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Powerful Stranger Looking for real Immature Heroine Books I assure you,this book is for you I pulled this one off the pile as part of my vintage old HP binge And I just couldn t resist a book that has my favorite trope on it The older hero younger heroine trope is as old as romance Yep, always does it for me Some may find it a little weird, annoying or a little tiring but I find it comforting That s why I really enjoyed this book so much despite the fact that the heroine annoyed me sometimes But I enjoyed how she drives him crazy and how he drives her mad because from there sparks fly Ryan Landis Had Always Loved And Protected Lauren As Long As She Could Remember He Had Been A Reassuring Figure In Her Childhood But Now She Was Grown Up And Making Her Own Decisions And The Last Thing She Wanted Was Ryan Interfering In Her Life How Dared He Question Her Choice Of Husband How Could He Whisk Her Off To California To Work For Him Without Giving Her Time To Even Think About Whether She Really Wanted To And What Exactly Did Ryan Want From Her The Hard, Arrogant Businessman He Had Become Was Very Different From The Ryan She Remembered But Somehow He Was Even Exciting I love patricia wilson She is absolutely amazing They are step sibs with no hang ups until she brings a fiance home to meet the family and of course her step brother. I don t know why I keep reading Patricia Wilson I just find her stories way too obvious There s no tension for me when it s extremely obvious that the hero is in love with the heroine This one wasn t as bad as some others, but still not a very exciting read. Heroine got on my nerves after a while TSTL springs to mind, and if I read about her sophistication one time I would have screamed I think Liked the hero though, and nice love story It s nice to have it the other way round for once, as in heroine not in love with hero and having no idea hero loves her Typical harlequin where the much older stepbrother and the stepsister he helped raise hook up.It was entertaining, with lots of misunderstandings and a change of scene from England to California. ah disappointing sad maybe I m not overwhelmed so the questioning started,sometimes it s insightful if book doesn t capture your attention well,and u get to see that even in Romanceland wonderful hero is captured by looks and gloss, because something is amiss maybe if heroine or other man was better portraited this way I just kept feeling that hero is deluded,but lets hope for HEA after But his arrogance is really appealing never thought I d say that for a harlequin hero he s a man on a mission I m perfectly normal, he assured her wryly The lady in question has the problem She s not normal at all You re marrying a moron Lauren enquired waspishly Of course not.By the time I marry her she ll be cured He stood laughing down at her and shefelt exhausted with frustration He could certainly wind her up If I loved someone I d be willing to sleep in a tent in a field just to be w her Anyone who doesn t feel that doesn t know love If U want a tidily arranged marriage w somebody calculating like Redmond then go ahead A brand, he said thickly, my brand I want to kill anyone who looks U Tell me U want to be part of me every minute of your life, he commanded harshly Everyday I intend to own U a little I want U w me always I ll never let anyone take U from me U d better wipe that phrase from your vocabulary, Ryan threatened Running away is something that will never be allowed. Besotted fool TSTL Heroine Mother that should know better Gold digging OM Evil OW Everyone gets the fact that he is absolutely crazy crackers for the heroine, EXCEPT the heroine This could have been should have been 5 stars, except the heroine kept getting in the way.

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