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Ender's Game Andrew Ender Wiggin Thinks He Is Playing Computer Simulated War Games He Is, In Fact, Engaged In Something Far Desperate The Result Of Genetic Experimentation, Ender May Be The Military Genius Earth Desperately Needs In A War Against An Alien Enemy Seeking To Destroy All Human Life The Only Way To Find Out Is To Throw Ender Into Ever Harsher Training, To Chip Away And Find The Diamond Inside, Or Destroy Him Utterly Ender Wiggin Is Six Years Old When It Begins He Will Grow Up FastBut Ender Is Not The Only Result Of The Experiment The War With The Buggers Has Been Raging For A Hundred Years, And The Quest For The Perfect General Has Been Underway Almost As Long Ender S Two Older Siblings, Peter And Valentine, Are Every Bit As Unusual As He Is, But In Very Different Ways While Peter Was Too Uncontrollably Violent, Valentine Very Nearly Lacks The Capability For Violence Altogether Neither Was Found Suitable For The Military S Purpose But They Are Driven By Their Jealousy Of Ender, And By Their Inbred Drive For Power Peter Seeks To Control The Political Process, To Become A Ruler Valentine S Abilities Turn Toward The Subtle Control Of The Beliefs Of Commoner And Elite Alike, Through Powerfully Convincing Essays Hiding Their Youth And Identities Behind The Anonymity Of The Computer Networks, These Two Begin Working Together To Shape The Destiny Of Earth An Earth That Has No Future At All If Their Brother Ender Fails Hatrack

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    DNF at 52 ar Orson Scott Card,There are over 3,310,480,700 women in this world.Sincerely, Women Dear Fans of This Book Who Are Probably About To Make An Angry Comment On This Review Please leave now if you don t want to get all huffy and insulted and make a comment defending the author or whatever other shit that

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    I have a new website where I review awesome books I wanted to like Ender s Game I really did It s a wonder that even after than halfway into the book, I still clung on to the foolishly optimistic notion that the book would somehow redeem itself That it would end up justifying the tedious, repetitive, drearily dull ch

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    This was the first book I picked up and read all the way through in one sitting Technically, it s not a difficult read but conceptually it s rich and engaging They have a word for people our age They call us children and they treat us like mice If you can t understand that statement, you probably won t like this book It s ab

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    I read this story quite a while back with no special expectations Like most books I read it just happened to be lying around the house I read it, was hugely entertained, and went on to read three or four of the sequels.I ve heard since all manner of stuff about the author but what s true and what isn t I don t know and I m not her

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    Spoiler Alert God damn did I hate Ender s Game I checked out and can surely see why I wanted to give it a shot Talk about a cult following of people absolutely smitten with it I even read some where that it s on the required reading list at Quantico I suppose this book could be some kind of manifesto for misfit nerds who waste their li

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    I was savaged by a miniature poodle the other day wait no, someone protested my review of The Giver the other day If you have any pent up rage from that college lit teacher who forced you to think about books, be sure to stop by and spew some incoherent vitriol my reviews are now a socially acceptable site of catharsis for the insecure.In any

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    I read this novel because it was often the favorite novel of students of mine, and I wanted to understand why I should mention that I love science fiction, and have read it avidly since I was barely than a child I m not by any means some kind of anti sci fi snob.The first thing that bothered me is that the novel sets adults against gifted children

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    i think ender s game is the only book i ve read three times for me books often don t have repeat reading value in the same way some movies have repeat viewing value it s probably because a movie takes two hours of your time while a novel, for me, takes a week or longer so for someone like to me read a novel twice, not to mention three times, is really sa

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    This is a novel that blows past conventional ideas like disbelief Apparently humanity, a species whose only real claim to fame is war, now stinks at war, and can only be saved by a child genius who is one part prophecy, one part bad science, and one part wish fulfillment Thanks to this plan, we are treated to a gaggle of super intelligent children who seldom a

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    This was a really good book On its surface it is a great story about a young boy who goes through tremendous struggles On another level it is a brilliant psychological character study and an observation of group dynamics On still another level it was an intelligent allegory for violence and bellicosity in ourselves and our society There is a listopia list that calls

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