She s hurt andthan a lot angry at her mentor regardless that he only speaks in three word sentences.Also troubling her is her teenaged employee, Sammi Ernst She is always complaining, rude, and a pain in herBut Sammi is good mother to her infant daughter, Destiny When both Sammi and Destiny disappear Nadia and Sammi s lone friend are worried Sammi is what the small Canadian town calls trash a girl made to be broken The police areconcerned with a cougar that may be on the loose than they are about a missing teen and her baby Sammi s mother is no better than the rest of the town And she seems to have benefited from their disappearance Nadia decides to investigate Sammi and Destiny s disappearance Maybe she can save Sammi She couldn t save her cousin, Amy The nightmares have come back.A few days into her investigation, Nadia gets a phone call from her Aunt Evie Jack broke his ankle on his last job and needs to recuperate at the lodge, says Evelyn Stafford still doesn t trust the retired hit woman, but goes to Jack anyway Soon Jack insinuates himself into Nadia s search for Sammi Seeing the string among the trees and leaves, looking for her body Despite her hurt feelings and anger, Nadia welcomes Jack s help and expertise They follow the clues down a twisty dangerous trail that could lead to disaster and jail for all of them Nadia, Jack, and Quinn.Kelley Armstrong s narration is wonderful She builds the suspense slowly at first, then jams the suspension petal to the metal She gives the reader enough twists and turns that made me feel I was driving down a mountain road at 100 miles per hour The love triangle Really no contest between Jack and Quinn if Nadia is really honest Wild Justice is waiting for me soon, very soon. I really like Jack I might be biased, though I have a weakness for fictional older men. The Author Of The Acclaimed Women Of The Otherworld Series Returns With Her Latest Novel Featuring An Exciting Heroine With A Lethal Hidden Talent This Time She S Hot On The Trail Of A Young Woman No One Else Cares About And A Killer Who S Bound To Strike AgainNadia Stafford Isn T Your Typical Nature Lodge Owner An Ex Cop With A Legal Code All Her Own, She S Known Only As Dee To Her Current Employer A New York Crime Family That Pays Her Handsomely To Bump Off Traitors But When Nadia Discovers That A Troubled Teenage Employee And Her Baby Have Vanished In The Canadian Woods, The Memory Of A Past Loss Comes Back With A Vengeance And Her Old Instincts Go Into OverdriveWith Her Enigmatic Mentor, Jack, Covering Her Back, Nadia Unearths Sinister Clues That Point To An Increasingly Darker And Deadlier Mystery Now, With Her Obsession Over The Case Deepening, The Only Way Nadia Can Right The Wrongs Of The Present Is To Face Her Own Painful Ghosts And Either Bury Them For Good, Or Die Trying Because In Her Book Everyone Deserves A Chance And Everyone Deserves Justice Nadia is a genuinely unique character, a female assassin who occasionally manages to show a little weakness She has her own demons, as most assassins especially female ones in novels do, but she often thinks about her cousin s rape and murder instead of pushing it aside She seems less hardened than other characters in the same types of books.Nadia s relationship with Quinn progresses slightly further but she is also beginning to view Jack as a potential love interest When considering who is better for her, I find it strange that I m thinking of these other assassins may be either too light hearted for her or too much of a father figure It makes me realize that even with the small amount of background Armstrong has shared about the characters, she s managed to make them much deeper than just other assassins The mystery of the novel, the killing of teen moms, is dealt with without having to experience the murder which keeps the novel from getting too dark The tone is kept light by focusing a lot on Nadia s home and work life at the lodge The cousin s rape and murder is mentioned quite often in both this book and the last It seems like an awful lot of attention to be paid to one childhood event, even a lifestyle defining event such as this I hope that this focus is leading to something in the grand scheme of the series storyline because we know it s her motivation for being an assassin and don t need to be constantly reminded.Made to be Broken is a great follow up to Exit Strategy The potential love triangle is really heating up the series and I really hope a third book is coming. 3.5 reallyWhen your flat has been transformed into a biohazard thanks to a touch of stomach flu, there is one positive, at least you get to spend days seeking refuge in your Kindle and back to back Kelley Armstrong And so we re back with Nadia Stafford, AKA Dee, former cop and current hitwoman, as she investigates the disappearance of her least favourite lodge employee Being both from a bad family and a teen mum, when Sammi and her baby don t make it home from work one night even the police don t seem to give a shit and so, reminded of her cousin and supported by Jack who s staying at her lodge whilst recovering from an ankle injury picked up on a job Nadia steps into the breach.As addictive as the first instalment in this series and building nicely towards the series conclusion, it s becoming clear that Nadia is in serious denial about what happened when her cousin was killed, as well as about her feelings for Jack Misinterpreting him at every time, even after eavesdropping on him, instead she s settling for Quinn.I m glad to say that I m enjoying this series as much as Armstrong s previous works and, while I m sure I m not going to be hugely surprised by the ending of Nadia s story come the final instalment hooking up with Jack and finding out that she wasn t left untouched by Amy s killer, by any chance I m really enjoying the ride Also posted at Randomly Reading and Ranting

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