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The Light Over London Reminiscent Of Martha Hall Kelly S Lilac Girls And Kristin Hannah S The Nightingale, This Sweeping, Entrancing Story Is A Must Read For Fans Of Remarkable Women Rising To Challenges They Could Never Have Predicted It S Always Been Easier For Cara Hargraves To Bury Herself In The Past Than Confront The Present, Which Is Why Working With A Gruff But Brilliant Antiques Dealer Is Perfect While Clearing Out An Estate, She Pries Open An Old Tin That Holds The Relics Of A Lost Relationship Among The Treasures, A World War II Era Diary And A Photograph Of A Young Woman In Uniform Eager To Find The Author Of The Hauntingly Beautiful, Unfinished Diary, Cara Digs Into This Soldier S Life, But Soon Realizes She May Not Have Been Ready For The Stark Reality Of Wartime London She Finds Within The PagesIn , Nineteen Year Old Louise Keene S Life Had Been Decided For Her She Ll Wait At Home In Her Cornish Village Until Her Wealthy Suitor Returns From War To Ask For Her Hand But When Louise Unexpectedly Meets Flight Lieutenant Paul Bolton, A Dashing RAF Pilot Stationed At A Local Base, Everything Changes And Changes Again When Paul S Unit Is Deployed Without WarningDesperate For A Larger Life, Louise Joins The Women S Branch Of The British Army In The Anti Aircraft Gun Unit As A Gunner Girl As Bombs Fall On London, She And The Other Gunner Girls Relish In Their Duties To Be Exact In Their Calculations, And Quick In Their Identification Of Enemy Planes During Air Raids The Only Thing That Gets Louise Through Those Dark, Bullet Filled Nights Is Knowing She And Paul Will Be Together When The War Is Over But When A Bundle Of Her Letters To Him Are Returned Unanswered, She Learns That Wartime Romance Can Have A Much Darker SideIlluminating The Story Of These Two Women Separated By Generations And Experience, Julia Kelly Transports Us To World War II London In This Heartbreakingly Beautiful Novel Through Forgotten Antique Treasures, Remembered Triumphs, And Fierce Family Ties I recently got scolded by one of my Goodreads friends for being nice instead of giving an honest review With that in mind, here I goI won this book in a Goodreads drawing It is a novel about two women One, whom we could call an English little small town country girl, started keeping a diary when she fell in love with a Spitfire pilot at the beginning of World War II The other female of interest is a current day young woman, divorced, who finds the diary while helping her employer go through antiques in an old house As she starts reading the diary, our modern girl is drawn into it so much that she decides to try and track down the original owner so she can return the diary Why does she care one may ask It seems that the she reads, the she finds this girl had in common with her grandmother, who seems to harbor a secret The switching back and forth between the time periods was necessary for the story to develop, but I found it mildly annoying Having the story take place during WWII, and getting the historical facts right, than made up for it for me There were actually two love stories here, our modern girl and the one from the past The thing is, some things never change I mean, as you read along you can sort of see what is going on here To be honest, my knowledge of the WWII event made things pretty clear to me and I picked up on all the subtle hints, but I am sure many a lady out there will figure what s what using her female intuition and say, That son of a bitch I don t want to give away any spoilers so I will just say that there are unexpected developments and a fine set of characters supporting our small town girl I will say this, Mom was trying to run the girl s life and did not want her dating a pilot So the girl runs away and signs up for the duration She ends up as part of a female gun crew defending London during the Blitz It was probably the best thing that ever happened to her Read it and see why Historical fiction is my favorite genre so I was interested in what this novel had to offer One of my pet peeves is publicists comparing one book to another The Lilac Girls was about Hitler s doctors horrible experiments on twins, and the award winning The Nightingale was about two sisters and their decisions about how they lived out the war, one at home and one in the French resistance The only thing this novel had in common with those is that it was set during WWII I think the publisher does harm than good when comparing one book to another I would call this of a historical romance with a mystery, with lots of emphasis on the romance The story is told from two points of view and we go back and forth from the present day to WWII The timelines flowed nicely.Louise Keene is 19 years old and living in a small Cornish village with her life seemingly planned out for her by her mother To escape these plans and her small village she signs up for the British Army and will be working in the anti aircraft division as what they called an Ack, Ack girl Her cousin Kate, whom she is quite close to, also signs up.The women basically did all of the scoping out of the night sky and when a plane was spotted they did the math that was involved to get the guns in the correct location and then a man was the one who fired the gun This was an interesting enough part of the book, learning about the gunner girls, although her romance with an RAF pilot seemed trite and underdeveloped She married him without knowing much about him She later learns that this was a mistake.Cara Hargraves is recently divorced and working for an antiques dealer While clearing out a vast estate she comes across a diary of a woman who was also in the British Army Because there seems to be a mystery about the woman and because Cara s grandmother was also in the Army she decides to delve into discovering the identity of the woman who wrote the diary Along with the diary are also a photo and some other personal items This would have been interesting if a romance hadn t been invented for this character as well Her new neighbor, Liam, is an engaging, warm guy and also interested in history, surprise, surprise She and Liam work together to find out the identity of the diarist The romance seemed fitting for a 20 year old than a 30 something divorced woman, i.e their fingers brushing when she handed the matches over Her heart leaped in her throat, and Liam s gaze flew up to her For a moment they remained frozen, the tips of their fingers touching Really, this from grown adults previously married There was also lots of sweet tender kissing with tingling feelings, etc.I liked the character of Louise s Gran a lot and wish that her history had been well developed Louise knows that there is a secret that Gran has been keeping from the family for years and she wants to discover what it is If you are a mystery reader you will likely figure out the mystery before it is revealed, there are plenty of red herrings.I would say that if you are looking for a quick, romantic novel with some history of the gunner girls you would enjoy this book I did give it 3 stars because there is some good writing here and it kept me turning the pages This was a debut novel and I will definitely check out any further books by Ms Kelly.I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss. The publisher recommends this book for those who liked The Nightingale or Lilac Girls, which is what drew me to it In truth, it struck me as romance than historic fiction That s not to say it s not enjoyable Just know what you re getting going into it Drawing on two parallel storylines, it tells of Cara, who works for an antique dealer and finds a diary from a WWII gunner girl We read about Louise as Cara reads her diary and determines to find out about her Both of the female characters come dangerously close to being a cliche Shy, reserved women who finally strike out for themselves while finding love I read historical fiction to try and learn something about a time period I didn t feel like I came away from this having learned anything new This is an enjoyable, fast read but nothing new or different My thanks to netgalley and Gallery Books for an advance copy of this book. The Light Over London is a dual timeline story, in which Cara finds a WWII diary at one of the properties where she s working with her antiques dealer boss, and becomes invested in identifying its author and what happened to her Cara has buried herself in work to avoid dealing with the grief and pain in her life recently The diary gives her another outlet for distraction, and she tries to use its story to connect with her grandmother, Iris, who has always avoided talking about her time in the British service The author of the diary is Louise, a young woman who wanted than her small town life She fell in love then volunteered for the British service The book alternates between Cara s life now and Louise s life during WWII The Light Over London is mostly a historical romance with elements of historical fiction mixed in throughout I enjoyed it, but the romances which were on the lighter side, didn t necessarily feel genuine They seemed a bit hasty and or too convenient, just not as believable as I would have liked At certain points in the book, I preferred one storyline over the other and this flip flopped as the story progressed As a whole though, I didn t prefer one than the other Thank you to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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