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Jesus Economy You Know People Around The World Are Struggling A Homeless Man Holds A Sign That Reads, Anything Helps A Poor Child Lives In A Slum Swarming With Flies A Refugee Mother Is On The Brink Of Starvation You Ask Yourself, But What CanI Do About Such Big Problems You Re Looking For Long Term Solutions John D Barry Shares Incredible, And Often Shocking, Stories About Working Among The Impoverished And Unchurched In The US And Abroad And Since Barry Is A Bible Scholar, Jesus Economy Is Also Deeply Rooted In The Scriptures It Is A Personal, Sometimes Funny, Often Heartbreaking Account That Presents A Revolutionary Pattern For Lasting Change Jesus Economy Is Based On Self Sacrifice His Currency Is Love It S Called Jesus Economy Because It S About Creating A Spiritual And Physical Economy For Those Who Need It Most Here Is A Thoroughly Biblical And Compassionate Pattern For Addressing Issues Of Poverty And Offering The Hope Of The Gospel Jesus Economy Shows How You As An Individual Can Best Encourage Renewal In Your Community Demonstrates How Your Church Community Or Any Group Can Alleviate Poverty Presents A Unified Plan For Creating Jobs, Spreading The Gospel, And Meeting Basic Needs Focuses On Community Development And Sustainability Lasting Change, Globally And Locally Jesus Economy Is A Call To Address Our Own Spiritual Poverty As People Who Can Too Easily Become Distant From Christ And It Is A Call To Address The Physical Poverty All Around Us In A Smart And Sustainable Way Jesus Teachings Show That With Simple, Everyday Choices, You Can Make The World A Better Place And Create Enduring Change Here S How To Live Jesus Economy A Currency Of Love % Of Author S Proceeds Go To The Nonprofit Jesus Economy, To Fuel The Movement Of Creating Jobs And Churches In The Developing World In his book, Jesus Economy A Biblical View of Poverty, the Currency of Love, and a Pattern for Lasting Change, author John Barry sheds some much needed light in the area of poverty alleviation from a Biblical perspective In a time when short term missions and blindly giving money to the poor are almost expected of Christians, Barry calls us to question the effectiveness of these methods Instead of just meeting basic physical needs, Barry offers aholistic approach that incorporates church planting and job creation to create long term solutions One thing that is clear while reading the book is that the Jesus Economy model is influenced by sound exegesis of the Bible, every step of the way There are many points in the book to stop and reflect on specific Biblical passages or facts, which feels very devotional while remaining absolutely educational The thing that I appreciated most about the book were the real life stories that Barry included in each chapter The Jesus Economy model is not something abstract and untested, but rather something that has been lived out amongst those who need it most Overall, Barry challenges us to put God s kingdom first by laying down our lives, and our wallets responsibly , as he has done I highly recommend this book to anyone who desires to gain a Biblical view of how we can alleviate poverty in a lasting way. John Barry s Jesus Economy was really helpful for me in thinking through how I, as a Christian in the United States, can advance the kingdom, impact the global church, and meaningfully address the issues of global poverty and hardship faced by people throughout the world John stresses that to alleviate world poverty, we should realize how impoverished we are spiritually if we do not have the gospel first and foremost at the center of our lives The proclamation of Christ crucified and the alleviation of material and physical hardships should go hand in hand in our ministries at home and abroad In Jesus economy, we are called to live spirit filled lives marked by generosity and charity, and if these aren t at the forefront of our endeavors, then we labor in vain Moreover, John writes in a really engaging style that continually emphasizes and re emphasizes the message of the gospel It s obvious from the first pages of the book that John s hope is in Jesus, a hope he wants to share with anyone who reads his book or knows about the non profit he runs, Jesus Economy John also provides considerable data on world poverty and the plans that have been tried so far to alleviate it, breaking down what is a huge problem in a way that is clear for readers to understand For a layman unfamiliar with all the major crises erupting across the world, John s inserts on global poverty, indices, and other relevant figures were extremely helpful The problem seems overwhelmingly big, but the central message of Jesus Economy is as inspiring as it is practical Reject the apathy so common in our culture, pray that God would enable you to take meaningful, albeit small, steps in the right direction, and embrace the kind of gospel centered change examined in the book Really good, worthwhile read. John Barry s book is a compelling, thought provoking read that has challenged my thinking about poverty and my response to it as a Christian There has beenthan one eureka moment as I ve made sense of many of my own experiences and contemplated how I can better serve my community and the impoverished of my world in the future.It quite likely would have been a very useful read for me prior to visiting the Solomon Islands on a short term mission trip and before moving to PNG where we spent 5 years I made so many blunders when it came to dealing with the impoverished based on my own ignorance and discomfort with the abject need I saw all around me I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels completely overwhelmed when faced with poverty and challenges in today s world to anyone who wants to dofor the Kingdom and to anyone who is considering participating in either short or long term mission I hope that John, Jesus Economy and those who read this book and are challenged to live by its principles continue to successfully transform the world around us until the day that Jesus returns

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