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The Crowns of Croswald (The Croswald Series, #1) In Croswald, The Only Thing Powerful Than Dark Magic Is One Secret For Sixteen Years Ivy Lovely Has Been Hidden Behind An Enchanted Boundary That Separates The Mundane From The Magical When Ivy Crosses The Border, Her Powers Awaken Curiosity Leads Her Crashing Through A Series Of Adventures At The Halls Of Ivy, A School Where Students Learn To Master Their Magical Blood And The Power Of Croswald S Mysterious Gems When Ivy S Magic And Her Life Is Threatened By The Dark Queen, She Scrambles To Unearth Her History And Save Croswald Before The Truth Is Swept Away Forever

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    I got this lovely little box from the author sent to my PO Box It is lovely, although, my special newspaper was torn I liked Ivy s character She gets kicked out of the castle and ends up at a school to hone her magical skills She has some trial and error at this school Who doesn t I very much enjoyed the magic system and the characters I think middle grade readers will enjoy this book Happ

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    I received this book for free from the publisher Stories Untold in exchange for an honest review This book was so magical It reminded me a lot of different fantasy books I read as a kid so it felt very nostalgic to me If I had read this as a kid, I know I would have loved it The whole story was very whimsy and imaginative, perfect for young middle grade readers It was so creative I loved learni

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    If you are a harry potter fan, magic boarding school fan, and lost princesses who don t know they are queens then this book is the book for you We have a lovely character named Ivy who for the first part of the book is slumming away in a kitchen and we get the pleasure of meeting the unique Scaldrons dragons who bake in their mouths While we are meeting these we get a real glimpse in to the misery t

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    Book Reviewed on www.whisperingstories.comThe first thing I thought going in to this book is how heavily influenced it is by Harry Potter It s still very much its own world and has its own quirks, but there s a lot of Potter esque things going on.I love the world building and magic in this story, it s fun and not something I ve come across before some of the students have stones with very specific magica

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    Thanks to the publisher and author for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.Here are some of my thoughts I see what the author did there with having the most mysterious character in her book, Derwin Edgar Night, having a nod at her own name, D.E Night Love it I like diving into this new world of magic, especially a school of magic Who can resist that A surprising character for me is Rebecca I

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    5 magical stars This is a delightful YA fantasy story involving a young lady with magical abilities and a magic school where she finds herself belonging This book feels reminiscent of Harry Potter, in all the right ways.Young Ivy Lovely, care taker of scaldrons cute dragons that provide fire for cooking food for a castle is content enough with her lot in life, though she secretly wishes for She shows talent for r

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    New magical and creatures What a perfect magical book it was The magic in this story was good I wanted to join in the fun and battel evil New adventure to go on I was happy to receive this book this is a magicale delightful YA Fantasy Love the hole point of female power Love Ivy The magic and creatures are so good I love all the characters Great new world to now about I couldn t put this down at all I wanted now so mu

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    Thank you to NetGalley for an e ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book The characters are unique, as is the story I get reminded of Harry Potter with the whole school and magic thing, but the author has managed to make it so unique and different The description of the world is amazing You get pulled into a mystical adventure right from the beginning The cover is wonderful and the author

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    Very cute book I loved the world of Croswald and Ivy I wish I had info about everything though The school, the Selector, The Dark Queen, the magic all of it Looking forward to reading the next one

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    I received a free paperback ARC from JKS Communications Literary Publicity regarding author D.E Night s debut novel.For her entire life, Ivy has lived behind a boundary that separates the mundane world from the magical It s hidden her effectively up until she crosses that border and her magical powers awaken She ends up becoming a student at the Halls of Ivy, a school for those who need to master their magic as well as to learn how t

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