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A Book of Sorcerers and Spells Go I Know Not Whither And Fetch I Know Not What Russia The Sleeper Ireland Manikin Spanalong Germany The Foam Maiden Gypsy The Palace Of The Seven Little Hills Ireland The Great Bear Of Orange Ireland Oda And The Snake Austria The Three Ivans Russia Foni And Fotia Sudan Sorcerer Kaldoon Transylvania The Magic Monkeys Italy The Mossy Rock North Africa Another excellent collection of stories My favorites included Go I Know Not Wither and Fetch I Know Not What , The Three Ivans , The Foam Maiden , and The Palace of the Seven Little Hills.

About the Author: Ruth Manning-Sanders

Ruth Manning Sanders, youngest daughter of an English minister, describes her childhood as extraordinarily happy with kind and understanding parents and any amount of freedom She read omnivorously, and she and her two sisters wrote and acted their own plays A Shakespeare scholar at Manchester University, she later married Cornish artist George Manning Sanders They began married life in a

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