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The Torture Papers: The Road to Abu Ghraib The Torture Papers Document The So Called Torture Memos And Reports Which US Government Officials Wrote To Prepare The Way For, And To Document, Coercive Interrogation And Torture In Afghanistan, Guantanamo, And Abu Ghraib These Documents Present For The First Time A Compilation Of Materials That Prior To Publication Have Existed Only Piecemeal In The Public Domain The Bush Administration, Concerned About The Legality Of Harsh Interrogation Techniques, Understood The Need To Establish A Legally Viable Argument To Justify Such Procedures The Memos And Reports Document The Systematic Attempt Of The US Government To Prepare The Way For Torture Techniques And Coercive Interrogation Practices, Forbidden Under International Law, With The Express Intent Of Evading Legal Punishment In The Aftermath Of Any Discovery Of These Practices And Policies essential history. I m currently reading this book for my exhibition paper, and so far it s really interesting It s hard to focus when I m reading it because it gets boring and dense at times since it s talking about thelegal aspects of the Abu Ghraib incident The parts that focuson what the witnesses hve to say and what actually happened areinteresting, but overall the book, so far, isn t a bad book it s just hard to read. A collection of the Torture Memos in hard copy For those who don t know about Abu Ghraib, or the most violent prison torture camp the US ever ran, it s worth the horrifying information I am just thankful there were not pictures.

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