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Gretchen The New Tenants Have A Terrible Secret So Do The Landlord And His Daughter Ever Since Lucy Was Two, She S Been On The Run Alongside Her Mother She S Never Understood The Reason For A Lifetime Of Paranoia, Aliases, And Lies All She Understands Are The Rules Never Lock Eyes With Strangers, Never Let Down Your Guard, And Always Be Ready To Move OnFinally, After Thirteen Years And Eleven States, Their Next Hideaway Seems Perfect An Isolated, Fortresslike Place In The New Hampshire Woods Is The New Home They Share With Its Owner, A Gentlemanly Pianist, And His Lonely Daughter, Gretchen She S Lucy S Age And Soon Becomes Lucy S First Real FriendBut Gretchen And Her Father Have Secrets Of Their Own And An Obsession With Puzzles That Draws Lucy Into A Terrifying New Game Of Hide And Seek Lucy S Dark Past Is About To Come Calling And This Time, For Her And Her Mother In The House On The Hill, It Might Be Too Late To Run

About the Author: Shannon Kirk

My top 14 books of all time are as follows, in the following order as in, if I was allowed only 14 books to bring to a deserted island where I was marooned for the rest of my life, these are what I would pack 1 Love in the Time of Cholera Gabo 2 Orphan Master s Son Adam Johnson 3 The Mummy Market Nancy Brelis , tragically out of print, which makes ZERO sense because it s a classic4 The Inc

10 thoughts on “Gretchen

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    How do you neatly shelve a book that defies genre boundaries and stands in a league all on its own Well, you clearly create a new genre titled W

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    sighhhhhh Gretchen.Ohhh Gretchen.A lot of us knew a Gretchen back in school.In my case her name was Francine Sharp please don t let her be reading

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    Wait What Im reading along, reading along, or in this case listening along, loving this story, loving Lucy and her relatable, perfectly snarky self

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    FOUR ENTERTAINING STARS Mag, I hope this isn t weird, and I truly mean it as a huge compliment, but I think you re a Jenny too Maybe even the true

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    If I wanted to be mean I d call this book a steaming pile of horse shit but instead I ll be nice and say that this simply wasn t my cup o tea.

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    Shannon Kirk is the queen of W.T.F I fell in love with Kirk s writing last summer with her release of In The Vines In fact, In The Vines was

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    Let me just say, I m so glad I read this during the daytime, when the sun was shining and I was in a plane full of people bc OMG This book is creepy in the

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    Well, I do know who is narrating this novel. I m super pumped

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    Gretchen is a gripping thriller that is extremely creepy and disturbing at times It was so good that I read most of it in one sitting If you enjoy thrillers, do

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    How crazy was this book I think I still have vertigo from the nosedive into the insanity of Gretchen s world and the events that took place in the last 25% of Kir

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