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Unicorns Unite Unicorns Unite is for the nonprofit professional who wants to re evaluate the sector and how we approach our work It s an easy read complete with illustrations and writing prompts to help you apply the topics to your own organization These aspects can make the seem less serious , but it truly is a must read for understanding the ways in which our sector is dysfunctional and how we perpetuate these problems by not challenging the status quo I m excited to discuss with my book club Calling All Changemakers Open Your Mind, And Buckle Up For A Bumpy Ride Through A Truth Telling Journey About The Dysfunctional Relationship Between Foundations And Nonprofits We All Know That It S Broken So Why Haven T We Fixed It Enter The UnicornsJoin Unicorns Jane Leu, Vu Le, And Jessamyn Shams Lau For A Nitty Gritty, Inside Look At How Foundations And Nonprofits Relate Today, And Why We Re Stuck In The Status Quo Next, Get Ready For A Rocket Ship Ride To A Future Filled With EPIC Partnerships Grounded In Equality, Trust, And Creativity Partnerships To Help Us Think Bigger, Bolder, And Better About Social Change Finally, Make It Happen Roll Up Your Sleeves And Dive Into A Series Of Fun And Thought Provoking Exercises For You To Do And Discuss With Your Team, Your Partners, And Your Board Unicorns Unite Is A Whimsical Journey Through A Challenging Conversation That Could Hold The Key To Slaying The Dragons Of Injustice And Inequity Once And For All Fast read but extremely important content that I haven t read anywhere else Strongly recommend this to all foundation and non profit employees Fun visuals with a relaxed style that rests on a firm philosophical grounding My only criticisms are that 1 the book doesn t flow particularly well, so it feels disjointed, and 2 the inclusion of Vu s blog posts is nice, but again feels out of place and not clearly explained. Loved it Read it in one sitting and I ll be passing it on to my coworkers so we can work through some of the exercises together Highly recommend It s an easy read, though a tough subject to help the nonprofit sector change itself Puts forth some challenging ideas in a fun and uses enough non jargon language that most from outside the sector will be able to understand it.Certainly a must read for any foundation staff and board to read, and a must for all nonprofit professional staff So much good info in here for funders and non profits alike I read this in one sitting So grateful to the authors for providing us a concise analysis of what is happening in the npo philanthropy sector and beautiful ways to create a new type of relationship between npos and funders I ve followed Vu s blog since it began so the content and tone were familiar However, the exercises that the authors created together, and the whole analysis, is necessary for our sector A must read for all in philanthropy on either side. It is striking how many nonprofit leaders and foundation execs have glaring blind spots about each other s work Far too few leaders have sat in both seats Unicorns Unite is an accessible, easy read that bridges the gaps that lead to dysfunction and distrust between foundations and nonprofits I would highly recommend this for foundation staff who are new to the field and or have not spent time working in nonprofits.

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