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Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches (Book 1, illustrated) What Happened Years Ago Was Never Supposed To ResurfaceExploring His Grandma S Scary Manor, Archibald Stumbles Upon A Dark Family Secret, Linked To A Time Of Great Fears And Superstitions Key To That Mystery An Ancient Terrestrial Globe, Populated By The Most Fantastic CreaturesWhen He Unlocks The Storm Inside By Accident, The Risk Averse Boy Gets Whisked Into The Underworld Of Lemurea, Where A Battle Started In The Middle Ages Has Yet To Be Settled Down Here, It S Light Versus Darkness, Magic Versus Fire, Witches Versus Dragons But Not Any Kind Of Witches An Army Of Young Girls, With The Most Magical Weapons And Not Any Kind Of Dragons Marodors, Enigmatic Monsters, Part Beast, Part Human, Which Will Make You Rethink Everything You Thought You Knew About DragonsWhile Archibald Is Thrust Into An Amazing Adventure That Will Test His Survival Skills, On The Flip Side Of The Earth, His Sister Hailee Faces Her Own Challenges Seeking To Solve Archibald S Disappearance, She Uncovers The Grim Plans Of A Dark PriestTwo Breathtaking Stories, Running Parallel With One Another, But Tightly Intertwined Two Worlds, On A Dangerous Collision Course The First Installment In A Phenomenal Series, The Lost Witches Reads Like An Addicting Thriller And Sets The Stage For Adventures To Come For Archibald Finch

About the Author: Michel Guyon

The author was born in France, in a small medieval town perched on a rock, surrounded by high walls, with the remains of an ancient fortress at its heart That s where he got his first brush with old myths, puzzling legends and dark Middle Age tales.While his childhood fed his fertile imagination, his travels as a reporter, from Bosnia all the way to Afghanistan, were crucial in shaping his view

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    Book Reviewed by Stacey on www.whisperingstories.comWhen Archibald s Grandmother dies the family including his parents and his sister move into her huge mansion, complete with Manservant Whilst on the hunt for his Christmas present, which his mother tells him she hasn t bought, he discovers a box hidden on a shelf in the library and mistakes it for his gift.Inside is an old gl

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    I m not a fan of middle grade books, butBUT.This book.THIS BOOK.This book is the book that you re reading when you re 13 years old, on a cold winter day evening night, with a cup of hot tea chocolate milk This book is the definition of cozy and childhood It has everything a middle grade book should have I m going to quickly mention the amazing illustrations, the wonderful way they ar

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    This is the first illustration in the book What an amazing library, at the heart of the old manor Archibald and family inherit following his grandma s passing, and at the heart of the story Lots of mysteries in this room, and lots of secretsThere s something really old fashioned and magical about the layout of this book that I really enjoyed.A kid gets drawn into the unknown and lands in a

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    When Michel Guyen asked me if I wanted to read and review his book I was thrilled The book sounded amazing adventuoures and full of magic I love middle grade books especially when I want to escape everyday life I usually pick up a middle grade book as I love how they remind me of my own childhood when I spent days and nights reading There s just something nostalgic about it Archibald Finch and the

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    I usually find winks at other books a bit risky, sometimes presumptuous even There are two of those winks right at the beginning of the Archibald Finch adventure, one to Harry Potter and one to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe But they re different than what I ve seen too many times before They work, because they re like an homage, a way for the author to pay all due respect, before moving beyond th

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    Oh my goodnesswhere to start This book is amazing I adore the story, the characters and the writing style I never read a story like this and it is super fun but it also has powerful moments Nowwhat I really want to talk about is the writing style because aaaaaa I m obsessed It s unique, it has this quirkiness that s all its own I wish I could explain it betterlikethe writing really complements the magicalness o

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    A newcomer that feels like a classic There s something about this fantasy tale that reminds me of one of those magical books I read as a kid, that just made me want to read , and , and You discover the fantastic world of Lemurea through the eyes of Archibald and soon enough, the magic happens, you feel the way he feels, you fear the way he fears, and you doubt the way he doubts Of course it also has to do with the ex

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    This book is just made for the nostalgic, the daydreamers, and the adventurers There s lots of unique, magical elements going around in the book, while still keeping the family dynamic true to the story It s amazing to see that family plays a huge part in this book Most Fantasy novels don t really explore family elements in general , so it s always nice to read about it whenever I get the chance to come across it in a book T

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    I am what you d call a slow reader It usually takes me about 10 days to finish a book this size 350 pages Well I ve read it in two days and one night A bit like Archibald, I got sucked into this world the author has created, and in terms of world building, this is truly phenomenal, second only to Harry Potter in my opinion And I absolutely looove HP.It s not so much the concept that is new but rather the content and the very nature

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    This could have been the story of a fairly regular, wimpy, lonely boy who loses his weird grandma, moves into her manor with his parents and discovers an antique globe that will seal his fate, transporting him into some mysterious land haunted by some weird breed of monsters It could have been that But it wouldn t have been that original or interesting So thank God it s not that Not just that I should say.Where Archibald goes and whom he

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