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John Lennon: The Life For Than A Quarter Century, Biographer Philip Norman S Internationally Bestselling Shout Has Been Unchallenged As The Definitive Biography Of The Beatles Now, At Last, Norman Turns His Formidable Talent To The Beatle For Whom Being A Beatle Was Never Enough Drawing On Previously Untapped Sources, And With Unprecedented Access To All The Major Characters, Norman Presents The Comprehensive And Most Revealing Portrait Of John Lennon Ever PublishedThis Masterly Biography Takes A Fresh And Penetrating Look At Every Aspect Of Lennon S Much Chronicled Life, Including The Songs That Have Turned Him, Posthumously, Into A Near Secular Saint In Three Years Of Research, Norman Has Turned Up An Extraordinary Amount Of New Information About Even The Best Known Episodes Of Lennon Folklore His Upbringing By His Strict Aunt Mimi His Allegedly Wasted School And Student Days The Evolution Of His Peerless Creative Partnership With Paul McCartney His Beatle Busting Love Affair With A Japanese Performance Artist His Forays Into Painting And Literature His Experiments With Transcendental Meditation, Primal Scream Therapy, And Drugs The Book S Numerous Key Informants And Interviewees Include Sir Paul McCartney, Sir George Martin, Sean Lennon Whose Moving Reminiscence Reveals His Father As Never Seen Before And Yoko Ono, Who Speaks With Sometimes Shocking Candor About The Inner Workings Of Her Marriage To John A Haunting, Mammoth, Terrific Piece Of Work New York Times Honest And Unflinching, As John Himself Would Wish, Norman Gives Us The Whole Man In All His Endless Contradictions Tough And Cynical, Hilariously Funny But Also Naive, Vulnerable And Insecure And Reveals How The Mother Who Gave Him Away As A Toddler Haunted His Mind And His Music For The Rest Of His Days

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    Love is the only way John Lennon knew Pride In The Name Of Love Martin Luther King knew Love is the only wayGandhi knew All these great men knew Like Jesus in the Christian Bible Love is the only way Not violence, greed, profit, usury, hate, fear, war, rape, vanity, greed, sloth, wrathAll knew that it is Love

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    In September 2003, I suggested to John s widow, Yoko Ono, that I should become his biographer, writes Philip Norman in the Acknowledgements section of John Lennon The Life However, after reading the final manuscript, Yoko Ono was upset by the book, Norman tells us, and would not endorse it saying I had been mean to Joh

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    What I learned John Lennon s parents were terrible.He needed therapy.A lot of drugs were involved, but never, remarkably, during a recording session.John really was a genius.Yoko Ono is not an artist.Writhing around in a bag is not art.Screaming like you re in labor isn t music.I really feel bad for Julian.

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    Don t panic I m not going to give you a long boring review I m not very good at that But I will say I just finished reading all 822 pages of JOHN LENNON THE LIFE I think it s an excellent book Well written and very detailed With all my respect and love for Yoko Ono, who withdrew her support for the book because she felt it was mean to John

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    This long, in depth biography was engrossing, although for me there were sometimes details than I wanted It began with John s grandparents, his entire family, the culture he grew up in It explains the emotional traumas he carried all his life and how his attitudes developed The culture and current events of the time throughout John s life are told

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    An incredibly thorough and well researched look at the entire stretch of John Lennon s furiously artistic and much too short life The man s frustrations, interests, facility with language, playfulness, and distressing mood swings are documented in the full, and the story will leave you feeling his loss even keenly than before The insights I gained here will

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    I am a massive admirer of the work of John Lennon So I sought after a biography, with this one promptly displayed The massive size 800 pages appealed to me Little did I know what I was in forFirst of, the reason for the three stars It IS immersive and very readable I found the later chapters to almost redeem the earlier issues, and the handling of his assassination to

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    Wonderfulglad I finished it.I was engrossed..having a love of the Beatles, and of John motivated me to finish this book A bit long..but it goes into all the complexities of John s life,and the man certainly lived quite a lifeA lot to tell.I enjoyed it If you are a fan.this is a must read for you..

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    Oh not another hatchet job on John, yes folks, it is I should Have Know Better Nothing new to report in this book Same stories we have heard and read before I was hoping for I did not like this book for several reasons.

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    Almost two months after I read it, the brilliance of this biography stayed with me and I thought about something from its contents daily Philip Norman, who first dazzled me in the early 1980s with his Shout The Beatles in Their Generation, has achieved a depth and greatness with this work that sets a benchmark for all biography, in my opinion.The first thing that transported me was, as always, the

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