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The Real Frank Zappa Book Very important in my teenage years Introduced me to a lot of important ideas, none so important as the John Cage bit If John Cage, for instance, says I m putting a contact microphone on my throat, and I m going to drink carrot juice, and that s my composition, then his gurgling qualifies as his composition because he put a frame around it and said so Take it or leave it, I now will this to be music After that, it s a matter of taste. I read this book so long ago.It belonged to my boyfriend at the time, Michael Schneider We were on a road trip from New Orleans to Milwaukee, where he grew up We were going to visit his family I was meeting his family for the first time We had car trouble and ended up getting stuck in Effingham, Illinois I read this book while we waited for car repairs It was hilarious and I laughed out loud a lot It saved my sanity.Here s the poem i wrote about that trip, which includes a bit about this book On Our Way to MilwaukeeThe Celica broke down in Effingham, Illinois.The problem was the alternatoror radiatoror some such shit.I remember there was smoke or was it steam pouring from under the hood,and we had to pullonto the dark shoulder of the interstateand wait for a tow truck to appear.You were angry you who were usually so good natured and jovial you cursed your bad luckand flipped off the caryou had bought usedonly a few months before.I took a picture of you comical in your anger thinking I d show it to our children one day, tell them this was the trip when their mother first mettheir Wisconsin grandparents.We spent the night in a cheap hotel room,but were too exhausted to have sex quite a waste for two dorm dwelling college studentswho never had enough privacy or free time.We ate breakfast at Arby s or was it Hardee s and saw a thin, middle aged man dressed as the Statue of Liberty.I realized that New Orleans wasn t the only place with eccentrics and freaks.We spent the whole hot dayat a gas station garagewaiting for repairs.I read your copy of Frank Zappa s autobiographyand laughed my ass off.In less than a year,you dumped me and thank goodness we never had any kidsto look at that photo.August 2007 The Legendary Frank Zappa, One Of The Most Influential, Innovative And Controversial Musical Artists For The PastYears, Takes Us On A Wild, Funny Trip Through His Life And Times Along The Way, Zappa Offers His Inimitable Views On Many Things Such As Art, Politics And Beer I started paging through The Real Frank Zappa Book in an effort to generate band name ideas and ended up reading the entire thing cover to cover I attribute this to three things Zappa had an interesting life, he had interesting things to say and he was able to talk about things in an interesting manner TRFZB is part autobiography and part philosophical exploration, the exploration being of Zappa s mind in the form of theories, beliefs and ideas Frankly HA HA HA HA sorry, couldn t help it , I think Zappa was the exact right combination of outside the box thinker and common sense genius that it would take to be a truly positive force in the world of politics, though associating with the slime typically found in those venues would likely have driven him insane or worse Never mind that politics has descended to a kind of organized sport with a big, dumb Superbowl every four years At least in football they get to watchthan two teams compete Anyway Reading TRFZB took me back to a time it was first published in 1989 when things were different Not better or worse but very seriously different Music was primarily sold on physical media The interwebs was light years away from its current incarnation as the hip, new opiate for the masses Nirvana was just a little known band from Seattle And the government or their wives, really were very concerned with the mental health and moral fiber of America s youth Who knows what I m talking about That s right, it s the PMRC The Parent Music Resource Center was the result if we are to believe the legend of a bored housewife hearing her daughter s Prince LP, specifically the song Darling Nikki and its masturbation reference and FLIPPING OUT This bored housewife got her other bored housewife friends together and they set out to deleteriously effect the lives of millions of people They did this by getting their politician husbands to threaten intimidate manipulate organizations like the Recording Industry Association of America to force record labels to put a sticker on their releases warning of lyrical topics deemed unfit for consumption of minors It was disgusting It was revolting to watch these idiots use their husband s political power to make a name for themselves as well as get those husbands names in the public eye.Who was that bored housewife who started all this if we agree to excuse Prince from any culpability Tipper Gore You know who her husband is America s environmental hero, Al Gore.I ve never liked Gore and the PMRC is the reason After the PMRC fervor died down, Al Gore ran for president Obviously, it was extremely beneficial for his wife to do what she did when she did what she did to all of us And, of course, we must acknowledge that Tipper is not a bored housewife at all but, in actuality, a black hearted snake oil salesman witch hunter who knows how to work the system.This is why, when Gore s film came out, I was mystified that everyone was lauding him as some kind of hero I haven t seen the film get off my back, I will sooner or later and it better beinteresting than that wretched Fahrenheit 911 movie but it can t possibly make up for all the nonsense we had to deal with from Al and Tip I m just saying Does anyone remember the blank tape tax That was where consumers would be charged a tax when purchasing blank tapes because everyone just knew consumers were going to bootleg i.e make tapes of their friends records or cassettes the industry into bankruptcy Who was one of the bill s cosponsors Al Gore.Gore groupies beware all is not what it seems in Goreville.Another result of the PMRC, if not directly than by default, is something called Back In Control Remember that fine organization Back In Control claimed to be able to de punk or de metal your kids Apparently they were unable to de country or de disco your kids, or were uninterested, in spite of any suggestive lyrics that may have existed in those genres Your kids were taken away to a place where they were essentially brainwashed into being good Christians It was like any cult, only it was sanctioned by America, mom and her apple pie I m done talking about Back In Control because it gives me the willies but, if you aren t familiar, it makes for as good a bedtime read as any horror story.I think it s unfortunate for society that Zappa passed away so young because we could all use a little of his input right now We still have Jello Biafra but he gets so worked up and crazy I think Zappa would be able to provide the clear, concise, level headed analysis that we need in today s intellectually bankrupt era For example Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe I dispute that I say there isstupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe He s correct And that was from 1989 If Zappa were here today, he d be evenbeautiful and powerful than he was then More than twenty yearsbeautiful and powerful His foresight is truly awesome In the future, etiquette will becomeimportant That doesn t mean knowing which fork to pick up I mean basic consideration for the rights of other animals human beings included and the willingness, whenever practical, to tolerate the other guy s idiosyncrasies That s proven to be true, especially with the worldwide population approaching seven billion I d say etiquette is right up at the top of the list.But, what about the music Zappa s a music guy, right Zappa s reflections on music have always been prescient and insightful Being a musician, I value the man s knowledge and experience mightily Being a consumer, I value his inherent need to challenge the status quo As a kid, it was empowering to hear Zappa urging me to think for myself and not just go with the flow when it came to how I spent my entertainment dollars Zappa s philosophy If it sounds GOOD to YOU, it s bitchen and if it sounds BAD to YOU, it s sh tty And that is exactly true That simple theory holds water and prevents one from becoming a moneymaking tool for a bunch of rich a sholes Remember how the psycho in American Psycho had a CD collection of the current hits and cycled out the old stuff periodically That s sociopathic consumerism I think.Zappa puts forth words of wisdom on a dizzying variety of useful topics, from parenting to politics to education to religion He also provides perhaps the most entertaining Frank Zappa bio possible, covering childhood, youth, The Mothers, his family andHe refers to what he does as amateur anthropology, which just tickles me to no end I think he s incredible and I miss his presence in this crazy old world and I very much wish he had writtenYou just know he would be an outstanding guest on The John Stewart Show or The Colbert Report Hell, I m sure he d have his own show.Oddly enough, everything he has to say about politics, finances, religion, education, etc still holds true todaythan twenty years later And that s just sad Remember those Virginia Slims ads You ve come a long way, baby, they praised Well, the reverse is true for the world today This baby has stayedor less where it started, screaming and crying and sitting in a dirty diaper We have ipads and Twitter i.e diaper rash but most of the same things are pretty much as bad as they ever were.I d like to praise the artwork to be found in TRFZB, all of which was done by one A West I figure this isn t Adam West of Batman Family Guy fame, but it s kind of fun to think it is It sfun to have these pictures to accompany the text They are awesome TRFZB is a fantastic read and I consider it something of a classic in the realm of music autobiography Zappa s wit is razor keen and dry as the desert This is such a fun book to read and I m so glad a happy accident led to me reading it again.Unfortunately, I still don t have a band name. started out great, seemed to be full of delightful anecdotes and stories, but in the meantime transformed into boring babbling about pretty much everything i prefer different streams of consciousness. Let me say right off that I love Frank Zappa His albums, especially Freak Out and We re Only in it For the Money, were part of the soundtrack of my youth They added their own secret herbs to the olio of my musical personality But this book is a disappointment It s got way, way too much about his appearance before Congress and his disdain for organized religion though God knows I love zingers against politicians and Jerry Falwell but just because he s right doesn t make it not boring and not enough about, you know, his MUSIC He comes off as arrogant though often funny There is also a non chronological lack of flow to the book I couldn t help but think, Jeez, he must have better stories than these His Captain Beefheart stories alone, I imagine, would make a better book Still, there are piquant lines like Conducting is when you draw designs in the nowhere with a stick, or with your hands which are interpreted as instructional messages by guys wearing bow ties who wish they were fishing. This is a brilliant and very funny book It has great insights into the current state of America, music, politics, televangelism, and muchThe biography of Zappa is only a small part of the book The rest is devoted to his thought on various issues, and deserves reading An excellent read Being a Zappa fan, I was excited to finally get my hands on this And it s fantastic, pure Zappa, lots of great anecdotes and brilliant commentary until towards the end It felt as though Frank kinda ran out of story and starting ranting a bit While I agreed with what he said for the most part, it was a tangent to all the great stuff before it Still awesome, though.EDIT, 2ND READING I got into an FZ mood and reread this sucker I still agree with the four star rating, but I approached it differently This is not a typical autobiography as I had initially expected when I read it a few years ago,of a trip through Zappa s mind And on that level, the book is indispensable for fans As the book neared the end and he looked atpolitical issues, it became a bit dry a tangent to the humorously cynical chapters that came before I loved the book still and will most likely pick it up again in a few years Spend some time with the great Sheik Yerbouti I greatly enjoyed the first part of this book Zappa s humorous look at his early years and musical experiences is entertaining and somewhat informative As the book progresses, though, it becomesof a series of rants against his various critics and pet peeves Several of Zappa s associates have noted that this account is largely fictionalized, tending to reflect Zappa as ajust and generous character than he actually was I recommend reading Barry Miles Frank Zappa first, to break down some of the myths in the autobiography The chapter that is largely transcriptions of his defense before the British high court of justice reveals much about how Zappa can turn a phrase and redirect a conversation, changing something that obviously indicates sex to something that is ambiguous which is humorous and fascinating Zappa enjoys his wordplay and excels at it At another point he asks himself Am I sexist and after a fashion answers that with Those songs are about stupid men Huh How did we get there This is definitely stream of consciousness writing, complete with generous and inappropriate use of italics, bold, CAPS, and underlines, which becomes quite annoying after the first 50 pages.Still, some of the rants might be of interest, depending on your point of view I, for example, enjoyed the chapter on Church and State very much The chapter entitled Failures, about Zappa s ideas and projects that weren t realized, shows some innovative thinking and conceptualizing, far ahead of his era Read the book if you like Zappa s music and or satire, but feel free to skip sections you re not enjoying You can pick up or leave his stream of consciousness at any point. Whether you like Frank Zappa s music or not of course you do , I can t recommend this book enoughit is Hilarious note the capital H he had a terrific perspective on the world, and the most perfect sense of humor I want to read it again just thinking about it.

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Frank Vincent Zappa was an American composer, musician, and film director In a career spanning than 30 years, Zappa established himself as a prolific and highly distinctive composer, electric guitar player and band leader He worked in almost every musical genre and wrote music for rock bands, jazz ensembles, synthesizers and symphony orchestra, as well as musique concr te works constructed

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