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Covet Easy to read Last chapters are the page turners Good books to read if you are unable to concentrate. Clearly I am obsessed by Mak 2012 was her year on my bookshelf. Two And A Half Years After Her Ordeal At The Hands Of The Stiletto Murderer , Ed Brown, Makedde Vanderwall Must Face Her Demons Once Again As She Flies Into Sydney For Brown S Trial And Faces Her One Time Lover, The Jaded Sydney Detective Andy Flynn But Days Before The Trial Is Set To Commence, The Unthinkable Happens Ed Brown Makes A Daring Escape, Aided And Abetted By One Of His Warders This was a playaway recording I was testing out for my mother who is going blind The narrator had a terrible sibilant to her voice and although I tried listening to it several times, just couldn t get past it or the fact that the narrator has a fake Australian accent I only got as far as the main character killing her brother with poison pie. The third book in the series and totally predictable following the same formula, beautiful model gets caught up in a random situation I would be worried if I was her , her squeeze just happens to be in the right place at the right time to save her from herself This is the last one I will read. The writing is definitely gettingsolid as the series progresses, and it s clear that Tara Moss has done a lot of research, even if times it s almost too obvious, when technical details seem sort of shoehorned in Much less in the way of character development this time, which was a shame, and it still seems like she s determined for her heroine to end up with the mundane, angry, misogynist Most interesting this time was the side character of the prison guard, who was a creepier villain than the main serial killer, and who I was hoping would play a larger role than she did in the end the best part of her final actions happening off stage as it were Made the ending feel a little too convenient. A great weekend read, compelling and suspenseful to the end. Good story For some reason I like this on a lotthan the earlier books in this series I think it was because Mak is a lot less na ve and does less stupid things in it. A follow on to Fetish this Australian thriller is a good read for those who enjoy stalkers and sexy heroines Set in the world of modelling and written by an ex model it reads as well researched.The plot is tight and nasty, the heroine suitably scared yet feisty and for all those who enjoy scary thrillers this novel will be a good read Do read Fetish first though.

About the Author: Tara Moss

Tara Moss is an author, documentary maker and presenter and human rights advocate Since 1999 she has written 11 bestselling books, published in 19 countries and 13 languages, including the acclaimed Mak Vanderwall crime fiction series and the Pandora English series Her new novel is Dead Man Switch, launching in Aus NZ in October, with North America to follow.She is a PhD Candidate at the Univers

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