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Wild Rapture On The Untamed Frontier, A Fiery And Forbidden LoveFresh From Paris Finest Art Academy, Exquisitely Lovely Briana Collins Comes Home To Paint The Beautiful Wilderness Of Her Native Minnesota Her Ambitious Uncle Wants Her To Be A Pretty Ornament For His Political Career But The Future Chippewa Chief Proud, Fierce Night Hawk Wants Far From Briana The Moment He Casts His Dark Eyes On HerHe Cannot Resist Her, Despite The Warnings Of His Tribe And Briana Meets His Open Desire With Her Own Fervent Longing, Defying Her Uncle S Threats Theirs Is A Passion That Sets The Frontier Aflame, Staking Their Undying Love Against All The Forces Of Hate I didn t like it at all It was very depressing There was way too many villains it got ridiculous. Fresh from Paris s finest art academy, lovely Brianna Collins comes home to paint the beautiful wilderness of her native Minnesota Her ambitious uncle wants her to be a pretty ornament for his political career But the future Chippewa chief proud,fierce Night Hawk wants farfrom Brianna the moment he casts his dark eyes on her He cannot resist her, despite the warnings from his tribe.And Briana meets his open desire with her own fervent longing, defying her uncles threats Theirs is a passion that sets the frontier aflame, staking their undying love against all the forces of hate oh Cassie you did it again your stories always make me feel like im looking through a magic window and watching everything unfold right there in front of me I can almost reach out and touch the people wouldnt mind reachin out and touching Night Hawk Brianna is out on the prarie painting when she decides to go home her wagon wheel falls into a gopher hole so she can not move Night Hawk comes upon her and helps her get her wagon out He is mezmerized by her beauty Brianna is taken in by his handsomeness each secretly hopes that they see the other again Brianna s uncle finds her with Night Hawk and he is not to pleased he forbids her to have anything to do with Night Hawk.Brianna defies her uncle and meets with Night Hawk regularly Her uncle is preaching nice words to the people f his community so he can win votes in the election but behind their backs he is involved with a group of renegade Indians that kill and steal firearms from the white people One of the renegades was nce Night Hawks best childhood friend, another one is a sioux indian that is an enemy of his tribe Night Hawk discovers Briannas Uncles involvement in these raids and then the suspence and excitement begin this story is full of excitement, suspence, love, and heartache it was such a good story i didnt want it to end. Wild Rapture is about a woman called Briana Collins whose an artist who is staying with her uncle Blackie One day Night Hawk the son of the Chief Chippewa whose a mix blooded meaning his half Indian and half white They meet and fall in love BUT things keep happening which tests their love for each other.Ok, they kiss each other on the FIRST few pages of this book which is weird for me And they fell in love at first sight aww Their love is forbidden because of the fact that she s white and his Indian But they defy what others say and stay together Which is so sweet I love the way Night Hawk says My Woman a lot It s good to see his possessive streak.The thing that freaked me out what the love between Night Hawk father Echohawk and Gentle Fawn They have 40 years age gap 40 YEARS Echohawk is 60 years old while Gentle Fawn is just 20 years old That s just so WRONG for me I don t like that And what also what I dislike is that he fell in love with Gentle Hawk while his beloved wife Mariah was sick That s just disgusting not ok behaviour But you gotta feel for Gentle Fawn whose been through a lot.All I say is that if the father parts didn t happen THAN it would have been a better book

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