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Aliens: The Female War One of the inherent problems in any narrative with installments is writers feeling like they need to up the ante every time, in order to not become boring or repetitive or have their readers viewers be like yawn, but this is exactly like what they solved last time This is how you end up with ridiculous, over the top premises or just action in general, e.g look at the jump in action from Alien to Aliens, or First Blood to Rambo II Look at any season of Supernatural, and how they ve had to leap into the stratosphere post S5 in order to find a Big Bad who s even Big Bad than Lucifer himself I could have sworn there s a particular psychological term for this that can be used for fiction needing and stimulation to reach the same emotional heights but my hazy Psych 101 memories are too faded Anyway, case in point The Female War. One xenomorph isn t enough, but now they re dealing with THOOOOUSAAAAAANDSSSS One queen wasn t enough, but now they have an even bigger QUEEN OF QUEENS Tangent because everything in my life is Animorphs I m amazed that a series with 54 books in its main chronology didn t suffer from this Despite being episodic, Animorphs focus was on character development and long term attrition and war some of the most HOLY COW books happened relatively early in the series, and I never felt like they jumped the shark, nor that books that came later were underwhelming or over the top But The Aliens novels, being novelisations of comic book series of a science fiction franchise, are understandably campy and actiony.I actually kinda liked the crazy ridiculous balls to the walls premise here Ripley co assembling a ragtag group of dreamers to mutiny, steal a ship, and go take on the queen o queens to try to liberate Earth from the alien war There s another fantastic twist view spoiler the Ripley they met as of the end book 2 is actually an android, based on the original Which neatly explains how she s still alive despite the events of Alien 3 You d think I d get tired of X IS ACTUALLY AN ANDROID reveals by now, but it s still a deeply beloved pet theme of mine especially when the android themselves don t know, a la Terminator 4 hide spoiler This is a great adaptation of the comic series Aliens Earth War and I liked how both Steve and Stephaine wove the last chapter of the trilogy togeather as well as explained how Ripley could ve survived her death on Fury 161, it is apparent that this trilogy takes place during the 200 hundred years between Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection and as far as I am conserned it should ve been Alien 4 instead of Resurrection which still could ve come later but that s not saying that this trilogy still couldn t be made into motion pictures and like Prometheus it would bring the Alien saga back in a big way. A Stunning Novel Based On The Extraordinary Universe As Portrayed In The Aliens Movies The Female War Features Ripley As A Leader Of Humanity S Forces Against A New Invasion Where Aliens Have Overrun The Earth And The Human Population Has Been Abandoned To Alien Appetites Having read all three Aliens books by Steve Perry, this final novel was definately the best in the trilogy.Earth Hive was good, but it was the second book, Nightmare Asylum, which really picked up the pace and delivered a truly spectacular action packed storyline It blew me away I don t mind confessing.I didn t think Perry could deliver anything as good as the second book, but I was wrong The third installment was even better Great military gung ho action, good characters though a bit one dimensional at times and a big twist in the tale which I honestly did not see coming Well written and well paced Of course, as with the other two novels, the plotline is slightly implauasable and the book moves from one event to another without time for contemplation, but then this is based on a comic book and therefore hardly surprising Nonetheless, fans of the alien expanded universe will not be disapointed with this instalment in the Aliens series Definately recomended. Final part of the trilogy I enjoyed the entire trilogy As we can read on the back of the book, Ripley comes back in this book which is nice The character of Ripley is somewhat different than I imagined, but that maybe just me But then again, she is different In this part, view spoiler a team is gathered of people that have the same dreams, or heard a calling from the queen Apparently there is a queen of queens, bit strange, but why not I did like the way they travelled to planet where that queen lives Yes, trapping a huge queen in a ship by luring it sounds a bit far fetched, but hey, I m a succes for alien stories, so what the hell hide spoiler As I expect I ve written in every review of an Aliens related book I love the xenomorphs for how deeply scary they are as monsters Even in the least scary Aliens related media AVP Requiem, for example , I can enjoy it a bit just cause the xenomorphs are in it..So I did enjoy this book..At the same time, I found the cast too large to get to grips with, found it hard to care much about any of the characters, even the ones I knew from previous books just didn t feel the emotional engagement I need to enjoy them..Basically, this story is one of the go to an alien nest for some reason, try and get something from it plots of which there are many in the various Aliens novels The variations on that theme we see here don t work, for me, to make it interestingly different from others of this kind..SPOILERS.I was, however, happy to see the end and resolution of the Hicks Wilks Newt Billie story lines, and hope they went on to have a long happy life.And I guess the books that come after this one imply that they were successful in getting rid of the aliens at the end of this book Would have liked something about that in the book, that explains how in later books they still have a few aliens around on earth, but that the plague is over and they are under control Man, do I have regrets I was under the impression that the Steve Perry Aliens books were good, and bought several of the books in the series beyond theirs to see how they ranked I like the franchise, and I was curious to see how authors could work beyond the stories in the movies So far, the consensus seems to be Not so well Like the first two books in this trilogy, The Female War is an adaptation of a comic, written by different people, so some of the ridiculous plot points should be blamed on them, not the Perrys But the whole idea of capturing the Boss alien queen, transporting her to Earth and putting her in one place so all the other aliens would flock to her and they could bomb that one location instead of the entire planet to exterminate the aliens seems like it s pushing credibility too much Especially since Ripley is involved.Oh yeah, Ripley is one of the main characters of the book You may be asking yourself why she would make an appearance, since the deaths of Hicks and Newt at the start of Alien forced the publisher to retcon their characters to Billie and Wilks She s alive and well here, many years after the end of that movie, and they didn t retcon anything to get her there What could possibly have happened to bring her back If you think about it long enough ten seconds, maybe with Alien in mind, you ll figure it out To the Perrys credit, they circle back to a theme raised in the first book and give the book a nice point Still, the number of run on sentences throughout the book make me want to take that credit back.Also, Billie and Wilks have a weird attraction going on for each other here, which is skeevy as hell, when you consider that they started out as Newt and Hicks, and have the same backgrounds and ages as those characters It s Heinleinesque, and it creeps me out.Oh, oh, and I almost forgot to mention how they and the crew avoid being damaged by an EMP they turn off all electronics before it bursts THAT S NOT HOW IT WORKS.To top it off, I read an e book edition of this book, and the number of typos and OCR errors was plentiful That s beyond acceptable to me Hire a dang copy reader and fix them.I have the rest of these books to read, and I m hoping the quality will change with some new authors Most of them are still based on comics, but I have high hopes at least for the Yvonne Navarro title I just have to make it that far without giving up. This entire series was a bit schlocky, and I knew what I was getting into when I started, I knew I would have to intentionally hang most of my disbelief out to dry, but man, the whole plan for solving the alien infestation problem on Earth, and especially the way it ultimately unfolded, crushed every last shred of credibility the authors managed to retain through the previous two books Further, the aliens are no longer a menacing horror presence, no longer fanatical opponents in war, they have been turned into a simple force of nature, like a flood or fire, that the right McGuffin can switch off or less instantly And don t even get me started on the way view spoiler the mega queen just hellos straight out of her shallow bubbly nest as soon as Ripley comes near hide spoiler Aliens Novels Book 3, The Female War 0 553 56159 6Having thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the Aliens series Earth Hive and Nightmare Asylum , I have mixed feelings about this book.We join the series almost precisely where we left off in Nightmare Asylum with Wilks, Bille, and Ripley mooning about on the lunar rescue station and plotting how they can help in the grand scheme of human against alien Ripley has come up with a daring plan that involves gathering together the Dreamers on the lunar station those empaths who pick up the telepathic communications of the aliens in their dreams for a mission that will ultimately doom the aliens on Earth to extinction A great deal of attention is lavished on the supporting characters, making this motley crew of Dreamers the most fleshed out supporting characters in the series so far, and providing me with actual concern that they might die on the mission, rather than mentally consigning them off as anonymous cannon fodder like so many before them The plot expositions is nicely done as well, with the authors considering carefully the logistics of their plan, and how to pull off the technical details of Ripley s daring and drastic scheme These details are a case of too little, too late , though, because the actual plot of Female War is very thin, verging on the ridiculous You see, empaths sense the presence of aliens, which is why Dreamers have been used in the past to pinpoint nearby alien nests However, it turns out that the empaths have not been sensing the nearby alien nests directly , but have rather been picking up the ambient telepathy waves directed at the nearby aliens from the Queen of Queens QoQ back on their home planet not the home planet from Earth Hive , incidentally The QoQ knows where each of her children are in the universe and send them constant telepathic commands to come back to her The Dreamers are able to pick up these commands and pinpoint the location of the home world, by remembering star layouts from their dreams Ripley realizes that if the QoQ can be kidnapped from the home world and dropped on Earth, then all the aliens will flock to her in a single localized spot and it ll just be the work of a few nukes to take care of the alien infestation forever This plot has than a few problems associated with it, not the least of which is WHY the QoQ sends this constant signal what s the point of having all your drones gathered to you rather than spreading out, hunting, and perpetuating the species Some half hearted attempts are made to suggest that the aliens might be bio weapons, with the suggestion that the QoQ might be some kind of return beacon or something, but this never really pans out and frankly seems somewhat silly Anyway, Ripley decides to gather up all the Dreamers, or as many as are game, hijack a ship from the lunar station, travel to the alien home world, kidnap the QoQ, drop her off on Earth, and then set off a long dismantled nuclear bomb to wipe out the aliens when they gather at critical mass Easy peasy To heighten the tension and provide motivation, the authors include a pretty implausible scenario the military is still sending regular sorties down to Earth to engage the aliens despite the ridiculous odds of a dozen marines against a planet wide infestation and to look for survivors despite the fact that there really shouldn t be any at this point, and despite the serious risk of contamination of the lunar station if one is infected These sorties, however, give a useful excuse to take the stolen transport ship out on maneuvers , so we let it pass The ship of Dreamers travels to the home world in relative peace and quiet and here is where I get a little annoyed The theme of the victim hunting the hunter via a telepathic link is a time honored tradition, used at least as far back as Dracula However, it is reasonable to pose, as Stoker does, several serious questions Is the link merely one way, or does the hunter have full knowledge of the victim s plans and is laying in wait for them Are the actions of the victim truly their own if they are under telepathic influence Will the telepathic victims be able to maintain their own minds in the overwhelming presence of the hunter These are questions that can and should be posed, and the authors hint at a possible twist Did the QoQ call them to her intentionally Are their plans really hers Is the QoQ aware of their plans and prepared for their arrival All these hinted questions are then completely discarded, which really bugs me At the very least, a few non dreamers should have been brought along as backup, in case the dreamers lost control of themselves on the planet, but no Then the silly become ludicrous the QoQ is not buried deep within a mountain, surrounded by thousands of drones, but rather is resting placidly on the planet s surface, readily available for Ripley to hover a ship over her, goad her into a rage, and trick her into scrambling up into the ship Despite the fact that even the drones on this planet are giant sized, the group escapes with implausibly minor casualties Several point blank shots to the aliens fail to slosh gallons of acid over the main characters, a serendipitous fact that they chalk up to extraordinarily good luck The QoQ thus secure, they race back to Earth on the double There, the plan is to drop the QoQ off near the main cluster of nukes, hope to god that she nests in that general area, and wire the nukes to go off after a six month delay allowing most all of the aliens to travel to this new nest In the meantime, Ripley and Billie decide to rescue the last little girl on planet Earth and will do their best Rambo impersonations, fighting off waves and waves of hundreds of stampeding aliens without sustaining a single major injury.If this weren t enough, I have to register a complaint with regard to Ripley in this book A twist has been introduced in order to explain the one question I didn t care about How can Ripley be here when she s supposed to be dying on the prison planet in Alien 3 whilst ignoring the massive amount of new questions this ridiculous twist brings up, not the least of which being Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why This is, in my opinion, an inexcusably sloppy way to resolve a continuity problem and I would have preferred they just stick with the time honored tradition that books don t have to match movies Anyway, they are still stuck with a problem if they want to match the movies, because there s really no way to reconcile the problem that the cast of Alien Resurrection have never seen or heard of the aliens, despite the fact that according to the books , they destroyed Earth and nearly wiped out humanity.Really, I didn t regret reading this book The writing was okay, even if the plot was ridiculous and sometimes rushed It s worth a look if you just want to finish out the tale of Wilks and Billie from the first two novels However, if you re not already a big fan, there s nothing really here for you And even if you are a fan, most of the alien details included here are just nonsensical and stupid, which may well leave you frustrated Ana Mardoll The third in the first trilogy of ALIENS novels, based on a trilogy of graphic novels from Dark Horse Comics written by Mark Verheiden In the previous two books, Perry re worked the characters Newt and Hicks from the comics as Billie and Wilks following the release of ALIEN3 The third comic co starred Ellen Ripley herself, so how to include her as a major part of the story Android Ripley The whole part when she discovers she is an Artificial Person implanted with the knowledge and memories of Ripley along with convenient knowledge of how to set up bombs is a nice dramatic addition as she tries to deal with what she is Of course, she still kicks ass.The story is basically a whole saga of Ripley, Wilks and Newt gathering a few ex marines and support personnel to steal a freighter ship from Gateway Station in the goal of going to the Mother Queen Alien s planet, capture her it and bring it back to Earth the Mother Queen has been communicating telepathically across the galaxy with her children , and some humans received the connection in their dreams Hence, they are able to triangulate the location of the planet Once on Earth, the Queen of Queen would attract her brood from all across the planet so they can be wiped out with one fell massive explosion.What happens next is an epic story of triumphs and fuck ups, with a few hundreds of thousands of aliens caught in between For this third book, Perry enlisted the help of his daughter Stephani Danelle Perry who, he later revealed, wrote the majority of the book They do a great job, given that they are re telling someone else s story This is also the one that is most modified from the original comic Their writing style is top notch and perfect for this style of sci fi horror action story Personally, my favorite is the middle novel comic Aliens Nightmare Asylum, but Female War is nothing to sneeze at.NOTE I assume the title was changed from the comic, which was titled Earth War , because it would be too similar to the first novelization Earth Hive Female War fits the bill, since it s about Ripley still dealin with the loss of her daughter, Billie wanting to rescue a little girl who survived on Earth for a couple of years, and of course the Mother Alien and all her drones.

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Librarians note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Steven Carl Perry has written over fifty novels and numerous short stories, which have appeared in various magazines and anthologies Perry is perhaps best known for the Matador series He has written books in the Star Wars, Alien and Conan universes He was a collaborator on all of the Tom Clancy s Net Force s

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