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Wrong Planet - Searching for your Tribe The Most Unexpected And Revealing Book Of Our Time A Rallying Cry For The Elusive Spirit Of These Time A Cry For Those Who Want To Change The World Karl Wiggins Has A Powerful And Potent Knack For Expression Which Has Completely Escaped Restraint And Self Control Too Much Writing Nowadays Is Watered Down Garbage The World Is Looking For Something New, And In This Book, Wiggins Has Created Many Worth Pondering Over Ideas We Are Experiencing The Same Intensity Of Energy In Diminished And Concise Time Periods, Which Is Why And Wrong Planet Tribes Are GatheringKarl Wiggins Informed Me, When I Agreed To Write The Forward For This Book, That His Goal Was For Those He Calls Carefree Scamps To Finish The Book Slightly Punch Drunk And I Admit That With Me He S Managed It Remarkably If You Don T Believe That A Limited Number Of Astute, Dedicated Human Beings Can Change The World, Or Simply Just Call Attention To Its Imperfections And Vulnerabilities, This Book Is Going To Change Your Mind But Before You Get There, In The First Third Of The Book Karl Introduces Us To A Number Of Famous Eccentrics Who Just Didn T Or Don T Fit In He Discusses The Erratic, The Bizarre And The Downright Kooky People Such As David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon, Arthur Rimbaud, Fran Ois Villon The Medieval Beatnik , Bessie Stringfield, Sixteen String Jack Rann, Anne Bonny Mary Read The Lesbian Pirates , Frida Kahlo, The Beat Generation Poets And A Whole Host Of Dropouts, Misfits, Pranksters, Bohemians, Court Jesters, Comedians, Crackpots And GypsiesThe Reader Will Love Reading About These Swashbuckling Daredevils, Headcases And Artists Who Changed Their World, And Even So When Wiggins Goes On To Blend Some Of Them With Those From His Own Tribe He Identifies Wrong Planet People Clearly, Drops Hints On How We Can Spot Them, And Finally Instructs Us In How To Discover Our Own Tribe If We Haven T Already Found Them This Book Will Shake Your Perceptions And It S Lovely

About the Author: Karl Wiggins

Karl Wiggins Author, humourist, raconteur and unfortunately master of dysphemismI m an author with seven books on Kindle, and I ll state right from the start that I have a particular aversion to fellow authors who befriend you and then immediately message you saying, You might like my book check it out I don t do that If people wish to know about my books the information

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    I can relate to Wrong Planet searching for your Tribe The first chapter made me realize my condition has a name I certainly fit in with the Carefree Scamps I loved being taken back in history, learning things I never knew about the 70 s rock n roll music industry, and what an amazing wom

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    Philosophical FunLoved this book It s another fun romp with Karl Wiggins In amidst the entertainment, there is a lot of serious thinking going on here about how people find themselves, and how they end up with their people, or tribe Wiggins has considered groups of people by their personality typ

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