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Great Jones Street A Troubling Satire Of The Romantic Myth Of Stardom And The Empty Heart Of Rock And Roll, Relevant Than Ever In Our Celebrity Obsessed TimesBucky Wunderlick Is A Rock And Roll Star Dissatisfied With A Life That Has Brought Fame And Fortune, He Suddenly Decides He No Longer Wants To Be A Commodity He Leaves His Band Mid Tour And Holes Up In A Dingy, Unfurnished Apartment In Great Jones Street Unfortunately, His Disappearing Act Only Succeeds In Inflaming Interest As Faithful Fans Await Messages, Bucky Encounters Every Sort Of Roiling Force He Is Trying To EscapeDeLillo S Third Novel Is Than A Musical Satire It Probes The Rights Of The Individual, Foreshadows The Struggle Of The Artist Within A Capitalist World And Delivers A Scathing Portrait Of Our Culture S Obsession With The Lives Of The Few Brilliant Deeply Shocking Looks At Rock Music, Nihilism, And Urban Decay The New York Review Of Books DeLillo Has The Force And Imagination Of Thomas Pynchon Or John Barth, With A Sense Of Proportion And Style Which These Would Be Giants Often Lack The Irish Times

About the Author: Don DeLillo

Don DeLillo is an American author best known for his novels, which paint detailed portraits of American life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries He currently lives outside of New York City.Among the most influential American writers of the past decades, DeLillo has received, among author awards, a National Book Award White Noise, 1985 , a PEN Faulkner Award Mao II, 1991 , and an American

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    Great Jones Street Don DeLillo s novel published as part of the 1980s Vintage Contemporaries series where a young rock and roll artist seals himself off in a Lower Manhattan down and out apartment Well, there s the occasional visit from his girlfriend and members of his rock group and hawkers connected with a Happy Valley Commune yammerin

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    Human thought moves in mysterious ways What started it was abstract thought When man started thinking abstractly he advanced from killing for food to killing for words and ideasThe borderline between the sixties and the seventies of the last century was the time of freaks so Great Jones Street is a freaky postmodern mystery.All she desired was th

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    This is a weird novel, but I kept feeling like this was an older relative of Cosmopolis, and happens in New York like that book, only a couple decades earlier circa 1971 73, from winter to very early spring This is DeLillo s third novel, and should, in my opinion, be approached like a movie that flows and doesn t go too strictly from A to B I mean, some things

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    I m going to be dropping some Infinite Jest spoilers throughout this review So don t read this review if you haven t read Infinite Jest Seriously, don t read this review Or read it until I say I m going to drop a major DFW spoiler not really I ended up not being nearly as spoiler ific as I thought I would be, but there is till a major thing said that I

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    Fame Puts You There Where Things Are Hollow 1 This is often regarded as one of DeLillo s lesser novels However, I can t agree It continues and anticipates the subject matter for which he has become famous as well as his clipped and precise writing style.If you re uncertain whether this book might be for you, I urge you to read at least the first chapter three pages , if not

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    Americans persue loneliness in various ways For me Great Jones Street was a time of prayerful fatigue I became a half saint, practiced in visions, informed by a sense of bodily economy, but deficient in true pain Don DeLillo, Great Jones StreetA good DeLillo, just not a great one I read this on a flight from SF to Phoenix While there were parts of it that I loved again a

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    The book that made me understand just what s so disconcerting about DeLillo See, the guy writes weird shit, but a lot of writers write weird shit that don t give me the same prickly feeling the best DeLillo does No, what makes DeLillo such an odd writer is the combination of the weird shit he writes about and his chilly, almost journalistic tone, and this novel combines the both of them

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    Set in the early seventies, a famous rock star abdicates and retreats to the dereliction and sanctuary of the titular Great Jones Street,NY..The themes and ideas are interesting,fame,privacy,freedom,the media etc.The characterisation is poor and the plot descends into the absurd.However the descriptive writing particularly in the opening chapters is excellent.I had higher expectations from a ma

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    A quietly unnerving downward spiral In his ongoing survey of modern America, DeLillo s third book saw him looking at art and commerce through the lens of rock music and celebrity One gets the sense that the narrator, rock star Bucky Wonderlick, having fled the stage mid tour and retracted into a cold, empty apartment in a Lower East Side that was still both of those things compared to its scrubbed, cr

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    permanent withdrawal to that unimprinted level where all sound is silken and nothing erodes in the mad weather of language Presages Cobain, or so Yorke s how to disappear completely Fantastic sentences Chicks don t dig it because it s ultra a emotional, but dudes dig it for the cool response in the face of very good reasons for paranoia re the system Worth it if you ve read Underworld and Libra, but probab

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