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One More for the Road A brilliant mix of funny, cerebral and heartbreaking stories Most were all three.About half of them really hit home with me, and while I thought the rest were compelling and interesting, I didn t personally connect with each and every one nor could I have expected to That s the only reason I rated the book 4 stars rather than 5. Ray Bradbury s books are such a labor of love love of a place that is Southern California, a past that is forever gone but could occasionally be visited, of friends strangely morphed or gone but not forgotten that they are as much part of the fabric of life as a literary production There are 26 stories in his 2001 collection One More for the Road, 17 of which are original to this volume I liked so much of the book that I would have a hard time isolating individual stories, but I will try nonetheless First Day tells what happens when high school friends agree to meet 50 years to the day after a particular date What will they talk about After the Ball is about a strange, sad ride on the old Red Cars to Venice Beach The Dragon Danced at Midnight is a tale for film critics who try just a tad too hard to be postmodern Autumn Afternoon is about cleaning up the attic of your memories I particularly liked The Laurel and Hardy Alpha Centauri Farewell Tour, which made me realize that LH will live forever in some form or other I could keep going on, but won t It would just bbe adding words.These are words, but I lack the feeling with which Bradbury imbues his words The feeling and the love I will never get tired of Bradbury s novels and stories. From Ray Bradbury, The Recipient Of The National Book Foundation S Medal Comes A Magical Collection Of Short FictionRay Bradbury Is One Of The Most Celebrated Fiction Writers Of The Th Century He Is The Author Of Such Classics As Fahrenheit , The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, Dandelion Wine, And Something Wicked This Way Comes Bradbury Has Once Again Pulled Together A Stellar Group Of Stories Sure To Delight Readers Young And Old, Old And New In One More For The Road We Are Treated To The Best This Talented Writer Has To Offer The Eerie And Strange, Nostalgic And Bittersweet, Searching And Speculative Here Are A Father S Regrets, A Lover S Last Embrace, A Child S Dreams Of The Future L Delivered With The Trademark Bradbury Wit And Style Here is another of Ray Bradbury s later story collections and there are no real surprises in it There are a number of stories about childhood nostalgia, some about time travel, others about loss and regret and grief These are competent pieces, but nothing is revelatory, certainly not if you have read other Bradbury anthologies, especially from his later period.I was struck in reading these stories how far Bradbury had strayed at this point from his original genres His earliest works are tales of horror and the macabre He then moved on to science fiction which is how I became familiar with him , fantasy and tales of childhood nostalgia His later years were characterized by stories of human frailty our sins, our regrets, our griefs He also began in the 1980 s to write stories reflecting on the craziness of Southern California, and particularly the Hollywood film industry during the 40 s, 50 s and 60 s.Many of these later tales including most of this collection have no fantastical elements at all And when Bradbury does revisit science fiction or fantasy Quid Pro Quo, Diane de Foret, etc the results are not as strong as his earlier work in the field.The best stories in this collection are simple tales of humans caught battling their worst instincts and trying to understand, cope with or even overcome them I include in that list Heart Transplant, a tale of a man who tells a little white lie to release his lover from an adulterous affair, Fore , a story of a golf course manager who empathizes with a cuckold and takes matters into his own hands and even The Dragon Danced at Midnight, another gonzo tale of Hollywood where only a drunk projectionist can create avant garde cinema good enough to win over the critics by inadvertently showing the reels in the incorrect order.There are some gems here, but overall this is not the collection I would use to introduce someone to Bradbury. Not as good as some of the others Several had abrupt or confusing endings But there were about 3 short stories that I really liked. The cover seems to promise some fun, spooky tales, but inside all you ll find is ham fisted Sunday school stories No, these wouldn t even make the cut at Sunday school These stories remind me of the type of anecdotes that managers read out of a pamphlet at a meeting to get their employees to feel inspired and reassess their goals or some such nonsense Maudlin hackwork How disappointing I know Bradbury is better than this. Even though few of these stories were really great, every opening paragraph hooked me in and surrounded me in Bradbury s cozy prose I didn t enjoy the few stories where traditional gender roles were set as permanent I liked the stories that played with memory and slowly uncovered the characters states of mind I also liked the story that dealt with being a gay man in the mid 20th century Overall another enjoyable experience with Bradbury This was a pretty good collection of Ray Bradbury short stories It doesn t really compare to his other work that I ve read, but it s worth it for those that are already fans.I can only classify this as fiction It s absolutely not science fiction since maybe three stories would fit that category appropriately, and it s not exactly fantasy since nothing was blatantly along those lines either Most of the stories are steeped in reality, although true to the author s style they tend to have elements of the fantastic contained within.It s difficult to narrow down the highlights since I d label most of these stories as good or middling, but the ones that I enjoyed best are Quid Pro Quo , The Dragon Danced at Midnight , The F Scott Tolstoy Ahab Accumulator , and The Cricket on the Hearth I thought The F Scott Tolstoy Ahab Accumulator was especially interesting since I ve recently read Bradbury s collection Quicker Than the Eye and this one is essentially a sequel to Last Rites where the voice of the story goes back in time to comfort famous writers plagued by their personal demons.All in all, this is a good collection It won t appeal to all of his fans, but for those that fell in love with Mr Bradbury s writing style it s a solid read I just wouldn t introduce others to him through this book. I can quite often be heard in polite company espousing the talents of Ray Bradbury This however seems to be in the style of rather than anything approaching his best work The bits left over, as it were.Read by all means, there are some good tales in here, but you have to look for them Still gets three stars however. Bradbury is so confusing at times He d come out in support of gay marriage, which sounds very progressive compared to his Norman Rockwellish depictions of mid century, small town America Yet here he has a story that has a dad saying his gay son may as well be dead since the son doesn t choose to reproduce and provide him with biological grandchildren view spoiler What makes it worse, is that the story hinges around the premise that this man has decided to have a NEW son, that would hopefully reproduce for him He s basically stating You re not good enough, and you re the living dead So, let me replace you What Why are you surprised You didn t give me grandkids hide spoiler

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