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Misadventures of a Curvy Girl (Misadventures #18) I would give this story 6 stars if I could I loved it that much I finished with a HUGE smile on my face and a happy heart I went into it knowing I d love it her writing is a guaranteed read for me, but I didn t expect to go through so many emotions while reading I genuinely LOLd, I squirmed til new panties were needed, I was broken hearted and I cried all the ugly angry tears As a curvy girl myself I connected to Ireland in a very real way I thought that her insecurities and the every day bravery she displayed were perfectly genuine and it made me very protective of her character I felt like I knew her, or could be her Caleb and Ben were perfect Her match They saw who she actually was, not what society tried to make them see, not even what Ireland tried to make them see and I loved them for it Two VERY different men who shared the same brave and open minded heart Don t worry though you definitely get your dose of Sierra Simone brand kinky sexy times, but you get so muchYou get a reflection on society how it treats people they consider less than and it does it in a way that I hope makes people stop and think About themselves, and about others Straight into my 2019 Favourites absolutely adored this one I received an arc of this book. For The First Time In Her Life, Ireland Mills Is Happy With Her Body No Fad Diets, No Hiding From Every Camera In The Room, No Low Self Esteem She D Rather Be Alone Than With Someone Who Ll Only Love Her If She S SkinnyCaleb Carpenter And Ben Weber Are Everything Ireland And The Kansas Chamber Of Commerce Dreamed Of When Conceptualizing The Real Kansas Promotional Campaign They Re Handsome, Young, Educated, And Totally Dedicated To Their Small Prairie TownWhen Ireland S Prius Gets Stuck On A Kansas Dirt Road And A Massive Storm Rips Through Town, She S Left Stranded With Nowhere To Turn But To Caleb And Ben These Two Hunky Country Boys Are Impossible To Ignore, But Could They Ever Be Interested In Her As Well Caleb And Ben Are Than Interested And They Re Willing To Share After Their First Night Together, They Know This Has To Be Than A One Time Thing They Need To Make Her Theirs Forever But Can They Convince Ireland They Love Her, Curves And All Misadventures Is A Romantic Series Of Spicy Standalone Novels, Each Written Or Co Written By Some Of The Best Names In Romance The Stories Are Scandalous, Refreshing, And, Of Course, Incredibly Sexy They Re The Perfect Bedside Read, A Quick Blush For The Reader Who Loves A Page Turning Romance I look good Fuck anyone who says differently On the surface, it may look like a little cute hot story about a chubby girl and the two gorgeous hunks from the small Kansas town.But the book has a moral and the it basically describes the desperation of the girl who has been fat shamed her whole life and her inner struggle to accept herself and her body.Basically Ireland always felt that it was her against the whole world Her weight had influenced her decisions about the future, the way she was dressed, the way she was hiding and made herself disappear in the crowd Her ex boyfriend and her sister only made the problem worse They told her what to eat and they forced her to go to the gym If I could describe her, I would say that she is a weak character with almost no self respect And she continues to be a weak character throughout the book The situation does not help When she accepts the fact that she loves her body and two beautiful men also love her body, the world does not only make her feel fat shamed,they also make her feel slut shamed Now she is not just fat, but she is a fat slut Can you see the tragicality of the situation To be honest, I was a bit angry with her because let s face it All the people that mattered i.e her two boyfriends told her that she beautiful She was happy and then she was depressed by people who don t matter i.e her stupid old boyfriend Only when a stranger told her that she is fat, so what , only then she accepted this fact and run back to find her loved ones.She is a clever girl, she should have developed defence mechanisms against the stupidity of the majority of society Instead she was always hiding and trying to run.So, although the book was hot, it left me with a bitter aftertaste in the end.The fact that she was questioning the feelings of the two guys, almost made me cry Like the fact that they want her is something bad and dirtyDo do they only date girls like us Like a fetish or something Hot, fun, and sweet Sierra Simone is such a good writer. Between the two of them, I feel like the sexiest woman in the world WOW What a sexy, saucy, tantalisingly erotic read this was, and yet at the same time, beneath the ridiculously hot sex, there was a message a lot of us will relate to There s no doubting we were enticed by this being an MFM story, a theme Sierra Simone does very well, as we experienced in The New Camelot Trilogy, however, the heroine being a plus size girl with issues we could both relate to was a further enticement to dive into this story, and well did we mention it was sizzling HOT We do have to say we wouldn t mind being the curvy girls in that Caleb and Ben sandwich Not only were these guys sweet, commanding, loving and affectionate, but they also loved Ireland for who she was and embraced every curve with loving ministrations, making her feel cherished and sexy I want to live now, have fun and do things now, not wait for some distant, skinnier future that may never come Following a break up with her ex boyfriend, Brian, Ireland is left licking her wounds, and her confidence shattered, feeling like crap because she didn t measure up to her ex s expectations of what a real woman should look like Well we ve got something to say to you Brian Fuck you Your loss was Caleb and Ben s win not to mention Irelands How do you like them apples, hey pal She got two hotties, for the price of one arsehole, and she well and truly traded up My body wants to crush her back against the truck, shove up her skirt, and show her exactly what a country boy is good for Ireland Mills had made a lot of sacrifices to herself both personally and professionally because of her weight, feeling as though she were less than because she was curvy, however, it took two loving handsome farmers to show her how beautiful and special she was, loving her Rubenesque figure and revelling in every curve Oh, if every woman could have a Caleb and Ben I m a simple man I like big girls, Kansas sunrises, and my dog, Greta I like sharing those things with my best friend A trip out to a farm to photograph landmarks for a client, Irelands meets Caleb and is instantly attracted to the strapping farmer, little did she know he was lusting after her, already seeing a future with him and his best friend and lover, Ben, who was as equally delicious It soon becomes apparent the broken Ben, was also smitten with Ireland and, like Caleb, wants her to become a part of their lives, however his PSTD issues and Irelands body issues need to be overcome if they have any chance of securing a future permanent relationship As fit and tight and hard as their bodies are, how could they still want me if they know how soft and loose, I am Irelands insecurities about her body will resonate with many readers, it certainly did with us It s that old cursed response we could hear one hundred positive affirmations about ourselves, but it only takes that one negative comment to get in deep under our skins, we re all guilty of it It was wonderful to see Ireland let of her inhibitions for a time with Caleb and Ben before they once again resurfaced due to other people s perceptions of what is acceptable.This was a seriously hot romp with an important message for us all We don t have to fit a mould, we don t have to aspire to someone else s ideas, and we should all be comfortable in our own skin We need to believe in ourselves and if we re happy, sod what others think Ignore the negative thoughts in your head Be you Love you You go Ireland Available to purchase below US UKCome visit and follow us at TotallyBookedBlog TBB on Facebook TBB on Instagram TBB on Twitter TBB on Pinterest Living your life is a radical act Not because it makes you feel good but because it helps change the world Do you see Even just living your life is a radical act That is body positivity That is what matters, not an emotion that can change at the drop of a hat Naturally you would assume that this formulaic series written by many and varied authors would be simply great sexy times entertainment but under the pen of Sierra Simone this particular story was not only irresistibly erotic, but examined the harm we do to ourselves and each other for callous and needless shaming over flaws or deviations from what general society oraccurately what advertisers tell us is beautiful.Ireland was a likeable and relatable character who is curvy which is a lovely way to refer to a larger Rubenesque size woman She has dumped her manipulative and self centered boyfriend because he acted like being with her was a sacrifice of some sort and that she should be grateful that someone like her even had a boyfriend Her sister kept telling her if only she wasn t so lazy, hungry, out of control, undisciplined and on and on It was, of course, her own fault Aside from this cruel treatment was the negative inner dialogue constantly streaming through her head and her sensitivity to any insult real and perceived Quite frankly, she had had enough We find her on a work assignment when she eventually encounters the two men Ben and Caleb in a rural small town in the Midwest Both of these men have loved, since boyhood, the women delightfully nude with all their fleshy curves on display in the paintings in their art history books You know the ones done by Peter Paul Rubens in the 1600 s IOW they were attracted to Ireland not only with her gorgeous figure but also for her beauty and sassy city girl spunk Both of these men could be cover models on a magazine Ben is a returning war veteran who has lingering issues with PTSD Both of these men are in love with each other and have been for a long time but they also love to be a 3 and have been in the past.The story is told from the three points of view We experience Ireland s joy and her abject humiliation, her hurt, her acceptance and her forgiveness Through the character of Ben, we are given a glimpse into the mindset who someone with PTSD may have and the challenges they face on a daily basis We experience the strength and stable hand of the man who loves his two less whole partners.Now we are talking about a lovely m nage here in the hands of Sierra Simone so you know the eroticism is real and off the chain good I mean really good Anyone who has issues with their outward appearance could relate to Ireland, even those of us with even simple insecurities And it is perfectly natural to have insecurities we just cannot let them get in the way of what we want or need to do When we lack confidence, a fake it until you make it attitude goes a long way.This book also reminded me that in this day and age of social media It is so easy to sit back and nit pick and be negative about anything and everything we see and read Ask yourself this Is what you re saying going to make things better for anyone at the expense of injuring someone by your leveling of casual criticism and by what right, license or credential can you pass the judgement you re making Conversely, someone s shallow comment online is not always made for the purpose it was intended Don t base your life s decisions on what other people think.If you like sexy and erotic reads with substance then this is must read for you It is truly worth your time.Favorite quotes There s something about having a six foot plus, square jawed, dark eyed soldier yank you up to his bed that makes a girl eager People aren t just one thing People aren t just confident and then that s it, there s nothing that can dent that confidence People aren t just brave and then free from fear their entire lives We exist in tangles of virtue and weakness simultaneously we are the best and worst of ourselves all at the same time I don t love you in spite of your body I love you with it, as you are, and I ll never be anything but fucking proud to be yours. 4.5 starsa DEEPLY personal review REVIEW Misadventures of a Curvy Girl by Sierra Simone touched me deeply and before I say anything about the book I wanted to say Thank you to my book buddy Janet for the recommendation.Ireland s insecurities over her curvy size well that has made this make a profoundly personal review and maybe evenabout me that than the book but in the end isn t that what a great book does it makes the READER FEEL SO Thank you, Sierra Simone for putting words to some of what sits just at the surface sometimes.As a woman who well let s just say this winter when I went to splurge in a designer winter coat and I did NOT fit in any I sometimes find myself struggling to really hear like really hear the hear that you feel deep in your soul my husband of over 18 years when he calls me Beautiful In my heart I know he means is in but sometimes that voice creeps in that says does he notice the extra weight, does he feel how my body has changed post two big boys born via c section, does he feel the extra flap that slips out the top of my bra, does he see the chin that now has some flab hanging from it..Ireland s journey spoke to all of that and then some So Thank you, Ms Simone for reminding me beauty is aboutthan most of the models we see and love isn t just for Barbie size women paired with men who look like cover models.This book had be believing Ben and Caleb loved Ireland for who she was not despite of her size And in the end I know that helped me feel a bitof the love in my own life and for just a bit quieted some of the if I just lost a fewpounds or if my stomach was just a bit flatter. 4.5 You are who you are stars So this was a lot deeper than I thought it would be Ireland Mills is a budding photographer with a TONNE of insecurities She has always been overweight and battling the fat demons that most women experience in their lifetime, it doesn t help that her sister and ex boyfriend drilled into her how pathetic and invaluable she was because she was overweight.She dumped the boyfriend and seemed to be over the insecurities or so she thought when she goes on a road trip to the country to take photos for a job She runs into some trouble and meets Caleb a big beautiful farmer and this is where her adventure really begins Then we meet Ben who is just as HOT as Caleb This was a bit of an insta everything kinda read but with an awesome message running right the way through it I was a bit bummed that we didn t get any m m action which I did find strange as Caleb and Ben had been together for years waiting for their one.All in all I enjoyed this quick, super HOT read The Bronte Sister of smut strikes again This little book packed a major punch It was pure FIYAH I don t think Sierra Simone can do any wrong Whatever she writes, I ll read I went in blind, so I was pleasantly surprised with the direction of the plot It was insta everything, which I love love love Caleb, Ireland, and Ben are fantastic She insecure and adorable They are both sweet, lovable, and possessive The combination of her insecurities and their possessiveness was such a cute story I loved reading this book Seeing Ireland grow and becomecomfortable in her body Seeing how Ben and Caleb s relationship develops into what it was meant to be, like the missing piece makes it perfect The overal point of the story, be kind and comfortable in your skin Size doesn t matter Every woman is beautiful regardless of body type or size We are all beautiful and perfect My heart hurt for Ireland during parts of the story, but her men are quick to comfort and support her It s hot, sexy, and a meaningful little story I highly recommend it to all Forof my reviews My Blog Book Twins ReviewsFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog

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