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The Queen's Resistance ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.1 The Queen s RisingCrowning Isolde Kavanagh as the rightful queen was not the end of our rising It was merely the beginningThe Queen s Resistance is book two in Rebecca Ross s debut series, which I think is so underhyped and so underappreciated Seriously, friends, stop sleeping on this series Because this is exactly the kind of YA fantasy that I m always on the hunt for amazing friendships, swoon worthy romances, medieval setting, unique magic systems, and women coming into their power and embracing what has been taken from them by men who fear that power The Queen s Rising focused on our main character, Brienna, at a school that helps young girls hone sought after specializations And after graduating in one of these sought after trades art, music, dramatics, wit, and knowledge you will work under a patron doing a vast array of different things with your skill set But Brienna was sent to this boarding school so that she could go into hiding, because the blood that runs through her veins has made her quite the threat to the throne, and the world I honestly feel like I can t say too much about The Queen s Resistance, because it picks up very soon after the end events of The Queen s Rising, and a lot of things went down But I will say that Brienna is still very sought after, but now she has a very strong found family that helps protect her, regardless of what her last name is And even though the revolution is over, the rebuilding has just begun, and Brienna, and her family want to build something worthy of a legacyIf you were a storm, I would lie down and rest in your rain If you were a river, I would drink from your currents If you were a poem, I would never cease to read youCartier also gets his own point of view in this book, and his journey is also not an easy one because of his bloodline But regardless of the bad things that have happened in his past, he always shows empathy and consideration in every situation Seeing him and Brienna grow, and grow together, is so beautiful, and their strength and compassion really knows no bounds Found family is for sure the shining light of this beautiful tale, but this is also a book about becoming the person you want to be, regardless of the evil acts people have committed with the same last name as you And this is a story about rising up, and being what you dream of being, not who people expect you to be on account of a last name that you never asked to haveIs it only blood that makes a House Or is it beliefs What holds people together The red in their veins or the fire in their heartsOverall, I can t wait to see what comes next in this world I just fell so in love with these characters, and I want to protect them at all costs Rebecca Ross s writing is so lyrical and beautiful, and I really have become so attached to this entire world she has created Again, this series is so underhyped, and this author has really blown me and my expectations away with this debut series Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.Content and trigger warnings for graphic torture, murder, death, loss of a loved one, abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, talk of past rape, sex trafficking, captivity, and slavery.Buddy read with Lea at drumsofautumn The plot of this book had an odd focus in my opinion, but I did enjoy that this was all about the next step immediately after a rebellion has won back the throne This series is exploring the true heir trope in a unique way I enjoy the world, the characters, and the writing I love the focus on adoptive families.Audiobook review The female narrator was good with voices but average with reading The male narrator was poor with female voices but otherwise pretty good Enjoyable enough in this format to recommend. Reading this made me feel like a fairytale princess.Specifically, Shrek s Princess Fiona right after she knocks Robin Hood unconscious for being annoying This book is a great example of why character flaws are vital and why Mary Sues should be put to death by any self respecting editor Rebecca Ross isn t a bad writer She proves this in the Cartier POV chapters Unfortunately, she then contradicts this assertion any time we switch to Brienna Mary Sue s POV There s not much to work with when YOUR MC IS JUST SO PERFECT AND EVERYONE LOVES HER AND SHE CAN LITERALLY DO NO WRONG.NOT THAT I TOOK THIS WASTE OF TIME PERSONALLY OR ANYTHING. Video Review The Queen s Resistance was an amazing sequel to a first book that I already loved This second book only solidified my love for this series.This is also a hugely underrated series that much people need to pick upI love the spirit you are forged from If you were a storm, I would lie down and rest in your rain If you were a river, I would drink from your currents If you were a poem, I would never cease to read youI feel like I m not even gonna have that much to say about The Queen s Resistance It picked up directly after the end of The Queen s Rising and I felt like it really followed the themes of the first book So everything I said in my review for that definitely still stands for this sequel as well.I do think that you could tell that, after her amazing debut, Rebecca Ross improved her writing even I loved how she referenced the events of the first book and it was surprisingly easy to get back into the story, thanks to her giving us small recaps throughout the first couple of chapters It was very cleverly done.One of my favourite things about this story is still just how simplistic it is There s no big focus on any drama or tropes, Rebecca Ross doesn t need to rely on any of that to keep you engaged And while I love some good angst and tropes, it is so refreshing to read a book where it really seems like there is no need for that.And it s so interesting because at the same time, this book is full of surprising twists and shocking revelations Somehow Rebecca Ross really managed to pull that off.I also really love the world and all of the politics within it I can t wait to explore this even in the sequel and I really hope that even after this trilogy, we will return to this world cause I think it has so much potentialIs it only blood that makes a House Or is it beliefs What holds people together The red in their veins or the fire in their heartsBut the best thing about this series is all of the characters and their relationships The found family theme still runs strong throughout this book and it is so beautiful There were so many moments related to family that really made me tear up.As someone who truly loves romance, I almost think that there s not enough in this book I really love the relationship between Brienna and Cartier and so I wish that we had seen of them together in romantic moments At the same time, everything we did get was wonderful and beautiful and I know that a lot of people will be very satisfied with the way the romance is handled.What really makes this novel stand out in comparison to the first book, is some of the darker themes and topics that were included I don t really wanna go into any detail but it really felt like Rebecca Ross was ready to go a big step further than she did in The Queen s Rising and I think it worked incredibly well and was handled with care That said, it does deal with some really hard and heavy topics Content and trigger warnings for torture, child abuse, violence, slavery and sex traffickingShe gave me her breath as I gave her mine, until my heart was beating in her hands, until I felt like she had swallowed all of my secretsOverall, The Queen s Resistance is an amazing sequel, that builds on the basis that the first book has provided, while adding some really interesting new themes This book has me incredibly excited for what s to come in this series, this world and by Rebecca Ross Booktube Channel Twitter Instagram Buddy read with Melanie at meltotheany I received an ARC of this through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review march 5th, 2019 You will be the greatest queen the north has ever seenAh, this was wonderful But first off, I must thank the publisher and Edelweiss for the ARC All lines quoted here are taken from an uncorrected proof and may be changed by publication Also, warning this is pretty dark Melanie s review has a list of triggers, so be sure to check it out The Queen s Resistance picks up immediately after The Queen s Rising ends, just after Brienna and Isolde and their gang have overthrown the Lannons But that s just the start Overthrowing is easier than this new task to rebuild Maevana and consolidate Isolde s power before her coronation See the number of times in history that people have usurped the throne and then lost it shortly after We have dual POVs this time, with Brienna McQuinn and Aodhan Cartier Morgane he is easily one of the most quotable characters here Along with supporting Isolde and weeding out any last resistance, they have their own struggle with their identities Brienna, as a newly adopted McQuinn, must gain trust from her people Cartier must confront his past and overcome its darknessBecause no matter how far you run, you cannot escape from your blood, lassThe main cast is white as the story s set in Maevana which has Celtic influences as far as I remember Anyway, the worldbuilding here was fantastic I loved all the bits and pieces of Maevan culture woven inside such as the tapestry traditionnot saying here but that was so cool And another part I really enjoyed was the team dynamics, how they all supported and trusted each other So many warm fuzzy feels I think there are two questions most people who read The Queen s Rising have, and I will try to answer them Do I need to read the sequel At first I thought, Well, TQR wrapped up neatly but I do want to know what happened And then I read it and I m glad there s a sequel because it is so UNIQUE See, often in YA, we read about overthrowing tyrannical kings like TQR but not as much about rebuilding and rising into greatness and peace So I would say, if you re looking for a fresher YA read and enjoyed TQR, give it a try What ofthat romance I know many readers may have issue with Cartier and Brienna s romance because he was initially her instructor It felt odd to me myself, though I thought they were suited for each other But upon reading this second book, I no longer have concerns about this power imbalance Their relationship is one built on mutual love and respect from BOTH sides It s healthier imo than other romances where the characters were hiding secrets from each other If you were a storm, I would lie down and rest in your rain If you were a river, I would drink from your currents If you were a poem, I would never cease to read youNow, I want that 3rd companion book Preferably one following one of Brienna s passion sisters like Merei squee or my favorite cinnamon rolls Luc or Sean.My Blog My Instagram My Twitter My face as I try not to cry cause I m going to die alone since there will be nothing as beautiful as the love between Brienna and Aodhan The Highly Anticipated Sequel To The Queen S Rising Finally, Brienna Is A Mistress Of Knowledge And Is Settling Into Her Role As The Daughter Of Davin MacQuinn, A Disgraced Lord Who Returned To Maevana To Reclaim His House Though She D Just Survived A Revolution, One That Will Finally Return A Queen To The Throne, She Faces Another Difficult Challenge She Must Prove Herself Trustworthy To The MacQuinns But As Queen Isolde Kavanagh S Closest Confidant, She Ll Have To Balance Serving Her Father S House As Well As Her Country And Then There S Cartier, A Wholly Separate But Desirable Factor In Her New LifeAodhan Morgane, Formerly Known As Cartier Variste, Is Adjusting To The Stark Contrast Between His Pre Rebellion Life In Valenia As A Master Of Knowledge And His Current One As The Lord Of A Fallen House During His Castle S Restoration, He Discovers A Ten Year Old Boy Named Tomas, Whose Past And Parentage Are A Complete Mystery So When Cartier S Former Pupil Brienna Is As Taken With Tomas As He Is, He Lets His Mind Wander What If He Doesn T Have To Raise Him Or His House Alone As The Lannon Trial Rapidly Approaches, Brienna And Cartier Must Put Their Feelings Aside To Concentrate On Forging Alliances, Executing Justice, And Ensuring That No One Interferes With The Queen S Coronation But Resistance Is Rumbling Among The Old Regime S Supporters, Who Are Desperate To Find A Weakness In The Rebels Forces And Nothing Makes A Person Vulnerable Than Deep Seated Love 3.5 StarsIs it only blood that makes a House Or is it beliefs What holds people togetherThis continues to be a wonderful fantasy series with The Queen s Resistance being a strong political fantasy ab0ut rebellions, family, and legacy Picking up right where The Queen s Rising left off, Brienna and Cartier try to navigate Maevana politics and heal from old wound as the country is fundamentally changed Things I Liked This book had all the politics and power plays and I was so here for it I love political fantasy books because they just add so much to the world Seeing how the different alliances and rivalries influence the characters andee drive their actions was so cool.I feel like the story introduced some great strong new characters Especially Neeve and Ewa, both of which had plenty of screen time that never took away from the main characters.There was such a natural progression to the story reveals made sense and moved plot forward and nothing felt rushed It made the story super easy to read and fall into.There was so much action and fighting in the story It was well placed and plotted, keeping me engaged and hooked Things I Didn t Like First chapter felt really long so it was a bit hard for me to get into the story and back into the world But it picked up after chapter 1, and there was enough of a recap without feeling too much to help familiarize myself with the story.My least favorite part of the story was probably the ending It just felt a little rushed and unsatisfying It was a nice conclusion and I got most of the answers I wanted, but 50 pages wouldn t have hurt my feelings.This truly is an underrated fantasy series that offers so much worldbuilding and shining character moments that it s impossible to not fall in love The Queen s Resistance is a unique story filled with loveable romances and intricate worldbuilding that crafts a surprising story that sticks with you I received a copy of the book from HarperTeen via Edelweiss in exchange fro an honest review. This is a solid sequel.Here are some of my thoughts The strong family and friendship themes are what makes this book worth reading I like how it s not just about the romance or about the political plot Ross has done well in establishing the strength of each relationship It makes me feel so much when I see characters be happy or sad for one another I love how much Luc and Jourdain have become her family now they are such lovable characters Also, I appreciate seeing Brienna forming a strong friendship with the queen Cartier gets his own narration in this one and I enjoy it His romance with Brienna is sweet and romantic Brienna is frustrating at times with her secrecy about her not being accepted as a MacQuinn and with the retaliation I feel like it would ve been smarter to voice her concerns, but I can understand why she d be embarrassed to say them Brienna definitely goes through a lotttt in this book way than the previous I appreciate that she has gotten stronger.3 stars I like the 1st book better but this is a solid sequel and I have learned to really like certain characters I m honestly not sure where the next book will go book focuses a lot on the vengeance and healing to gain closure from the dark era I guess it ll be nice to see a book of that rebuilding and moving forward Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler Yes Not the last book though hide spoiler

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