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Love, Janis Laura Joplin is an academic, according to her book jacket summary, and she reads like one often taking you out of the story to make uninteresting connections to popular historical events.That said, the real gem of the book are Janis letters, which show a very different woman from the brassy stage persona I loved reading about the other things in her life her sewing and her dogs, her art and her interest in fashion Definitely a star that burned too bright and too briefly. I don t believe in reincarnation, but if I didI d be Janis Joplin Many say this, but I always thought I truly was I ve got this book from the library and never got around to it, so I finally settled on buying the book many years ago This summer I was determined to finish it to get it off the stack next to my nightstand that comes up to my waist It deservedthan getting picked up, the book underneath removed, and getting placed back on top for next time, maybe And now that I ve finished it, I can t believe it took me this long to read it Shame I fully believe in destiny and I have often wondered if people are born knowing they re meant to be something but don t know how to achieve it Maybe they were brought up conditioned by the parent whose personality they don t take after opposites attract , hindering their success All the way throughout this book, I found Janis to be very much a visual thinker like myself and highly observant to every small detail That s what makes great artists they capture one or many small details and run with them in a direction that sets them apart from all the others She knew she was meant to be something since she was a small child, she was just too overwhelmed with the gift of sensory to keep her head on straight I have found that people with this level of sensitivity to life have the greatest challenge in holding on to the reins.Her life was as wild as I imagined She was as bold direct as her music shows her to be As with many wild celebrities i.e Jim Carrey , I always feel bad for their parents Children are pretty overwhelming, but Janis was impossible Reading her story, I watched carefully if the reason for Janis s screwed uppedness came from lack of parenting a child is the product of their environment as they say I must say I cringed with her parents and had no idea how I would have handled the situations they found themselves in thanks to Janis s wild charades They did manage to punch through her world and leave her with a conscience and a solid foundation as to how she was to treat others She was a wonderful friend, co worker, roommate the story of her sharing a house with all the members of Big Brother the Holding Company, their wives, their children, and all their animals was a testament of her heart and personality No way could I have done that with the finesse she was able to What a weird situation Overall I was impressed with how reasonable she was as a 20 something In her photos, she looks like she s in her 40 s, I chalk that up to the stress she encountered by not being able to figure herself out at a young age which would be the only solution to accepting bullies as messed up people themselves, and therefore keeping her away from the need to do drugs as a coping mechanism when life got hairy as an adult Deep down past all the showiness and narcissism while trying to reach the top, she was also a very old soul The book, overall, was a fantastic glimpse into American history Many whine that the book lacks a decent form of writing they re correct, it s written like a conversation, not an art form It s dull in parts, hard to keep the people straight in the book, but it s still worth the read Laura does a decent job of capturing history and Janis s personality through stories of Janis s friends, co workers, roommates, lovers, fellow musicians, and many others she encountered All of them had a soft spot for her many of which painstakingly left her side when she would use dopethe sign of a true friend that was not going to enable it any There were some holes missing in the story that either Laura could not fill or maybe was so in the middle of it all that she might not know the reader would be interested in this or that tidbit How she handled the life Janis experienced when it came to her fans was not only overwhelming but sad to see how ridiculous humans can get it was thought that someone stole her dog out of her car because it was Janis Joplin s dog I would have been devastated Janis was brokenhearted since George was always her constant companion, but she handled the hurt by getting multiple dogs from the pound and dog shows.see, she was a crazy dog lady just like me The book leaves me wondering about so many other things I hadn t thought about And of course I wonder what Janis would be doing if she was alive today Probably still living in Northern California, maybe helping other musicians reach their dreams of hitting it big in the music industry I feel she would have frequented Nashville as she reached mid life But the story of how her unfortunate and accidental death touched so many and inspired people to do great things is what is the most electrifying thing about herthe story that lives on in her memory is proof of what a fantastic person she was Some may think it s not important, but to those people I say, what kind of inspiration are YOU putting out there Would you still be able to change society for the better after you ve gone That s quite a feat I started a dog rescue in her honor, it s called Piece Of My Heart Rescue I contacted Laura in 2010 and told her about it and she was thrilled Neat stuff Not a book for the mehJanis is okay person you will get quite bored But if you re a fanatic like me if upon hearing her name you say, that s what I m talkin about then maybe you should put this book on the stack next to your nightstand. A Revealing And Intimate Biography About Janis Joplin, The Queen Of Classic Rock, Written By Her Younger SisterJanis Joplin Blazed Across The Sixties Music Scene, Electrifying Audiences With Her Staggering Voice And The Way She Seemed To Pour Her Very Soul Into Her Music By The Time Her Life And Artistry Were Cut Tragically Short By A Heroin Overdose, Joplin Had Become The Stuff Of Rock And Roll LegendThrough The Eyes Of Her Family And Closest Friends , We See Janis As A Young Girl, Already Rebelling Against Injustice, Racism, And Hypocrisy In Society We Follow Janis As She Discovers Her Amazing Talents In The Beat Hangouts Of Venice And North Beach Singing In Coffeehouses, Shooting Speed To Enhance Her Creativity, Challenging The Norms Of Straight Society Janis Truly Came Into Her Own In The Fantastic, Psychedelic, Acid Soaked World Of Haight Asbury At The Height Of Her Fame, Janis S Life Is A Whirlwind Of Public Adoration And Hard Living Laura Joplin Shows Us Not Only The Public Janice Who Could Drink Jim Morrison Under The Table And Bean Him With A Bottle Of Booze When He Got Fresh She Shows Us The Private Janis, Struggling To Perfect Her Art, Searching For The Balance Between Love And Stardom, Battling To Overcome Her Alcohol Addiction And Heroin Use In A World Where Substance Abuse Was Nearly UniversalAt The Heart Of Love, Janis Is An Astonishing Series Of Letters By Janis Herself That Have Never Been Previously Published In Them She Conveys As No One Else Could The Wild Ride From Awkward Small Town Teenager To Rock And Roll Queen Love, Janis Is The New Life Of Janis Joplin We Have Been Waiting For A Celebration Of The Sixties Joyous Experimentation And Creativity, And A Loving, Compassionate Examination Of One Of That Era S Greatest Talents I don t really write reviews any, but I definitely need to say something here.First, about the book I thought that maybe being written by her sister, that this might be a biography with a lot of facts and incidents glossed over to maybe not tarnish Janis reputation However, that wasn t the case It was made clear in the very last chapter that Laura wanted people to know the real person that Janis was, not just the legend In Love, Janis we saw all of Janis scars, flaws and all I appreciated it While I may not have agreed with everything Janis ever did or said, it didn t diminish the effect she has on me, and how much I love her music In fact, knowing she was such a flawed person even made me love her .I ve always had such strong emotions about Janis, even before reading this book I said to my dad a few days ago, Whenever I listen to Janis, I am both happy and sad Happy because she was so amazing, but sad because of what else she could have accomplished And I got emotional reading the book, especially the end Her life didn t have to end like that, she had so much left to give She didn t want to die, and certainly didn t expect to die that night She was so excited for the future, and that just makes me sad Looking at the impact she had on people during such a short career, imagine how much bigger that impact would be if she had gone on making music for decades.Anyway, this is such a great tribute to an amazing force of nature If you want to read one book about Janis, let this be the one There are no rumors and crazy fictionalized stories here, just Janis. Wow There s alot I d like to say, about this book and about Janis, but it s all jumbled and I don t know where to start I came into this book knowing absolutely nothing about Miss Joplin, only that she is one of the Forever 27 legends I loved the book, first of all It was made all theintimate and believable because it was written by Janis sister, Laura I think it s a beautiful and truthful way to remember Janis She was a true artist emotional and searching, always questioning, clamouring for acceptance There were certain aspects about Janis that I could relate to, that I found myself thinking, Yes, I feel the same, And I think that is why her fans love her so much because they relate to her And not only that, but she could relate right back She was talented blues singer and completely gorgeous She only wanted to be accepted Who can t relate to that I am 27 as I write this Janis was my age when she died It s a strange parallel that I chose to read this book and I chose this time to get into her music I m glad I did though I feel like some part of me has been irrevocably changed by the book and by her. I gave this three stars mostly because Janis Joplin is an interesting person, and this book, since it was written by her sister, has previously unpublished letters sent by Janis If I had to rate it specifically on the writing, it would get zero stars Poor Laura Joplin Her characterizations always go like this So and So was with and.I have two sisters When are they going to do something awesome so I can get my crappy book published Anyway, despite the cliched, crappy writing, it s still worth reading. What can you say about Janis Joplin Apparently, if you are her sister, a lot This book is honest and loving, not denying facts about Janis problems in life, but also handling her story with the tenderness only a family member could muster There is a lot that has been said about Janis through the years, a lot of rumors perpetuated, but this story seems to be the authentic telling of her short days, with plenty of tidbits I, a huge fan, had never been aware of before reading the book A must read for fans of Janis Joplin, for those interested in the hay day of hippies and rock and roll and the summer of love, and for music buffs in general It s a great look into a life that should have been longer, a talent that couldn t be contained, a candle that burned out way before it was done giving light. I absolutely love this book, I m a massive Janis Joplin fan, have been ever since I was really small, and this book is in my top favorites of all time I ve read it multiple times, easily, about a bakers dozen or so in the least. I really wanted to love this, but it just bored me to tears. I m a huge Janis Joplin fan so it was a real treat to get such an insider s perspective on her life and career And the personal letters written by Janis herself were just the cherry on the sundae Janis music has always spellbound me and this book absolutely did the same I was completely enraptured from start to finish and just couldn t put this book down She was such a stunning and vibrant woman and that really came through in this book I also really enjoyed the photos that were added in, there were some really great ones in there The photos along with the letters from Janis really made this book into somethingpersonal and I really couldn t have loved it

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