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As An Artist And Persona, Jim Morrison Epitomized The Late S, Bridging A Burgeoning Counterculture And Popular Culture, While Acting Out The Iconoclastic Rage, Rampant Libido, And Spectacular Flameout Of A Tumultuous Era The Music He Created With The Doors Has Sold OverMillion Records Worldwide With OverMillion In The Last Decade Alone, As Their Songs Have Been Embraced By A New Generation But Despite Morrison S Seminal Importance, There Has Not Yet Been An Authoritative Biography That Does Justice To Him And His Creative Legacy Until Now Stephen Davis, The Preeminent Rock Biographer And Author Of The Classic Led Zeppelin History Hammer Of The Gods Over , Copies Sold In Three Editions, And ANew York Times Bestseller , Has Uncovered Never Before Seen Documents, Conducted Dozens Of Original Interviews, And Scoured Morrison S Unpublished Journals And Recordings To Write The Definitive Biography Of A Misunderstood Legend Jim Morrison Is Packed With Startling New Revelations About Every Phase Of His Life And Career, From His Troubled Youth In A Strict Military Household To His Blossoming As A Rock Icon Among The Avant Garde LA Scene To His Voracious Drug Abuse And Secret Sexual Experiments Davis Also Investigates One Of The Greatest Mysteries In Rock History The Circumstances Surrounding Morrison S Mysterious And Unsolved Death As He Pieces Together New Evidence To Tell The True And Heartbreaking Story Of Morrison S Last Tragic Days In Paris Compelling And Unforgettable, Jim Morrison Is Destined To Become A Classic Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend

About the Author: Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis is is a rock journalist and biographer, having written numerous bestsellers on rock bands, including the smash hit Hammer of the Gods He lives in Boston Librarians note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

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    Poet, charismatic, artist wordsmith.Intellectual, shaman lizard king.Loose cannon, risk taker, drunk.Jimmy, Jim, James.Jim Morrison was definitely one of a kind A muse to a generation, still idolised decades after his sad untimely demise in Paris, 1971.Stephen Davis book explores t

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    Jim Morrison, Life, Death, Legend, by Stephen Davis, is without a doubt the most researched and most informative one of the six books I have read about Jim Morrison Although it does not solve all the mysteries about his life and death, it presents a very detailed and believable descri

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    Finch esisteranno, gli uomini potranno ricordare le parole e le combinazioni delle parole Nient altro pu sopravvivere a un olocausto, solo la poesia e le canzoni Finch esisteranno gli esseri umani, canzoni e poesia potranno continuare a vivere

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    I have mixed feelings about this one As a biography, it does its job right retracing the life of Jim Morrison in great details and it was especially interesting to learn about his childhood and relationship or lack of with his family as well as his very last days in Paris.That said, it s a

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    The program for this evening is not new, you ve seen this entertainment through and through Jim Morrison.Stephen Davis is the author of the acclaimed Led Zeppelin biography Hammer of the Gods, so it was probably a no brainer for someone to think he would write the definitive biography of Doors

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    I ve read practically every biography on Jim Morrison The Doors are my all time favorite band , from the original albeit suspect pulp No One Here Gets Out Alive, to Stephen Davis addition to the funeral pyre, Jim Morrison Life, Death, Legend In the latter, Davis factual errors makes Jerry Hopkins

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    If you ve read other Morrison Doors bios, you ve heard most of this info before Davis doesn t really break any new ground here, biographically But then again, Morrison s been dead for 37 years, so how much new info could there be The most interesting section of the book for me the post Miami, Paris

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    I will readily admit I ve been a disciple of Jim Morrison since I was in middle school, so I can call myself both an expert and an admitted fan boy I ve read all of Morrison s work in fact, I own first editions of much of his poetry I ve also read all of the biographies, from No One Here Gets Out Alive

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    I tend to read musician s biography s than most other types of biographies The main reason being that some of these musicians were true poets Mr Mojo Risin anagram for Jim Morrison was definitely one of them.Obsessive personality checkTortured soul checkSubstance abuse checkAbility to use words that effe

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    Oh my goodness, yes This was such an in depth biography of the Lizard King I could not get enough of this book I put off reading the last section because I didn t want him to end Jimmy Morrison had a beautiful mind and a tragic life to match Such a shame he never made it past 27.

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