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Be Fairy Game They Re Baaacckk When A Simple Find Fetch Case Throws Private Investigator Twig Starfig And Newly Minted Wizard, Quinn Broomsparkle, Into The Middle Of An EBI Murder Investigation, It S Just Another Day In The Elder Realm If Murder Were Twig S Only Problem, He D Be The Luckiest Half Dragon In The Land Murder He Can Handle Fulfilling His Promise To His Scheming, Power Hungry Father To Run For A Seat On Lighthelm S City Council Meh, He D Rather Face A Demon With A Toothache On Top Of Their Case Going Sideways, And Twig Running For A Council Seat He Really Doesn T Want, Twig And Quinn Are Forced To Face Some Unpleasant Realities About Their Budding Romance, While Still Learning How To Handle The Wizard Familiar Bond They Now Share Throw In A Red Fury With Abysmal Taste In Boyfriends, A Ghost Pirate Parrot Who Drinks Too Much, A Murderer Who Will Stop At Nothing To Get What They Want, A Host Of New Friends And Enemies, And You Ve Got A Situation Where No One Is Safe And Everyone Is Fairy Game This Book Is Part Of A Series But Can Be Read As A Standalone Didn t have quite the magic the first book in the series held for me, but was still enjoyable. 3.5 Stars Rounded UpOverall a highly entertaining sequel This continues to impress with a large contingency of fantastical beings, implementing this time around dark elves, crooked dwarves, an imp, a vamp, and a goblin, not to mention gargoyles, dragons and demon goodness, hellhounds, griffins, and garden gnomes galore What failed for me just a tad was that this was on the side of too long, mostly encompassing Twig and Quinn s intense but new, relationship Both these guys have a shit ton of issues regarding their pasts, regarding their need for independence and control, and when you toss in wizard familiar dynamics with a potential mate bond messing with their magical mojo, their relationship is anything but easy Hence, they debated, they argued, they avoided talking at times, they went caveman on each other It was repetitive with circular arguments going round and round making my head spin and decreasing my enjoyment a bit BUT All in all, the story arc, the set up for the next sequel was impressive, delivering a well thought out mystery steeped heavily in fantasy There were also some enlightening answers about Twig s background, and seeing Twig and Quinn grow their own special brand of family which was absolutely the best part plus having some nice smexy obviously didn t hurt things at all Most importantly, I was entertained, especially with the last 3rd of the story which was crazy intense, leaving me worn out and affected in all the best ways The dangling new threads left by Maslow only reassuringly solidified that is to come for this unique series This took me waaaaaaaaaayyy to long to finish and I have no excuse, other than I think I might be in a slump.The story was quite fun at times and the menagerie that Twig and Quinn managed to gather around them seriously, they need a castle if their clan continues to grow like thissidenote I hear the residence of Nyx is available was entertaining and inventive One thing s for certain Meghan Maslow is not lacking in the imagination department.One of my main issues with this one draws back to book 1 though, and Quinn s indentured servitude and the evil, EVIL Unicorn known as Brandsome.Why he is still breathing with all of his limbs attached, has me scratching my head.Especially considering Twig and his dragon s tendencies to see red every time Quinn is in danger or stubs his toe I understand that Twig can t just kill everybody willy nillyDo no harm First. Afterall but it bothers me GREATLY that there were no consequences for the rape and torture of Quinn for 3 years Because, let s be honest, that s what it was.And this brings me to THE scene in this book The scene where Quinn is pushing the boundaries BIG TIME Twig has said than once that he is not ready to bottom, that he does not feel safe like that and that he doesn t want it, but when they follow a vampire into a sex club where Quinn was often taken when he was with Brandsome abusedughthe owner sprays them with some sort of powder Viagra and ecstasy in one lovely combo s Quinn s inner Dom shows up and he basically tells Twig to spread em, and thengoes to townIt was Disturbing, to put it mildly, and what bothered me even is in the next chapter they have this convoHey, breathe, Twig It s all right Was it I didn t think so The magic Quinn rolled to my side, sat up Pushed us along, but didn t change what we wanted I I didn t want that Did I I mean, I did But no, I didn t It was all so confusing.Quinn s eyes widened, his cheeks going pale Then I I forced myself on you What No, no you didn tI was not All together comfortable reading the previous scene and then this it was murky waters at best, considering they were under the influence and not of sound mind at the time What makes it even IFFIER for me is the imbalance in their relationship, since Quinn wields an immense amount of power over Twig And I DO understand their reasoning for not mating, but their relationship reads unequal at times Another issue I have with this story is Twig s parents SHOCKER for those of you who know me and their weird behavior and Twig s acceptance of said behavior.We get to meet Twig s mother here and that meeting and the subsequent excuses and forgiveness going round was all together lackluster IMO.As I understand it, Twig s childhood was LITTERED with neglect, bullying and fights and to listen to his mother now, saying it was for his own good, had me doing a doubletake Next we have Twig s father And his OBVIOUS disdain for Twig, Bill and Quinn had me wondering why Twig would continue to allow him into their home as well as fall in line every time Auric commands something I know he provided the residencies for Quinn and Bill, but every time he visits he calls Quinn a whore to their FUCKING faces and he calls for putting Bill down again and again And Twig Twig just lets it happen I am CONFUSED about the lack of backbone, considering the rest of the characterization of Twig, and his unwillingness to stand up to his horrible father it finally happens, but it took waaaaaaaaaayyy to long Scratch that, I just have a lot of opinions on this matter.All in all I DO enjoy the universe and the imagination going on here though I enjoy all of the WONDERFUL crazy creatures that show up and I like their clan, and how it s slowly growing.But sometimes, I feel, that things are mentioned and then left behind, like the 6 headed dog that Twig should have taken home IMO It seems, once in a while, that Maslow s imagination has taken off without her, she then reins it in again, but doesn t completely finish that train of thought Another example is Cookie the furball thingy I m having a tough time imagining how she he looks and where their noises come from since they re all fur.In the end I AM curious about the next one, since there is unfinished business here not a cliffy, but the whole story arc is not resolved yet and there are things to come S.O.B I will give it a go, since this one DID have great moments and fun characters and a universe that was quite interestingARC kindly provided by author in a giveaway, in exchange for an honest review at GR and Amz I just love, love, love, love this series and this book The author manages to perfectly blend the romance, humor, action and the sexy times into one awesome whole The character s living in this book quickly become good friends and are perfectly imperfect Story wise, the author did an excellent job of maintaining the suspense and mystery throughout the entire book I cannot wait till book three is finished and I get to spend some quality time visiting this world and its people once again

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