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Replay Newbery Medal Winner Sharon Creech S Inspired Novel Tells The Story Of A Boy Who Fantasizes About Who He Is In Order To Discover Who He Will Become Now With Fresh And Gorgeous New Cover Art, This Touching Tale Has Received Many Starred Reviews, And Was Called A Warm, Funny, Philosophical Novel By Kirkus ReviewsWith The Backdrop Of A Large Family And A Theater As Its Frame, This Is A Story About Twelve Year Old Leo, Who Has A Talent For Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary That S Why He S Called Fog Boy He S Always Dreaming, Always Replaying Things In His Brain As An Actor In The School Play, He Is Poised And Ready For The Curtain To Open But In The Play That Is His Life, He Is Eager To Discover What Part Will Be HisWith The Universal Theme Of Finding One S True Identity, And Set Amid A Loud, Noisy, Memorable Family, Leo S Story Is One That All Kids Will Relate To And There S A Full Play At The End Of The Book That Kids And Teachers Can Perform Leo is a boy with big dreams and a large family that doesn t understand him and a dad that changed after a accident He starts questioning when he finds his dad s diary when he was thirteen and he learns about a aunt that he has never knew about and joins the school play Will his family accept who he wants to be I expected because I love Sharon Creech but I do not see what makes this book special It was a easy read and something I would read when I was in 2nd grade I would recommend this book for people that has nothing to read and want something easy to read. This book was pretty good at the beginning I did not get it at first but after I started to read the book I understood it and I enjoyed the rest of the book but the book was about this kid who people called him fog boy and sardine but he wants to prove that he is actually good at things just like his siblings who don t get called weird names even his siblings call him weird names and one day he finds something of his fathers up in the attic and he keeps it a secret and discovers a new one of his fathers. Sharon Creech has to be one of my all time favorite authors I have loved everything I ve ever read that she wrote This book was no exception I ve had it on my shelf to read foreverbut I think I was put off by the cover I mean, a FISH I didn t want to read a book about fishing.Well, guess what The fish on the cover is a sardine because Leo s large, loud, demanding Italian family calls him Sardine and Fog Boy Sardine because once when relatives were over, shouting and laughing and shaking their fists, Leo got squashed in a corner and cried, and when they asked him why he was crying, he said, I m just a little sardine, squashed in a tin The name stuck.I connected with this quick, easy read in so many ways I, too, grew up in a large, noisy family where I sometimes felt lost in the thundering herd I, too, used to hide away in secret places and rewrite my life in daydreams I, too, sometimes felt invisible and over run by my larger than life to me siblings I, too, used to listen to the grown ups talk and come away with questions than answers.This book is such a tender, coming of age story I hesitate to use that hackneyed phrase but Leo DOES learn so much about his family and himself in this wonderful little gem of a book There was a little ache behind my heart for Leo all the way through.I HIGHLY recommend italong with anything else by Sharon Creech AwwwwI better change my rating to five stars, because there s a good chance I WILL read it againmaybe to my students. The book Replay by Sharon Creech is an entertaining, exciting, and relatable for the average young adult The author has a different format of her text than other authors The dialogue is written like a script This was my first time seeing this in a book, but I enjoyed it very much This book takes place in present day time in a regular town with schools and suburbs The main character of this book is Leo Leo is a twelve year old boy is a dreamer and artistic He loves to act, but he s very self conscience Another important character is Papa Papa is Leo s father.He s old, tall, has dark black hair, and he doesn t express his feelings often In the book Leo finds a biography written by his father when he was thirteen As he reads, he learns and about Papa and wonders why Papa changed from his happy self Leo wants to ask, but he can t He hopes to make his father proud in the play he s in But when you re an old crone in a play, it s very hard to impress anyone I think this book relates well to the unit theme because, Leo is a young boy and he s goes through challenges as a middle child However, he overcomes the challenges that come past his way Leo learns about other people s struggles throughout the book and grows to be better person with a better attitude I liked this book very much because the characters were very amusing For example, Nunzino, which is LEo s youngest brother, has a lisp and is very charming when he speaks Even as a little nine year old, a reader can tell that Nunzino is a kind person I would recommend this book to kids and young adults because, Leo is the main character and a reader in that age range can relate to him that adults I will definitely read from this author once your review is typed, copy and paste it to the review section of this book on goodreads.com

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