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The Purpose Path This is a classic tweener book Professor Pearce has a marvellous story as an obviously intelligent chemical engineer I am one too , a management theory thought leader and interestingly, a devout family man and pastor Moreso, it the subjugation of the self to a greater G d is what undoes this slightly sterile book, not to mention the implication that Muslims and Jews and agnostics and aetheists need not apply He comes across very well in interviews an excellent Harvard Business Review ideacast The book suffers too much from his high level interactions with already highly successful people with a host of opportunities unavailable to many who would read such a book without bringing it back adequately I have many of the material and career success alluded to in Professor Pearce s own success and yet it was hard to find the personal insights There are some The notion that we are all in high impact stakes every time we interact with people is vital and entirely true As is the Sinek principle that it is the WHY that supersedes the WHAT There is a fundamental effort at honest integrity and that is why I would like to hear him speak and take anuanced effort at this important pursuit 3.6 5 Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Thought this was a mind provoking novel that prompts readers to think about the below questions What is success Who am I Why am I here Am I running the right race Am I running the race well Each chapter of this novel unravels each question with personal stories from famous people like Oprah and Obama and challenges the reader to apply these tquestions to their own lives Well written and inspiring. How To Build A Meaningful Career With A Moral Center And A Purpose In The WorldSome Of The World S Most Successful Companies Google, Disney, Starbucks Are Not Simply Profit Driven, But Purpose Driven They Identify The Purpose Behind Why They Do What They Do, And Let Their Why Drive What They Do Every Day Nicholas Pearce Argues That We All Should Do The Same Discover Our Why And Commit To The Journey Of Aligning Our Daily Work With Our Life S Work The Purpose Path Is For People In Any Field Who Long To Have Than Just A Job Or A Career, But A True Vocation That Allows Them To Connect Their Soul With Their Role The Purpose Path Is Organized Around Five Key Questions What Is Success Who Am I Why Am I Here Am I Running The Right Race Am I Running The Race Well Nicholas Pearce Sits At The Unconventional Intersection Of Academia, Business, And Faith With Examples And Advice, He Shows How He And Other People In A Variety Of Fields And At Different Life Stages Have Asked And Answered These Five Questions In Order To Start, Shape, Or Even Radically Change Their Careers Inspiring, Thought Provoking, And Practical, The Purpose Path Is An Essential Book For Anyone Who Seeks The Clarity And Courage To Advance Their Authentic Life S Work Every Day

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