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Cash: The Autobiography of Johnny Cash I read this book because the main character in High Fidelity says that it is his favorite book but I don t know how that could be true Some of the stories in it were slightly interesting but there was no overall story and most of the book was listing off people Cash knew in his life He describes his many properties and even tells of the hardships his children encountered trying to make it in the entertainment industry because of their famous father, neglecting the fact that they were given tremendous opportunities because of this fact In the end, I got sick of hearing about Jesus from a drug addict that clearly cheated on all of his wives I love his music and will continue to do so but i was not impressed by this book. Cash was written in 1997 and is a good read, heartfelt and well written There is a real absence of pity in Cash s writing which is refreshing Rather it reads as true nostalgia, in a positive sense Similar to how one might, if famous, write his or her own memoir We remember the good and the bad and the memories from our early years are greatly magnified Cash grew up very poor picking cotton in Dyess Arkansas and eventually made his way to Memphis and a Sun Records contract after a stint in the Air Force in the early 1950s Cash s life is already so well known that fortunately he does not dwell too much on the most well known and controversial moments of his life but spends most of the chapters discussing his relationships and memories with other musicians and friends Some were closer like Carl Perkins, Waylon Jennings and Roy Orbison Many had already passed away by the time the book was written Cash never achieved the level of stardom of Elvis, they both got their start at Sun Records around the same time, but in the book Cash does praise for Elvis for his charm and musical talent I normally avoid autobiographies like the plague because I don t trust the messenger but I make exceptions for artists that I admire since they typically have bared their souls before and should have little reason to whitewash their lives I never got the sense that Cash was revising history in this book but simply wanted to record and reminisce about his life for posterity.A paragraph near the end summarizes the nostalgia that permeates the book I went back to the old homesite in Dyess a few years ago The house itself was very far gone, falling slowly into the Delta mud, and the land all around it, far as I could see, was just huge flat fields, probably given over to rice or wheat I didn t remember the land being that flat I remembered little hollows where the cotton wouldn t grow well if you got too much spring rain and little hills of sandy loam where Daddy planted watermelons So much life, so many people I love, sprang from that place In the movie High Fidelity, the main character is talking about the well known books he has read and then concludes with, But I have to say my all time favorite book is Johnny Cash s autobiography, Cash by Johnny Cash This line in this movie is the sole reason I first decided to read this book It captured me almost immediately as Cash describes growing up poor in the South and picking cotton His life story is incredible and told with all the beauty and lyrical language that made him a great song writer This book provides insight not just into Cash s life but gives a glimpse at different periods in recent American history An amazing life, full of hardship, myth, love and beauty, I felt privileged to have this glimpse that Cash gives with such honesty I have read this book twice all the way through, and I am not sure I can say that for any other biography or autobiography. I usually find entertainer biographies sort of boring I rarely read them, or if I do pick one up, it s unlikely I ll even finish it That proved not to be the case with Johnny Cash s autobiography, Cash I m guessing the book was probably organized and written by Patrick Carr, with Cash supplying the tapes But Carr stays out of the way, and from page 1, it s Cash s voice that you hear What a life A lot of it I already knew, the drugs, the music, June Carter And some I didn t a near fatal encounter with an enraged ostrich might get 1 overall But to read it, see it, through Cash s eyes, hear it through his voice, leaves me with an even greater respect for the seriousness with which he would come to live his life His humility, his dark places lots of warts there , and his faith, are all here That last point, his faith, cannot be downplayed I would say about a third of the book deals with Cash s faith in God, and his struggles with drugs and depression This is no glory hallelujah tale, but a story of man just trying to get some traction in his life, to line his beliefs up with the way he was living his life In one remarkable passage, Cash recounts, in a Jonah like tale, how he crawled deep into cave, jacked up on drugs, pretty much ready to die Well, he had a moment, and crawled back toward the light For me, this spokepowerfully than that wildly overrated snooze fest, Augustine s Confessions.Beyond the religious aspects of the book, Cash writes about an America, or perhapsaccurately, an American South that no longer exists Shoot, it was fast disappearing when Cash was rising to prominence in the late fifties and early sixties Cash remembers what it was like to pick cotton, or listen to the radio for his entertainment Country was really Country back then Early on in the book he levels a withering charge at the up and coming crop of Country stars I was talking with a friend of mine about this the other day that country life as I knew it might really be a thing of the past and when music people today, performers and fans alike, talk about being country, they don t mean they know or even care about the land and the life it sustains and regulates They re talkingabout choices a way to look, a group to belong to, a kind of music to call their own Which begs a question Is there anything behind the symbols or modern country, or are the symbols the whole story Are the hats, the boots, the pickup trucks, and the honky tonking poses all that s left of a disintegrating culture Back in Arkansas, a way of life produced a certain kind of music Does a certain kind of music now produce a way of life As far as older crop goes, if you like old Country and Rock and Roll music, you ll be treated to numerous stories about such stars as Patsy Cline, Porter Wagner, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Marty Stewart, Connie Smith, Maybelle Carter, Roy Orbison, and many others Also, all phases of Cash s life up until age 65 or so , get covered In particular, I enjoyed his remembrances regarding The Johnny Cash Show, but also the simpler stuff, like when he s just talking about his kids and grandkids Toward the end of the book, he recounts his first meetings with Rick Rubin, which would put into motion a remarkable string of recordings the American Recordings that Cash would put together toward the end of his life At that point, Cash didn t even have a record company Fortunately, Rubin saw Cash for the giant he was, and proceeded with a project that allowed Cash to be Cash Interestingly, all of this music came out at time when Cash rapidly declined physically If you have the last album, also titled Cash, check out the back cover, with Cash, spectral, prophetic, barely visible through the window, staring back at us I couldn t help but be reminded of Paul s Through a glass darkly. in 1 Corinthians 13 For followers of the Man in Black, we couldn t bethankful for such an extended gift This book is a perfect accompaniment. Basically this book is about as close as you ll get to sitting on the back deck of Johnny Cash s house at 8 00 in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee and hearing him tell a bunch of stories The book is not chronological, and it doesn t even fit into any logical order But, somehow the stories all connect to one another and give the book this perfect flow It s like when he finishes telling one story that will somehow remind him of something else so he just starts talking about that for a while He is very straight ahead about his fame, his ego, his addictions, his faith in Jesus, his music, his career, his family, his triumphs and his failures Plus you get a firsthand account of all of the great history around Memphis and Sun Studios and Elvis and Carl Perkins, as well as Roy Orbison and Waylon Jennings and all the other guys from that era But,than anything, you just feel like you re sitting on the back deck with The Man in Black and there s a guitar there for him to pick up or you to pick up whenever you want And that may lead into a song or a story or some quick little anecdote but, whatever it is, you re loving every minute of it This book is an amazingly quick and easy read Good vacation book. Johnny Cash is perceptive, genuine, candid, and driven in his writing He lived some CRAZY stories Drugs, travel, concerts, near death experiences, family, and redemption woven through it all Despite the fact that this man was plenty wealthy throughout his career, he seemed to always stay focused on what mattered and kept his heart and head level He owned several homes but at the end of the day cherished walking barefoot at his farmhouse in Tennessee, sitting on the porch in the quiet evening His interest was peaked by ordinary things like weather patterns He raved about his wife June, his children, his grand children, and his God Jesus Christ He knows what is worth admiring and I like that about him He seemed to have a very accurate view of himself never too humble or proud He definitely wasn t a saint, and he didn t pretend to be, but he always knew where his hope came from And of course he made great, simple, honest music I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in the life of Johnny Cash He tells his story well and he is worth hearing from I d like to readabout him after reading this book. Fuck me, this was boring. It s an understatement to say that Johnny Cash had a well lived in life He was a mad dog, music star, son of a gun but also a down to earth, spiritual, deep thinker.The first part of the book gives us a brief introduction, Cash is in Jamaica writing the start of the book, he then starts the story proper, detailing his early life growing up on his fathers farm picking cotton in the fields, a bereavement that changed his life and his time in Germany with the U.S airforce intercepting Russian communications His return to America, his marriage to Vivian the beginnings of his career, signing to sun records.The next part details his friendships, June Carter Cash, life on the road, his tear away existence, drug abuse The final part his recovery, family matters, spiritual life.There are many many interesting anecdotes and stories He cheated deathtimes than I could count He knew and met some of the rockabilly, folk, rock and roll, country leading lights Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Kris Kristoffersen, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, Elvis, Carl Perkins to name but a few One of my favourite stories is about the genesis of the song Blue Suede Shoes written by Carl Perkins not Elvis.My favourite passage is about what country music truly is, so many people nowadays write off country music and think its about rodeos, line dancing, silly hats the Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks it s so muchand it spawned a lot of genres that people who profess to hate country music love folk, blue grass, rockabilly, rock and roll, indie rock, pop It s relevant when music people today, performers and fans alike, talk about being country , they don t mean they know or even care about the land and the life it sustains and regulates They re talkingabout choices a way to look, a group to belong to, a kind of music to call their own Which begs the question Is there anything behind the symbols of modern country , or are the symbols themselves the whole story Are the hats, the boots, the pickup trucks, and the honky tonking poses all that s left of a disintegrating culture Back in Arkansas, a way of life produced a certain kind of music Does a certain kind of music now produce a way of life Maybe that s okay I don t know The only criticism I have read is that he doesn t settle old scores, why should he He has a lot to be grateful for, and states that the book is a way of complimenting people he hasn t really had the chance to compliment over the years.The only criticism I can give is that there is no index so I had to note down all the musicians, songs he mentioned for further listening purposes.How many musicians do you know produce great songs in old age and remain relevant The movie is really just the tip of the iceberg Recommended to all music fans. He Was The Man In Black, A Country Music Legend, And The Quintessential American Troubadour He Was An Icon Of Rugged Individualism Who Had Been To Hell And Back, Telling The Tale As Never Before In His Unforgettable Autobiography, Johnny Cash Tells The Truth About The Highs And Lows, The Struggles And Hard Won Triumphs, And The People Who Shaped HimIn His Own Words, Cash Set The Record Straight And Dispelled A Few Myths As He Looked Unsparingly At His Remarkable Life From The Joys Of His Boyhood In Dyess, Arkansas To Superstardom In Nashville, Tennessee, The Road Of Cash S Life Has Been Anything But Smooth Cash Writes Of The Thrill Of Playing With Elvis, The Comfort Of Praying With Billy Graham Of His Battles With Addiction And Of The Devotion Of His Wife, June Of His Gratitude For Life, And Of His Thoughts On What The Afterlife May Bring Here, Too, Are The Friends Of A Lifetime, Including Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, And Kris Kristofferson As Powerful And Memorable As One Of His Classic Songs, Cash Is Filled With The Candor, Wit, And Wisdom Of A Man Who Truly Walked The Line If you like even one of his songs, this book is worth reading If you don t like any of his songs, shame on you.

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Johnny Cash, born J R Cash, also known as The Man in Black , was a multiple Grammy Award winning American country singer songwriter Cash is widely considered to be one of the most influential American musicians of the 20th century.Cash was known for his deep, distinctive voice, his trademark dark clothing which earned him his nickname, the boom chick a boom or freight train sound of his

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