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Smooth Talking Stranger A wonderful steamy romantic story with a great and satisfying ending The title really suites too Jack was such a smooth talker Yum As with the other books in the series, there is an underline storyline of personal growth and recovery, but these characters weren t so deeply damaged emotionally as the characters in the previous books I loved the realistic feel of their relationship from the start Thier growing together, and finally the realization they are meant for each other I just started to skim chapter one as I am already in the middle of another book, but I couldn t put this one down Now I ll go back and finish my other book. 5 stars Contemporary RomanceBoy oh boy did I love this book Smooth Talking Stranger is a sinfully decadent treat for contemporary romance lovers It s like Godiva for chocolate lovers and a good French roast for coffee loversjust yum I loved Sugar Daddy , despite that it leaned towards chick lit and really liked Blue Eyed Devil , even though it was heavy on the drama and lacked Hardy s viewpoint, but Smooth Talking Stranger is straight up romance and nice and steamy, just the way I like it Bachelor playboy Jack Travis is positively deliciouspure male and completely irresistible Miss Independent Ella Varner tries mighty hard to resist his charms, but she s delusional if she thinks for one minute that would ever work against a sexy, sweet, confident, enticing man s man like Jack I kept screaminggirl, if you don t hurry and snatch him up you are crazy There are so many funny, tender, sexy moments in this book that it s impossible to do it justice The banter between Ella and Jack is a real delight And good lord, the scenes with Jack caring for and playing with the baby nearly made me faint He s just absolutely swoon worthy There s really no other way to describe him.Ella hales from Austin where I happen to live and Kleypas s description of the hippie Austin boyfriend Dane, with his hemp shirt and Birkenstocks, cracked me up because it s just so true Being an independent minded, liberal vegetarian living in the conservative Lone Star State myself, I identified a lot with Ella s character, but knew she stood no chance against a force like Jack Travis He could pursue me any day girlfriends Even if you didn t care for Sugar Daddy and or Blue Eyed Devil or avoided them because of the mixed reviews, don t miss out on the sheer pleasure that is Smooth Talking Stranger , and I think it would be okay as a stand alone novel It s utterly delightful and a contemporary romance lover s dreambig 5 stars Jack Travis Leads The Uncomplicated Life Of A Millionaire Texas Playboy He Makes No Commitments, He Loves Many Women, He Lives For Pleasure But No One Has Ever Truly Touched His Heart Or Soul Until One Day, A Woman Appears On His Doorstep With Fury On Her Face And A Baby In Her Arms It Seems Jack Is The Father And This Woman Is The Baby S Aunt The Real Mother Has Abandoned The Child To Her Responsible Sister And Now, Jack Is Being Called Upon To Take Responsibility For The First Time In His Life With Delicious Romantic Tension, Characters So Real They Walk Onto The Page And Into Your Heart, Lisa Kleypas Delivers The Kind Of Novel That Makes You Laugh, Love Cry And Cheer Okay, apparently I am a pretty fickle woman With each Travis Family book I have read, I have fallen in lust with Gage, Hardy though his isn t a Travis and now Jack Honestly I can t make up mind which one of them I lust the most because each story as been pretty FANTASTIC Have you read any of these books If you haven t then you are missing out I m serious It doesn t matter which book you start with They don t need to be read in any particular order IMO because Lisa Kleypas does an amazing job of weaving everyone into the story without giving away anything important from their own stories.In Smooth Talking Stranger we get Jack Travises story He is the middle son of Churchill Travis He enjoys his life and the women in it Things were pretty simple for Jack That is until he meets Ella Varner She was unexpected and a bit of a whirlwind.Jack WOW Just WOW He certainly was a smooth talking guy He was also hot, sexy, sweet and incredibly charming He was a Travis so of course he was successful and wealthy too But there was a simplicity about him that was irresitable I loved that it was his smile that sent tingles to every part of Ella Ella She was something special She was fun She was strong and such a beautiful person on the inside and outside Life had left her a little skeptical when it came to love and happiness She was living a life that was comfortable and safe But things were about to change in ways that she never expected Ella finds herself in a situation that she has no choice with Because she loves her sister Tara, though she is very self centered and selfish, she finds herself taking care of Tara s newborn son Luke What swirls around Tara is a bit unsettling and Ella is determined to do what is right for Luke Trying to find Luke s dad brings her to the doorstep of Jack Travis But Ella soon finds out that nothing is as it seems Her life with Luke becomes filled with than just sleepless nights, dirty diapers and endless bottles In the middle of all the chaos she finds a man that does funny things her heart Life has a funny way of unfolding Ella never planned to have a baby but now she has Luke She never thought she would want to be a mom but she doesn t know what she is going to do without Luke in her life She also didn t expect to meet a man like Jack He made her want in her life He made her want him I absolutely loved the connection and chemistry Ella and Jack had Their relationship was filled with laughter, kindness and passion The way that Jack seduced Ella s mind and body was incredible And the anticipation to their intimate moments was crazy I loved every minute I truly enjoy all things romance but I have to say Smooth Talking Stranger gave me a bit than the traditional sexy romance story that I have come to love This was such a heartfelt story Watching Ella and Jack both change in ways both did not expect and little Luke being at the center of it all was wonderful I loved this book and I highly recommend it Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas was a wonderful read I loved the characters and the storyline Ella was a heroine who I could identify with, especially about trying to help out your family and the constant guilt you feel when you can never do enough She has a very complicated relationship with her sister but she is there for her when her sister needs her Ella gets a call from her mother saying her younger sister left her newborn baby at the mother s house and disappeared Ella knows her mother cannot handle a baby, so she drives to Houston to try to figure out what is going on Once there, she has to take over responsibility for baby Luke and try to figure out where her sister ran off to, along with finding out whom the father might be Ella hears that Jake Travis, a rich local businessman, might be the father, so she goes to his office with Luke to demand a paternity test but he denies ever sleeping with her Despite their rocky first meeting, Jack and Ella have a very powerful attraction to each other from the start Jack finds an apartment for Ella and proceeds to help her as she adjusts to being a sudden mother to a newborn Jack falls hard and fast for Ella but she has a lot of problems with commitment due to her bad childhood Not to worry though, Jack is than enough of a man to help her through her problems Jack Travis was quite a hero he was sexy, responsible and the type of guy you would dream about having in real life He loves Ella just the way she is and does everything he can to support and help her He is a manly Texas man who loves hunting and fishing but he still helps with the baby and putting together a crib I love the fact that he didn t want Luke wearing pink socks or having a girly bunny rabbit, so Jack bought Luke a nice manly toy truck I love how Jack was dominant and possessive toward Ella but he still gave her time and space to work out her feelings There were a lot love scenes in this book than the last two, which was great because Jack was quite a lover nice and dominant in the bedroom just the way I like them The whole story was sweet and wonderfully romantic, I loved reading it.All three of Lisa Kleypas s contemporary heroines have been wonderful She manages to write women who I can identify with because I have some of the same life experiences She does a great job characterizing the various feelings and emotions women go through as a result of bad childhoods and dysfunctional families All of her heroes have been just amazingly sexy and powerful I would have a problem choosing between them, but Hardy and Jack would have the top spots Hardy was just such an overwhelmingly sexy man with a rough edge, while Jack was the sexy, dominant man who was always fun to be around I can t wait for Joe Travis s story, I hope it s as good as the first three Travis books Miss Kleypas, are you reading my mind How do you get me where I live emotionally so easily I felt as though reading this book you had delved deeply inside my psyche, laying my issues out for me to examine in the context of a character with whom I found myself identifying very deeply You see, I too have control issues I too am afraid to love deeply and to care, because when you do, you lose something, and you can t get it back It seems so much easier to hide behind your fortress of heart.Reading your book was therapy for me Because it helped me to look at things and to realize that holding oneself in won t save you from hurt It just makes you feel alone and hurting than if you did open yourself to loving others.You made me cry with Ella s feelings for Luke I could feel from the beginning, that tender thread of love that blossomed in Ella s wary heart for that helpless bundle of humanity Babies are the secret weapon, and I think you know that How can you not love a baby, who looks up at you and knows only how to love and trust you They sink beneath your skin and find your tender areas of the heart that you have no defense or protection for And that love builds a bridge between them to you, and from there, to the rest of the world Luke felt like the way to open Ella up so that she could love Jack I also think that Jack fell for Ella because he saw who she truly was in the way she cared for Luke, because she forgot to keep up her armor up then I totally, totally got that.You also made me laugh with this story I loved the dialogue and the conversations They feel very genuine to me Like people I know talk, like conversations I might have Texas is my stomping ground, although not Houston so much But this book felt just like the Texas I know, the folks I see and live with every day, even if I don t really know the richer echelons But people are people, no matter what how much money they have You captured that beautifully.And the romance Ma am you have a gift for writing romance that blesses your readers You capture that deep, irresistible powerful intensity of a love story the steam, the emotional connection, the powerful bond between a man and a woman This book is one of your steamy ones, and you definitely had me fanning myself as I read.As for Jack Travis yeah, he s irresistible He s a mix of charm, determination, and realness that a woman can t overlook Ella stood no chance I m glad she didn t, because they were made for each other I don t go for that slick ladies man type, but you crafted Jack with a substance that goes beyond the charm and the playboy exterior to make him a fully realized character I liked his confidence, and I liked that he also had vulnerabilities Even though he d been hurt in the past, he didn t hold back from Ella He gave of himself deeply, and that s what I love in a man He s not just saying what you want to hear He s there to back up his words His actions show where his heart is Yeah, he played around in the past In theory, that doesn t appeal to me in the slightest But, on a realistic level, you take the good and the bad, the experiences that make a person who they are, and you love them for the unique creation that they have been made into by the experiences that have shaped them, along with their intrinsic core That was my long, drawn out way of saying that I loved Jack for who he was in this story, and that was a complex mix that worked very well for this story He needed to be that man to be the right man for Ella Yes, I can see why Jack is a favorite of many of your fans I still love Hardy the best out of this series I just do Hardy.that man makes me sigh But Jack.he ain t the slightest bit shabby I was surprised at the fact that I think I love Ella even than Jack It helps that I walked around in her skin in this book I told you earlier that I felt a lot of identification with her, not on a superficial level But on a deeper level, in the arena of the psyche It was cathartic to see her work through her issues, and gave me something to think about I loved the way she loved Luke, and I loved the way she loved Jack I loved that she was a loyal sister and a patient daughter to a very difficult mother who needed that kind of love from her daughter I liked that she picked herself from the ashes of a troubled childhood, and made a good life for herself, and sought mental and emotional wholeness If she hadn t started that before she ever met Jack and Luke, then those relationships wouldn t have had the same hopeful resolution I m glad that s not the case.Once again, you ve given me a great read, and hours of pleasure, but also a read that engaged me fully Thanks again, Ms Kleypas 4.5 starsI think the busiest people are often the loneliestSmooth Talking Stranger is the third book in the Travises series and it was such a delight to read This book follows cynic Ella Varner, who finds herself the guardian of her newborn nephew rather abruptly She thinks the father is Jack Travis and approaches him for a DNA sample Jack Travis takes an immediate liking to Ella and begins pursuing her, much to her chagrinI respect you, he murmured and your views I think of you as an equal I respect your brains, and all those big words you like to use But I also want to rip your clothes off and have sex with you until you scream and cry and see GodI was in the exact right place to read this book, I picked it up and never wanted to put it down I love characters like Ella, I love in a romance novel when the woman needs convincing and the man is so sure of his feelings Maybe because I hate wishy washy heroes, but Jack was just perfect The heart of this story was Ella s relationship with her nephew Luke, and I found myself tearing up a few times when reading about them.If you haven t read a Kleypas book yet and I know who you are you need to She s the perfect escape from realitySometimes when we re not paying attention, relationships hap pen.There is no rule that requires two people in love to be ex actly alike In fact, there is some scientific evidence to suggest that on a genetic level, the people who are the most opposite are the most likely to have a healthy and long lasting pairingFollow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter 4.5 starsSet in contemporary Texas, Lisa Kleypas has written another wonderful story in the Travis series Sometimes a novel just resonates with you I ve found this with Smooth Talking Stranger as well as book 1 Sugar Daddy and 2 Blue Eyed Devil Enjoyed the writing, the stories Loved the heroines But Adored the heroes The books in this series are fine reads, but Lisa Kleypas characterisations of Gage, Hardy and Jack make these books unforgettable She writes my type of hero Sometimes it s just a sentence, a phrase, a remark they make that has them coming off the page in 3 D technicolor Very few authors are able to manage this She writes alpha males, but not OTT She writes Real Men So much so that in my next life I m marrying a Texan I want to be called Darlin for the rest of my life in that slow, thick and smooth as molasses drawl of Gage, Hardy and Jack.This isn t a sexy or romantic quote but it so exemplifies what I love about Lisa Kleypas men I find this quote not only funny but perversely, sexyWell, you missed out on some important protocol, Ella You can t stand between a Texan and his power tools We like them Big ones that drain the national grid We also like truck stop breakfasts, large moving objects, Monday night football, and the missionary position We don t drink light beer, drive Smart Cars, or admit to knowing the names of than about five or six colors And we don t wax our chests Ever He hefted the drill Now let me do the guy stuff while you go to the kitchen Trust me, it s a perfect arrangement The romance between Jack and Ella was sweet and I loved seeing it unfold despite my lack of conviction about Jack s attraction the whys and hows and insta love for Ella The Travis series is in my opinion a must read for lovers of contemporary romance.Steam 3 No summary, just some thoughtsOhhh, where do I begin All my GR friends said wait until you get to Jack s book and you all were right I adored milionaire playboy Jack Travis he was absolute perfection To tell you the truth, I thought it might take a while for him to win me over, since I expected him to be sort of a shallow man slut I was surprised that he put that all behind him and was ready for something different when he met advice columnist Ella I wish I knew what it was exactly that made Ella so attractive to him besides what he tells Ella how he admires her for taking care of her sister s baby and how he likes arguing with her This is where I really felt that dreaded first person POV it didn t bother me most of the time but there were times where I was dying to get inside Jack s head Sometimes words just aren t enough I needed his thoughts too Just add some chest hair, and this could be JackElla didn t win me over right away she sort of grew on me She was a little too stubborn about some of her beliefs about love and marriage and a little too independent I realize she had it rough as a child what a winner that mother of hers was but I wanted her to really want Jack like I didLOL I loved seeing her fall in love with baby Luke though I thought all the parts LK wrote about Ella s feelings towards Luke really rang true And when she finally gave the idea of having a real relationship with Jack a chance, that s when I softened towards her I felt bad for her when she thought to herself I lose everyone I care about, sooner or later No wonder she never wanted to put her heart on the line I think Ella underwent a real transformation in this book, and became a much likable and sympathetic character as the story progressed and she opened herself up and became vulnerable.I loved Ella and Jack together I loved how he didn t push her beyond what she was ready for, but was there for her always He was patient, strong, generous, and so darn sexy Loved him with baby Luke too Made me forget all about Hardy And oh God the love scenes Red hot, and way numerous and inventive than in the previous books I have no real complaints about this book or series Lisa Kleypas is probably one of the few authors skilled enough in her storytelling to make me forget most of the time that these stories were all told in the dreaded 1st person POV I will admit that there were times where I thought how wonderful would it be if I knew what Jack was thinkingbut that would just be like the cherry on top of the whipped cream It would ve made a delicious story even delicious So I won t complain, and I ll be satisfied that LK served up one fantastic story, a very likable couple, and especially one yummy hero So he wasn t covered in whipped cream and with a cherry on topJack Travis was still one tasty treat 5 stars Smooth Talking Stranger was a book I ve been holding off reading for the last 2 years because I knew the 4th book didn t have a release date Brown Eyed Girl finally has the release date of August 11th Now, I m finally caught up in the series for the release of this book Babies were dangerous they made you fall in love before you knew what was happening Ella receives the call no one wants the one that makes you decide what s really important in your life Ella s sister, Tara, has dropped off her 1 week old baby at her mom s house Mom has never been a motherly figure to the girls She s always been about herself and how she can land a rich man to take care of her Ella s forced to take on the baby, Luke, for the next 3 months while Tara s getting mental health help at an institution Sounds simple right You re not your sister s keeper Unfortunately, the boyfriend, Dane, wants no part in keeping the baby for the next 3 months He thinks Ella s family manipulates her and she d be better off without them But Ella can t turn her back on the abandon baby All through Ella Tara s childhood they were neglected because of a lack of motherly support and no fatherly figure in their lives Ella has always been the one to pick up the pieces for Tara That s what bonds them together knowing Ella will be there for Tara I m a public sinner with a ton of money Any church would want me Here is where Ms Kleypas shineswriting alpha males Jack Travis is no exception to this rule because he is one sexy alpha male Jack is the opposite of Ella s boyfriend who is in another state holding to their open relationship philosophy Ella and Dane have made their relationship about no rules and no promises to each other Once Jack meets Ella, when he s accused of being the baby s father, he is intrigued by her moxie She s not the usual woman he meets who s just after his money and family name She s someone who is loyal and loving and isn t looking to be a trophy wife You can have your cake and eat it too Ella never wanted children and she definitely didn t plan to ever marry Her childhood was no picnic in the park and left her jaded towards having those types things Feeling safe and secure was her main goals in life and she accomplished that with being a career woman and having a safe boyfriend But the presence of Luke, Tara s baby, made Ella reevaluate the path her life was heading As luck would have it, Jack was not easily dissuaded by Ella s constant pushing him away As reader we could see that Jack was exactly what Ella needed to start challenging her life The getting out of her head and actually living a life that came with risk was the best healing of past transgressions she could do SERIES Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books Book 1 Gage Travis Book 2 Haven Travis Book 3 Jack Travis Book 4 Joe Travis

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