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Taken By The MC (Penetrators MC, #1) I received this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.My first issue with this book is that I don t think it is a standalone book When I read a book I want to read the WHOLE story Since I committed myself, I finished the story Harmony is a young woman who has been neglected all her life by her junkie mother She has been in survival mode her whole life, I m not even sure she even knows what would make her happy She always had a thing for a couple of the guys from the local MC It just so happens that her mother had a brief sexual relationship with the President of the MC, one of the men Harmony has the hots for.Now Harmony s mother has ripped off the MC for a lot of money and they re looking for her momThey decide that Harmony can work off her mothers debtoh, and they happened to read her journal which is filled with her fantasiesThis story is very erotic with BDSM, which I don t mind butand I say BUT it just felt like it was 1 big Orgie to me, if there was any story then it was basically what I mentioned previously The writing is good but I needed a story Maybe if it were a whole book in my mind, I could of gotten into it What woman aspires to be a club w , no wait, a club w may actually have some say, for the rest of her life As I said the author does write well, she just needs a story Submission and sex if that is what you are looking for look no further Harmony was paying off her mother s debt to the local MC the Penetrators on her knees, her stomach and on her back Yep, you get the picture It was a very quick, hot read but don t be expecting an in depth character build up If you can live with that then this book is for you It was full of some very dirty scenes that will leave you needing a cold shower before all is said and done.I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley for a freely given and honest review. Sometimes You Have To Get Dirty There S No One Dirtier Than The Local MC Harmony S Used To Her Mom S BS Hitting Her Doorstep She S Mastered Saving Her Mom S Ass, But Her Latest Stunt Might Get Them Both Killed The Local Drug Dealer, As Well As The Mexican Mafia, Want Blood Unfortunately, The Sexy MC President Wants From Harmony To Keep Them Both Breathing, She Ll Work Off The Debt On Her Knees A Slave To The MC No One Was Ever Supposed To Find Out About Harmony S Darkest Fantasies But The Penetrators MC Has, And They Intend To Fulfill Every Dirty Detail I had a love hate relationship with Taken By The MC by Devyn Douglas I am a HUGE fan of erotica and BDSM, but this was my first read about a motorcycle club and I just wasn t ready for how seriously dark this book got The writing was phenomenal, but some of the scenes left me feeling sorry for Harm, even though she was thoroughly enjoying herself.Harmony is a young, sassy women whose mother is complete trash Her mother stole a load of money from the MC and now Harmony is faced with paying off this debt on her knees, to be used however and whenever the MC sees fit After Max and Ray read her journal, they realize that they can make her deepest, darkest fantasies come true, and throughout this book they do just that I did enjoy the writing of the book, the story flowed naturally and the descriptions were so intense that it seemed to be happening right before my eyes I am looking forward to reading books by Devyn Douglas, just hopefully not has dark as this book seemed to be I received an advance reader s copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. I m a little conflicted over Taken By the MC I love Reverse harem books, and i love motorcycle gang books, so i m not sure why, at times this rubbed me the wrong way Harmony is forever cleaning up her mothers messes, that includes having to deal with her mothers boyfriend, Ray, that shes had a huge crush on for years I m not talking a little crush either, i mean a deep rooted pining that causes her to make some weird decisions from time to time the photographs in her diary being a big one But its not just Ray she s wanted for years, its also his best friend that has held her attention just as much Harm is a self confessed slut, she likes sex, she likes is rough, degrading and a tad abusive She has her reasoning for that, but wont go into it to much in the book itself Hopefully her diaries will reveal a little, i felt so horrified for her when i realized that they had been reading her diaries I think what bugged me the most was that she knew she liked it that way, but just kept talking about being a good girl and good girls dont like that, and that shes perverted etc I just wanted her to be like hey, yeah i like it like that, and im ok with it I m hoping by the next book her character will develop enough to be able to own her own kinks Onto the men, im not sure how i feel about some of the officers considering that we didnt really get to know them beyond the surface level of how they like to have sex I warmed to Max a lot quicker than anyone else, simply because even though he treated her like she wanted when they were intimate, he treated her sweetly outside of those situations, especially towards the end of the book Im still not a 100% on Ray, but i do like him than some of the other officers Fist seems interesting, but again we didnt learn too much about him, he does seem to have a softer side which will be good to explore Clutch and Dawg were the two officers who got the least page time, so i have no idea how i feel about them view spoiler except i hate that Dawg has an Old Lady, i think that the fact that he is cheating on her to be in the RH kind of made the whole thing seem a little gross rather than sexy in a dark kind of way I hope that it gets resolved one way or another without too many causalities hide spoiler I think I was expecting something different when I first chose to read this book but it s basically about Harmony coming to terms with her sexual cravings and a need for submission I liked how protective the MC was of her and she found out that she didn t have to do it all on her own any longer. Taken by the MC is difficult for me to rate Devyn Douglas is a good writer, the story is solid, characters defined, fast paced, steamy, and had emotional depth It warns you in the blurb, that it s dark and depraved To keep them both breathing, she ll work off the debt on her knees A slave to the MC I should have known what I was getting into, but I didn t I did not like this book, but I am not going to rate it on my personal preference.Harmony s mom has stolen 100,000 from the wrong people and now the local MC, the Mexican Drug Cartel, and half of the town want her Then she took off Harmony is the one that will have to clean up her mess She s used to covering for her mom, but this time it s worse She s picked up by the Prez and VP of the Penetrators MC They offer her a deal work for them stripping and in the backrooms of a local club They also want to own her for the weekend she will be used, used, and used some This actually feeds into her darkest desires I felt like the book concentrated on the sex too much I would have enjoyed it if there was any relationship building There was no balance and virtually no story after the offer is made only one sex scene after another I can t claim that Harmony was abused since she reveled in each degrading act and the verbal abuse aimed at her It was just too much for me Even worse was Harmony s attraction for the MC Prez, Ray Her mother s latest boy toy I can t get over the disgust of being with her mother s guy Yuck, yuck, yuck I can deal with Harmony s darkest desires, but not acted out with mom s guy Just as I thought that I couldn t take any, the book changed I enjoyed the diner scene then from the grocery store scene on, I really enjoyed the book Relationships started to come alive Connections were being made Harmony exposed herself she was vulnerable, scared Ray and the VP Max showed that they cared about her for than sex The final scene with Max my favorite character showed potential for an actual caring relationship.I think there will be readers who love this book Those who enjoy Submissives taking abuse on every level will think it perfection It s dark, steamy, and leaves you wondering what s next Is the best to come ARC was provided by Author an exchange for an honest review Taken by the MC by Devyn Douglas took me away Can I just say WOWZA This book here left me totally flabbergasted On a scale of one to ten in shock value this short story was a 15 Numerous times I kept saying Oh my goodness , Is this for real , and What the hell It has been a very long time since a book has left me feeling like this, speechless and wanting.Here is the thing about this story Its a Motorcycle Club romance story but it isn t your typical romance Actually, some parts are far from romantic The female lead, Harmony, was caught up in her mother s trouble Not by choice, though Her mother stole a lot of money from a lot of people in town Harmony was being held hostage against her will because of her mother until she was saved by the MC in town But this saving came at a price, to pay back her mother s debt to them Harmony was far from innocent She had wild fantasies about the President, Ray, and Vice President, Max Ray knew of those crazy fantasies The way Ray, Max and other members of the Penetrators MC treated Harmony will probably upset a few This is where the shock value comes into play You need to read the book to find out I would like to give a small disclosure about this book This book has strong language that some will think is degrading to women Please note, not to judge the book because of the terms that were used toward Harmony She enjoyed every minute of everything they did to her and loved the names they called her.Due to the strong language in this book, I was unsure I was going to like it But I could not put this book down for one second I was sucked in and was able to finish it in one setting without getting bored By the time I got to the end of this short story, I was wanting and wondering what the next book in the series is going to pertain My rating is 5 SIZZLING stars I am ready for book number 2. DNF 39% I apologize in advance for any harsh or crude language used in the review below SPOILERS THROUGHOUT Let me start out by saying that I don t have a problem with BDSM, doms, subs, or a woman who wants to give up full control of her body to men she doesn t know I wouldn t be okay with that by any stretch of the imagination, but if someone wants to do that, it is their prerogative I have read BDSM books before and I do not have a problem with the lifestyle, I just don t partake in it With that being said, I DNF d this book because it was too much for me to handle This book starts off immediately with the main character, Harmony, being taken by a local motorcycle club and they make her their slave This slightly rubbed me the wrong way because I feel like their is a giant difference between a submissive and a slave, but I continued reading As the pages go on, the names they call her gradually get worse and derogatory until she is known as the cum dump and fuck meat I didn t like this at all.Aside from that, my main problem was that I could not connect with the main character I just didn t understand her mind set and her reactions to some of the things they did and said to her just didn t make sense to me.Overall, this book just wasn t for me I can see where other people would like it and I hold nothing against them I usually try to make at least to the 51% mark because I want to have read the majority of the book, but I just couldn t hold on that long This book was just a flat out NO for me and I am sorry for that because I wanted to enjoy it. Based on the description of the book you know immediately that there s going to be tons of sex, however I was not prepared for essentially a book of porn That is what this book read like for me Very little story line Harmony jumps all too easily to have to work off her mother s debt rather than argue like any sane person would that she doesn t owe the debt or that there are other ways she could pay the debt back With no connection or background, the sex begins and doesn t stop They degrade and humiliate her on a constant basis While she seems to enjoy this, I couldn t wrap my head around it DNF 15% ARC received from Netgalley

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